Regena strikes again pt2

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April saw the car, and her mouth almost dropped. Coming from a background, where her mother struggled for everything they had and the majority of kids, in her neighborhood had been the same way, the girl didn't think she would ever get used to how much money many of the kids at this school had. "It's really nice. "

"Thanks," Dawn said about the towel. April got in first, then Dawn took the towel and put it on the seat, she got in and sat down. Then they waited for Kaylee and Conner to get into the car.

"You might think I went and bought this, not that simple." Commenting on April and Dawn's reaction. "It was years in the making. I took this car from scrapheap to this in 3 years. I built this car from the ground up. My father would not buy me a car so I built one." Conner said with a grin. He pushed the seat back into place and helped Kaylee into the car.

Getting into the car and starting it The engine roared to life. "Not everyone is privileged just because people are rich. Yes, we have money, but my father makes me earn everything I have. I think it is a good thing to make you appreciate it more." explained Conner he had a happy look on his face. "Nothing betting than a nice car and a hot chick next to you in it," said Conner leaning over and kissing Kaylee.

Dawn was used to people having really nice cars, but still, she could appreciate it even more when Conner said he built it himself.

April nodded, "That sounds like quite the undertaking." It really was impressive.

"So, does that mean I can bug you for advice when I'm finally old enough to buy a car?" Dawn, half-jokingly, asked.

Kaylee just took in the kiss and the moment, trying to figure out how things could be made safer for everyone in the group.

"I think we will stop and get all of us a treat," said Conner Turrning looking at the two in the back. "Buying a car? I would be offended if you did not ask me." Conner said tuning to look where he was going as he started to drive. "Even JD's parents ask me about the Jeep he has now. I am not a motorhead for nothing. I eat, breathe, and dream of Kaylee. Just like I do about cars." he paused Thinking about what he just said and how that could be taken. "Ah... not sure if that came out right," said Conner looking a bit awkward. "Anyways what do you guys want? " Conner asked changing the subject.

"Thanks. Well, between you and Courtney, I think I'll be covered." Dawn said. "I love my twin but Zander would over-research everything and then tell me the scientific explanation on every part of the car."

Kaylee looked at Conner, then back at Dawn. "Conner, Hon. It's a sweet gesture to get us a treat but maybe we should let Dawn get changed first." She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"No problem, back to the dorms," said Conner giving a kiss to the side of Kaylee's head. The car accelerated quickly they could feel their bodies sink into their seats as Conner drove his car past the other ones on the street. Showing off a bit.

Soon enough, they arrived back at the dorms. Dawn commented she'd be back in a few minutes. Kaylee offered to help the girl, Dawn agreed more because she didn't want to walk back to their room alone.

Kaylee kisses Conner and Dawn kisses April. "We'll be back in a few minutes," Dawn commented before they went to the dorms.

That left April and Conner alone, outside in the quad area. It was pretty much known among the group that April was shy, but because of that, she hadn't had many one-on-one conventions with any of their friends. Starting one was hard for her.

Conner leaned back where he was sitting being his normal laded back self. He got a grin and then looked at April. "So I am surprised you did not offer to help Dawn change," asked Conner his tone mischievous. Conner was not trying to be mean but being himself could not help to comment about Apirl being with Conner, not Dawn. Conner would not mind if he had to help Kaylee change her clothing could be fun Conner thought.

April bit her lip, and a light blush rose across her cheeks. "I don't think the school would like that." She paused, "But if there wasn't that obstacle then....maybe." There was a joking tone to her voice, it might have been to cover up her embarrassment over the question or her surprise at her own response. It was hard to tell.

Anyway, it made her want to change the subject. "So, have you always lived in California?" April inquired.

Conner smiled at April's response. "Cali has been my home I would say when I was a baby we lived in Houston Texas Until I was one. been here ever since. My dad worked with NASA before he made his own company. So the Company is a year younger than me." explained Conner trying to make a joke about the last part.

