Insanity and Heroes

JP with mdman, Jaxx, Redsword and Cindy

After drinking some soda Mel made a comment about needing to use the bathroom. Courtney and Rose both said they would go with her. Courtney and Rose gave kisses to their boyfriends and headed off with Mel towards the ladies room.

Of course when they arrived, like on many places like this, there was a line which extended to outside the bathroom. So, they waited. There were a few girls talking about some hot guy who was sitting by himself and if they could get the courage to go speak to him.

It took several minutes but finally it was the girls turn. The bathroom was crowded, hot and between the metal doors to the stalls, the white brick, the white speckled linoleum floors and all the girls talking in the bathroom almost as loud as the club itself. The lighting was slightly dimmed so it wasn't such an adjustment for the eyes. Posters on the walls told of upcoming events, lines for help and other things. One was, ironically enough, for the Battle of The Bands which had happened earlier that evening.

It was so crowded though that Mel, while waiting for the other two girls, decided to go back into the hallway and wait for them there. When the blonde haired girl stepped out she noticed the line had died down, Bad timing, thinking if they had just waited ten minutes, it might not have been so crowded in the bathroom.

Suddenly, without any warning an arm reached Mel, pulling her closer. Something hard could be felt poking at her side. Some girl screamed.....

Doug had been watching and waiting, and waiting some more when finally his patience, which had worn incredibly thin, paid off. Mel and some of the jerks she now hung out with were headed to the bathroom. He waited just a few minutes more and then got up, his right hand firmly placed in the pocket of the black hoodie. Mel would either be his or she'd pay for some or many "crimes" made up in Doug's head.

He slipped unseen towards the bathroom, and once there waited some more then the opportunity arose. Mel was alone, he grabbed her suddenly putting the gun against her side.

"Hello, Mel," Doug's tone a mixture of anger, hatred, contempt and mental instability. "You bitch. I saw you... you talking, flirting with those guys."

"Doug ..." Was all Mel got out before he had grabbed her hair and yanked it.

"Shut up...or bang." Doug said with a menacing tone.

Blossom and Carter were enjoying themselves dancing. Her big smile kept Carter's full attention. It made her happy that he looked at her like that. In her mind she met the most dynamite guy and he gave her the honey glows something awful. If her daddy knew what they were doing he would ground her for a week and blame the school for being a bad influence. Sadly nothing lasts forever and the loving couple were rudely interrupted by a wannabe male player trying to hit on a group of girls. As the girls rejected the fool, they pushed him away and his drink spilled as he regained his balance. Unfortunately poor Blossom was the next victim to the fool's party foul. The wannabe player escaped before the security could get him and the girls apologized to Blossom. Blossom was upset but understanding as she excused herself to clean up at the bathroom. After a quick peck on the cheek to Carter she made her way to the ladies room which was very busy. Poor Blossom sighed as she knew she would have to wait and become sticky from the fruity drink covering her arms, legs and shorts. It was embarrassing but she took comfort that Carter supported her. Then as she tried to see if she could cut in line to use the sink, she heard the name Doug and looked around. As she did she saw some movement and moved to get a closer look. Her jaw dropped as she saw Doug with what looked like a gun holding a girl that looked familiar. Blossom completely spaced out on why she was going to the ladies room at this point as her hands covered her mouth.

At this moment her fight or flight instinct kicked in and she ran back to find Carter or even Ashley who was able to fight back. Her mind was filled with way to many thoughts and this made it hard for her moved through the couples dancing as she was looking for anyone familiar. Then by chance she got bumped into a big muscular guy. She apologized with a look of fear in her eyes till she realized the arms she was holding was that of Conner. As Blossom looked at Conner her head turned to see Kaylee and it felt like a huge weight was lifted off her chest as she said, "D....D...Do...Doug is here......he has a gun......and a girl. I think it's Mel. What do we do?”

Conner's mind went blank at first with rage. He started to breathe hard like a predator ready to kill. He let go of Kaylee and almost handed her off to Blossom. "I will kill him!" said Conner now with his fists balled up and his arms, musicals flexing. Without another word, Conner turned everyone around him dancing and got out of his way not wanting any part of what was about to happen.

Conner walked straight to the restroom area. He pays attention to the people around him looking for Mel or Doug. hr had to switch directions a few times as he got to people that might look like them. Finally, Conner got to Mel. Her face with a black stare froze in place. That probably bought Conner time to get to her. He could not see the person next to her; the hooded person had her arm and had its back to Conner.

Conner could not see a gun. Conner could feel his heart racing and sweat running down his face as he got closer. The training he and JD had been doing raced through Conners's mind as different scenarios flashed before his eyes. Conner almost went into a panic thinking. Conner remembered some things that JD had told him when protecting someone. TURN THE THREAT AWAY. Conner walked up from behind and bumped into Doug knowing he was an ass Doug would face Conner and try to intimidate Conner and try to act tough.

