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Justin was enamored by Kyle's bravery and was doing his best to keep his composure in the situation. Shortly afterwards Jack, Ashley and Roxy arrived to see what was going on. Justin filled them in on the details and Ashley sucked her teeth in disgust as she wanted to turn Doug into a pretzel, but it was too late since security was already there. Anything she did now would fall under a crime. However her anger was soon put aside after encountering a distraught Blossom. Ashley hugged her frightened friend and calmed her down. It was a sweet sight as Jack looked around with his usual grouchy expression and Roxy locked her arm around his arm to keep him close by. The other members of the crowd began to gossip and some decided to leave before the police arrived since they didn't want to be involved.

The sirens were loud enough to hear inside the club now that the music was silent. People were talking though, a lot of speculation but only one table really knew what was going on. Jason sat down at the table with a rather upset Mel. She was shaking, still not out of the terrified state and had said nothing since being rescued. She was obviously in shock. Jason said, "Does anyone have a jacket? I think Mel's in shock."

Police and EMT's entered. Anyone trying to leave would soon find out they were unable to as the place was locked down.

Justin being the chivalric guy by nature, took off his sports jacket and handed it to Mel. He said, "You can take your time returning it." He then looked to Kyle and held his hand as he whispered, "You looked so cool back there.”

With the cops there, Timber looked around for Mel. Seeing she was safe, he took a deep breath, then waited patiently as the police took Doug into custody and the EMT’s tended to Conner.

He knew he’d have to make a report. So, he stood by until the police were ready. Then, he gave the factual report. He pointed to Mel when the police woman asked who the girl was that Doug tried to abduct.

Zander, Riley, Dawn and April had been ushered inside from the back courtyard area. Upon hearing what had happened Zander and Dawn ran over to where Doug was and sent April and Riley back to the table. They came upon the scene of Conner shot, and their brother in a tangled mess. Zander and Dawn looked at each other and shook their heads, they knew who was to blame.

Doug was lifted on to a stretcher, as his rights were being read and he spotted his two siblings. The twins together as they always were. "Hey, tell our moms, I'm not sorry for any of it."

Dawn spoke up, "You've been a manipulative ass our entire lives. You've clearly added stupid and insane to that list. You should really shut up now."

Clearly either missed the part, in his rights, about the right to remain silent, didn't care or his mind in that moment was just gone enough because he started rambling - making it clear not only did Doug not regret his actions he thought he was in the right. It was everyone's fault but his own.

Zander put one arm around his sister for support, neither had wanted things to come to this.

One of the cops retrieved the gun, Matt had been keeping an eye on. The officer then questioned Matt as to what he saw.

Jason thanked Justin and put the jacket around Mel's shoulders. He then flagged down an EMT. As suspected Mel was in shock, which she suddenly came out of and burst into tears. Jason reassured her. By the time the female officer came over, she was able to make a statement.

"Thanks," Kyle quietly responded to Justin, as he held his hand.

Carter had made his way back to the table, after being stopped by a bunch of people trying to find out what was going on. He didn't know, but found out the minute he arrived at the table. Seeing Blossom and Mel were alright he sighed in a slight relief, but was worried about everyone who hadn't returned to the table. He wasn't going to break between Blossom and her bestie, so he sat next to Blossom, on the other side and gently took her hand.

Timber made his way to the table and sat down. With the adrenaline rush over, his face suddenly turned pale. The realization of what had just happened hit him. He had taken on a guy with a gun.

He was certainly glad that Mel was alright, but Conner had been shot and was on the way to the hospital. Timber could have been shot as well. He took a few deep breaths to bring oxygen back to his lungs.

Looking over at Mel, Timber smiled. He was glad he was able to help her. He hoped this was the end of all this trouble for her. He pledged he would be there as much as he could for her sake.

He walked over to Mel. “I’m going to go to the hospital to check on Conner. Would you like to go?”

Kaylee had gone back over to Conner upon hearing he had been shot, and let the police know she was his fiance. A little lie but it got her into the ambulance to ride with him to the hospital. Matt had seen this, so he knew the two were together.

Mel nodded, "Yes," to going to the hospital but there had been no word they were letting people leave.

Kyle then spoke up, "I think, as soon as we are allowed to leave, a few of us will be headed to the hospital." He then turned to Justin. "Are you good with that?" He could always drop Justin off at the school if not, but Kyle would be going to the hospital.

Justin shook his head no as he replied, "No I'll tag along. It's best for us to be there for each other. Besides, we may need to have someone make a coffee and sweet snack run if we have to be there longer.”

Timber approached the police woman to whom he and Mel had given statements. He stood to the side until she had completed taking a statement from another person.

The police woman acknowledged Timber, “Yes, how may I assist you?”

“Mel and I already gave a statement,” Timber confirmed to her. “You took them. Our friend is on the way to the hospital. How soon may we leave?”

While this was going on and the shot was fired JD heard the shot and instinctively first fell to one knee looking. he could see the crowd start to run from the restroom area. JD's heart jumped "Rose," he said under his breath as he started in that direction. arriving about the same time as the security JD knew not to get too involved in less necessary. he saw Conner now on one knee with blood coming from his leg as his hand was putting pressure on a wound JD could only guess was from the gunshot.

Seeing Doug pinned to the ground with Timber on top. JD made his way around to see if Rose was ok when she made it out of the bathroom. JD started his head count of everyone and checked on their condition, eyeing each one separately. JD watched over what was going on and where they were taking Conner. Texting his mom and dad for help and what hospital they would be at.

JD then gathered who would need a ride and drove to the hospital.

The girls were finally let out of the bathroom, Rose quickly found JD and Courtney just as quickly found Matt. The two were filled in on what happened and both wanted to head to the hospital.

The female officer looked at Timber, "Everyone will be able to leave in another minute or so."

True to her word, an announcement was made that everyone was free to go. Mel looked at Jason, she had come with Jason it would be weird to just go to the hospital with someone else, wouldn't it? She pulled Timber aside, "Can Jason ride with us?”

“Sure!” Timber stated without hesitation. He had a backseat in his truck, so all three could fit. “Let’s get movin’.”

After being allowed to leave Blossom and Carter got a ride with Ashley, Roxy and Jack in the large rental car with a driver. It was nice to have a driver since they didn't have to get directions to the hospital.

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