"We even have lived in the same house the whole time. In this era." further explaining his life. "I should get the group together and visit my dad's Company. We can launch chickens at aircraft windows that's how they test them." Suggested Conner.

April nodded at his response but didn't know what to say about the chickens. If he was joking, she hadn’t been around him enough to know. If he wasn't, honestly, it sounded kind of cruel. However, she wasn't going to say that.

"Visting your Dad's company sounds interesting." That was true. "I got to visit Boeing, once on a field trip, back in Chicago. That was interesting."

Probably not the same thing but it was all aircraft related.

"Nothing like a whole aircraft there are just parts they test them and try to break them to see what stress they can take before a fail," Conner explained. "Where are you from? Asked Conner.

"Chicago, the Bridgeport area." There was pride in her voice when she mentioned her home city.

April didn't know how familiar Conner was with her home city, but Bridgeport was a known blue-collar area. It was considered a decent area to live in, even if not on the Upper-Class side.

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Conner thought for a moment "Only been to Chicago a few times on vacation most of the time we go to DC or New York. or the desert here in Cali. It was a good time there, said Conner. "So your dad is a businessman in Chicago?" asked Conner with a smile. Conner normally asked that of most people not realizing some don't have fathers at home.

April paused at Conner's question. It seemed like a clear reminder of how different her life had been from a lot of the students here. Even though, she felt like Conner didn't actually mean anything by the question, it was just a question.

Still, April wasn't embarrassed by her upbringing either, it was what it was and her mother had to overcome a lot and work hard to get them what they did have.

"I've never met my father. He's not in my life at all." April explained. "My mom is an assembly line worker."

Conner felt bad about asking that question now. Conner could see why his car would be so cool to her. "Oh... well that's interesting, assembly line worker. Putting the world together one part at a time. My father says it is one of the hardest jobs out there. A lot of pressure on the person doing the assembly." Conner meant it as a compliment to her mother so many of the scholarship kid's parents work hard for what most take for entitlement here.

April felt weird saying thanks to a compliment addressed towards her mother but she did understand what Conner said was meant to be one. "She enjoys it. I mean her co-workers are really great. And the factory she works at has decent management. They even got together and surprised my mom with enough money to come to parent's weekend." April couldn't help but talk about her mom's co-workers. She had grown up around most of them, they were like a family to her.

Dawn and Kaylee emerged from the girls' dorm. Dawn was now clean-up and had gotten changed into a new outfit. Kaylee gave Conner a kiss, while Dawn gave one to April.

"So, Dawn and I discussed it," Kaylee commented. "Would Gelato work for the treat?"

08/30/2023 4:59 PM
Conner's eyes widened "nicesssss......." commented Conner. He looked at April and Dawn Don't worry if you can cover it, Kaylee will cover us," said Conner Jokenly giving Kaylee a nudge.

"Sure," Kaylee said, nudging him back.

Dawn could certainly cover it, but she figured he was joking. April knew Dawn would pay for her, if necessary.

"Gelato does sound good," April said. One thing about Chicago was it definitely had a wide variety of food. So, she had had Gelato before but not in a long time.

"So, I've not been to get Gelato around here," Dawn said. "I'll just trust your judgment with where to go."

Kaylee took Conner's arm. "Shall we, then?"

Conner smiled and started to skip some. "We are off to see The Wizard of Oz. The wonderful wizard of Oz...." He started to sing. "Man, what are people going to say? There goes Conner again with Three hot girls in his car." Conner said with a smile and half joking.

The three girls laughed at Conner's antics and made their way to the car. Then with Conner's help got into the vehicle. And they took off down the road towards the gelato place.

Conner did his normal showing off his car's power now and then He knew his was one not the fastest cars in the school and if it was not well he would make it that way.

It was fast getting the place not much time for small talk with Conner driving. pulling into a spot not too close This place had quite a few people there. "Well we are here shall we go in?" asked Conner.