As Douged turned to face Conner. there was a grin on Conners's face an evil grin. Conner saw the small 9 mm pistol in Doug's hand Conners's heart skipped a beat. Conner grabbed Doug before he could get the gun pointed at Conner. spinning Doug to face a wall. "GUN!" Conner yelled as loud as he could. Conner forced Doug so hard that Doug slammed into the brick wall face-first. Doug bounced off the brick wall . Flying backward towards Conner. this time Conner grabbed Doug as he came back picked Doug up into the air over him and slammed him into the concrete floor. Doug's body bounced blood started to spray from Doug's forehead and nose.

Timber saw Blossom running from the bathroom area, with a look of panic. He wondered what that was about. He remembered seeing Mel, Rose, and Courtney head that way. He looked around; they hadn’t returned yet.

Blossoms had said something to Conner. Conner looked angry. Timber watched as Conner headed toward the restrooms. Trouble is brewing, Timber thought.

Timber arose and walked to Blossom, “What’s happening? What’s going on?”

Blossom was still in a panicked state as she looked around for Carter. She needed to spread the word as fast as she could but didn't know where the others were at.

A shot rang out as the gun discharged. Conner did not even feel the bullet hit his leg. With all the adrenaline running through him. Conner just kicked Doug as hard as he could. Doug got lifted off the ground and fell back down from the kick. Conner could feel Doug's ribs break with his kick.

Kaylee knew Conner pretty well but saw a look in his face she had never seen before. However, given the circumstances, it wasn't a complete surprise. She was with Blossom when Timber came over, "Mel's ex Doug is here - long story - but apparently he has a gun and is holding Mel with it." She didn't pause before saying. "We need to get to the table and flag down the others." She took Blossom's arm and gently led her back to the table, flagging down anyone she saw from the group on the dance floor.

Timber heard the shot and turned in the direction from where it came. He ran toward it, saying a prayer for Mel.

He had never been in a situation like this. He felt the blood coursing through him as his heart raced. He didn’t know what he was capable of until this happened. He felt angry enough to hurt someone that hurt one of his new friends, especially Mel. She had been so kind to him.

He reached the area, seeing Conner with blood coming from his leg. On the floor was a guy that Timber assumed was Doug. He kicked the gun from Doug’s hand before jumping atop him and restraining his arms in a wrestling move. The arms were held and forced together behind Doug’s back.

“Someone call 9-1-1!” Timber shouted.

Mel was completely panicked, before she really knew what was happening the gun went off, she thought at first she had been shot, but then felt Doug falling down, forcing his grip on her to let go. Mel didn't bother to look, she backed away from the situation then noticed that Conner had been shot and Doug was on the floor.

Kaylee told everyone at the table what was happening and Matt and Jason jumped up and ran to where they heard the gun shot. Mel backed into Jason, and jumped and in a panicked state almost ran, until she heard Jason's voice. "Mel, it's OK. It's me, Jason. You're safe."

Kyle had also heard what was going on and reached the incident in time to hear, "Call 9-1-1," he did so, but also ran to get security.

Meanwhile Jack was dancing with Ashley and Roxy away from the main group of friends since it got a bit cramped by the other dancers. Normally Jack was a grouch when it came to bonding with Roxy and Ashley but he really liked to dance since he was taught at an early age. Being of Hispanic culture, dancing was a normal thing for birthday parties, holiday parties, anniversary parties, weddings and quinceañeras. Since Ashley grew up with Jack she made it a point to be his dance partner when they were young. So when a loud 'boom' went off from a gunshot they were confused and quickly dropped to a squatting position and looked around to see who shot the gun. They had no clue that Doug was in the club and causing trouble. After finding some cover they continued to look around for clues to the suspect among the panicked crowd.

If Timber were in a wrestling match, he knew he could use this hold to force Doug onto his shoulders for a pin. That wasn’t the priority at the moment. The priority was to hold the arms.

“Someone find the gun,” Timber shouted. “I kicked it over there!” He motioned with his head the direction the gun went.

He looked up at Mel, seeing her fright. “Mel! Get away from here! Go to safety!”

Matt nodded to Jason, who ushered Mel away. Matt then went to find the gun, which wasn't difficult, it hadn't gotten that far. "I found the gun." It was right about then that security, who were on their way over after hearing the gun shot, came upon the scene. To them it was difficult to tell who the perpetrator actually was.

Rose and Courtney were stuck in the bathroom with the other girls. Some of the girls were frightened as no one there knew what was going on. Courtney and Rose did their best to keep the others calm. Even they were both internally worried, as there was no way to block or lock the main door.

Seeing security arrive, Timber eased up on the hold. He calmly stated, “This guy shot him and tried to abduct a girl.”

Security took hold of Doug, but it wasn’t like he was going anywhere. Kyle returned, and told security. "I called 9-1-1, they're on their way.”

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