"Yes," Kaylee said to going in, and Dawn and April agreed.

There were enough people in the place that the girls couldn't see over or around them.

"Any tables opened?" Dawn asked. While the question was directed at the group as a whole, it was a given Conner was going to be the one to spot a table.

Conner took a few quick steps to get a table near a window. As the other people were leaving it. Conner waited by it. Some girls from public high school stepped next to Conner "Conner, can we sit with you? Sandy the pretty athletic type of girl asked Conner. Just as Kaylee, Dawn, and April arrived at the table.

Not even looking at Kaylee, Dawn, and April Sandy grabbed his arm and stepped close to him looking at him with big blue eyes. it was obvious that she was trying to seduce Conner so she could sit at the table.

Kaylee rolled her eyes, at the girl's attempt to seduce Conner. She knew going into this relationship things like this happened to Conner, a lot. While the guys tried to flirt with Kaylee, the moment they knew she was with Conner, they were laid off. Girls around Conner, on the other hand, could be relentless. Kaylee however wasn't the jealous type, and she trusted Conner.

Kaylee slipped next to Conner and put her hand in his. "Well, there's only room for four at the table but you're welcome to pull a table over and join us."

Her gestures, including a wink at Conner, made it clear they were together without being obnoxious about it.

Conner shook his head and chuckled taking his arm away from Sandy. Turned and put his arm around Kaylee making it clear and making a statement about Kaylee. "Oh look sandy my desert is here," Conner commented in almost a seductive tone then kissed Kaylee.

Sandy stepped back eyeing Kaylee "Girl, you must have something to tame Conner." She sounded a bit angered as other kids around the room were talking and watching. being turned down like that must have been something new to Sandy.

Sandy looked at her friends "Let's go." she said more like an order than a suggestion.

When the girls walked away, Kaylee said. "Shall we sit?"

Dawn and April took their seats, on one side of the table, and Kaylee got hers on the other side. If Conner pulled out her chair Kaylee would wait for that but it wasn't a necessity.

Once everyone was seated, Dawn asked. "So, what flavor is really good here?"

"Kaylee Strawberry or Chocolate is one of my favorite flavors." Joked Conner. "For real I like Strawberry or Chocolate here," said Conner.

"Oh, the strawberry cheesecake gelato is amazing." Kaylee piped in. "My brother's favorite is the Chocolate Hazlenut. "

"Do they have pistachio?" April asked.

"I think so," Kaylee replied

Dawn thought for a moment. "Oh, I know - I think it's called amarena. It's like sweet cream with cherry."

Kaylee was about to comment, that maybe they should get a menu when a waitress came by and handed them each one.

"Get what you want it's my treat, I myself will have a large Deluxe strawberry shake," commented Conner.

"So, Dawn and Apirl how are things going with you too? You looking cozy in the back seat of my car," asked Conner. He knew they had been dating for a little while. and the back of Conner's car had little room for passengers really, was not made for it.

The girls all thanked Conner for offering to pay. Dawn and April thanked him with words, and Kaylee thanked him with a kiss.

Upon Conner's question, Dawn and April both smiled, which likely answered the question. Still, Dawn spoke up. "It's going really well."

April agreed. "Yes, except for the one problem."

"What problem?" Kaylee asked.

"That the school wouldn't let us stay roommates and date," April responded.

Dawn kissed April on the cheek. "That would have been great."

The waitress came over and took their order, all three girls got shakes as they sounded like a good choice. Kaylee got the strawberry cheesecake, April got the chocolate hazelnut and Dawn ordered a pineapple-coconut mixture. Once Conner ordered, the waitress left.

Dawn looked over at the couple across from her and April. "I have been curious about something," she asked Conner and Kaylee. "How long have you two known each other?"

Conner smiled "It felt like my whole life about three years. It is no secret Kaylee is Matt's sister. So for years, we were friends, and back then she was off-limits to me in my mind. honestly, there was a crush between us I think. after the beach party all that changed. and we have been together ever since." described Conner.

Conner pulls Kaylee in and gives her a kiss. She is the first to keep me in a relationship for more than a month." Conner was talking with affection and a gleam in his eyes.

Kaylee smiled at him. "Feels the same for me, but yeah we met move-in weekend when Conner and my brother were freshmen. And for me anyway, instant crush." Kaylee then added. "He's my first serious relationship."

Dawn and April nodded. Both thought that was certainly an interesting way to end up dating.

Kaylee then said to Dawn and April, "I know you two met because you were roommates but what was it like meeting each other.".

"Oh," Dawn started. "I got to the school the first day of classes, after everyone else, because I was actually supposed to go to a different school. So, I get to our room and April is moved in but she's not there. On her side, I see a poster of Chicago and one of a Tolkien quote. I also see physical books on D&D, computers, and writing. My first thought was that we'd get along but she'd probably really get along with Zander. Then we met and I just knew, instinct maybe, this could be more than friendship."

April smiled, "I came back to the room, and was greeted by this outgoing, friendly girl. At first, I was honestly not sure what to think but it didn’t take long before I realized there was something there." Dawn and April kissed.

The milkshakes arrived, and Dawn sipped hers. "This is really good."

Conner smiled "Of course, Kaylee knows how to pick the places to go," remarked Conner taking a sip of his own shake. " I wish I could room with Kaylee," he said with a playful grin. " I know the school would never let that happen, and not sure if Matt would be happy either. So, the school found out about you two and split you up? Or did you volunteer the information?" asked Conner.

Kaylee sipped her shake, then said. "We might never leave the room if we were roommates." She grinned.

Dawn sipped her shake, then answered the question. "We volunteered the info. We didn't want to hide it longer than necessary and figured we'd get into a lot of trouble if the school found out on its own."

April nodded, "Yeah, being I'm here on a scholarship it was best to avoid that kind of trouble."

Conner smiled at Kaylee's comment. "April, what scholarship are you on at school?" asked Conner.

"Academic," April responded. "I didn't even know that schools had academic recruiters until one from Sakura found me at my last school."

Conner took a sip of his shake "Academic recruiters, is how I found out about the school. but of course, my dad makes too much money for a scholarship. The recruiters look for anyone who might be an asset to the school. JD got a sports scholarship. We are here because the school wants all kinds of talent. That means April you were at the top of the list," replied Conner.

"Thanks," April responded. "I had been in a magnet program for gifted and talented students, but it only went through eighth grade. There always seemed to someone their talking about various high schools the students could attend though most were more local than California."

"Matt was recruited because for sports but like Conner, our parents make too much for a scholarship. I thought was offered to apply here, because of the cheerleader coach. She apparently loves recruiting flyers." Kaylee looked at Dawn. "Dawn? I mean I hope I'm not bringing up a bad subject but you did say you were supposed to be at a different school. How did you end up at Sakura?"

"Oh, well I was supposed to go to a performing arts school in London, but their funding got cut, the last minute, and they couldn't admit any more exchange students," Dawn explained. "So, my next choice was coming here. Fortunately, the school was willing to push through my application."

Conner looked at Dawn with a smile. "I am glad that they let you come. I think London lost out." Conner replied. He looked around then back at the others. "Personally, Sakura would not be the school it is without all the scholarship kids. It definitely adds some excitement to it." expressed Conner talking about all the scholarship kids.

Dawn figured Conner, being he was roommates with Zander, and everyone knew Doug had money knew she wasn't a scholarship student. She knew that Kaylee and April knew. So, the assumption was the comment was for April. Dawn kissed April, "I agree. My life is certainly better than I get to have one as a girlfriend."

"I have no problem with Rich and Scholarship dating one other, "Commed Conner. "I would say the only one that is truly middle ground is JD.

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