Regena strikes again

JP by Cindy & red_sword7

Conner and Kaylee decided to get some alone time. Checking out the skatepark and walking around the city park for a few hours. The quiet time with Kaylee was nice thought Conner. being around the others was nice and the group was a good one to be around. The support for one other was unusual for such a young group and the way they bonded so quickly was a great thing to happen. Conner's parents had told him this does not happen often. To enjoy it live it wants it fight for it. His parents now accepted Kaylee fully and were comfortable with their dating and age difference.

Conner himself was very happy with their relationship. It had grown out of a friendship and he did not see it coming or turning out the way did. His heart raced every time he saw her. It was new every time he even glimpsed at Kaylee.

Now sitting on a park bench with Kaylee next to him He was relaxed and this being love he did not want to lose this ever. Conner never thought he would be happy with any one girl.

But the moment was about to be ruined by some girls from school they dubbed them the Mean Grils and trouble to most of the group that Conner was in. Of course, as they were walking like they owned the park entitled rich snobs of the school he attended Sakura High School.

Rolling his eyes and giving a sigh "Looked who is here such a nice day too." Commented Conner motioned with his head in the direction of the Snob grils.

Kaylee was always for spending time alone with Conner. She loved their friends and being around them but alone time with Conner didn't happen that often. The time at the park was great. She sat close to him, while they hadn't said the word love to each other, yet, Kaylee was well aware of her feelings towards the boy.

Regina led a few of the meme girls through the park, they were headed straight for the skaters. Skaters were prime targets to make fun of. When Regina spotted Kaylee and Conner on the bench. Neither of those couples was much fun to pick on. And the mean girls had an agenda. They took a seat a few tables away from Conner and Kaylee and watched the skaters on their boards.

They laughed at the boy who fell. "Such a loser," Regina said.

Conner just looked up at the sky and groaned. Conner thought the boy did okay the trick was a hard one Conner could not count how many times he had fallen trying to learn tricks maybe not as much as others but still even the best fall. Conner really wanted to walk over and flip their park picnic table laugh at them and say something then look you fell. Conner was better than that and he knew it. but it felt good to do that.

"So much for the perfect day," said Conner kissing Kaylee gently on the head.

Kaylee shook her head, she knew skateboarding. The trick had been one that was hard to master, and falling was a part of learning tricks.

Regina made a few more comments directed at the skaters but then saw a better target

Dawn and April had decided to take a walk in the park, after the meeting. Dawn was worried as to when her brother, Doug, would show back up and what would happen when he did. She only expressed that to Zander and April, but a chance to let some steam out and spend time with April hadn't sounded great.

They both carried mocha Frappuccinos, as it was a warm day. And sipped them as they made their way through the park.

April and Dawn both got distracted by the skaters, neither of them had ever been on a board before but they could appreciate the athleticism.

After a moment, Dawn noticed the mean girls, Regina in particular sitting at a table.

"Oh look who it is Lesbo Dawn with the crazy brother." Regina mocked.

Dawn tried to ignore them, but they got up and circled her, blocking April from getting near Dawn. One of them, hit Dawn's drink getting it all over her.

Elizabeth smiled at the mess "Oh poor taste of drinks and women. I guess you are crazy like your bother and now you look like a wet bitch dog. You need a man around to protect you because she can't." Elizabeth said to Dawn and April. Then opened her ThermoFlask water bottle "Here! Let me help you clean up" and splashed Dawn in her face with the water.

Regina laughed and Ruby played along laughing too. Regina then said. "April, you better watch out crazy Dawn here might beat you up. Actually, you're a scholarship student. I suppose crazy and scholarship go together."

April was trying but couldn't get past the mean girls, not that she had any idea what she'd do if she did get past them and closer to Dawn.

Dawn was soaked, her white shirt showing her soft pink lace bra. She tried to get past the girls and defend herself but she was outnumbered and Regina and Ruby both shoved Dawn hard making her fall to the ground.

"Oh, look who's dirty." Regina and Ruby dumped their own water bottles over Dawn.

Conner now looked down at the ground "I never would slap a girl. but I might start doing it now Kaylee." Conner spoke in a tone that Kaylee had never heard before from Conner. He was visibly angry at the site of what the mean girls did to Dawn. "They have gone too far now," remarked Conner.

Conner started to look around for any way to get back at Regina, Ruby, and Elizabeth. He knew some of the Skaters and now they had stopped to see what was going on. If it had been Kaylee or Conner the Skaters would have intervened and helped them. but it was someone they did not know. Conner looked at Kaylee. "I want to do something you want to help me," asked Conner with a Sly grin.

Conner was thinking about how to get them wet he looked at the skaters and smiled.

Short, petite Kaylee was about ready to go over and attempt to protect her roommate Dawn from the mean girls. When Conner spoke up. While Kaylee had never heard that tone before, from him, it was clear that Conner was angry.

Did she want to help him? No hesitation. "Of course," Kaylee responded.

Elizabeth was enjoying this little get-together Girls picking on Dawn and April. But something caught her eye as she saw Conner walking over to the skaters. Everyone knew who Conner was and Elizabeth knew Kaylee She was on the cheer team and now Dating Conner. but something else was nagging her something she was overlooking. She knew it was something about Kaylee and Dawn.

she pushed Dawn back down as she tried to get up not hard but enough for her to stay where she was. Oh, this should be good Elizabeth thought.

Regina thought April was too easy to tease, so other than blocking her most of the comments towards April were really about Dawn.

Ruby saw the skaters and then Conner and Kaylee. All the mean girls knew Conner and Kaylee and that they were dating. Something was about to happen but what was anyone's guess.

"Regina, Regina," Ruby tried to get their leader's attention but Regina ignored her. Having too much fun laughing at Dawn.

Kaylee just watched waiting to see what Conner was going to do and what he wanted her to do.

Conner turned so his back was to Regena and the others he picked up one of the 2 liters jugs of water and looked at one of the skaters. the skater stopped with a puzzled look on his face he held the Jug up some. asking if he could do something. The Skater shrugged and went back to the halfpike.

Conner got a wicked smile twisting the lid almost off. "Follow me. Stay behind me when we get close enough to dump the water on Regena all of it. Conner handed her the 2-liter jug of water. "Then make sure you get back behind me I don't think they would dare do anything to me or you with me there," said Conner with confidence.

Conner got a big smile on his face turned around to face the mean girls and started to walk in their direction but not directly at them more to one side making it look like he was going around them.

Ruby trying to get the attention of Regina, gave Kaylee just enough time to get behind Conner without any of the mean girls noticing.

After about the fifth "Regina" out of Ruby's mouth, Regina finally said. "WHAT?!"

"Conner and Kaylee are here, I think they're planning something," Ruby said.

"So, what?" Regina said. "They wouldn't dare do anything to me. - us."

Regina turned back to Dawn. '"Are your parents crazy too? What about your brother Zander? I bet they're all crazy. I hear it's inherited."

Dawn wanted to scream she and Zander weren't blood-related to Doug, but figured saying anything would make matters worse. It was better her than April as far as the girl was concerned. She didn't cry, Dawn wasn't going to give the mean girls that much satisfaction. Over her own thoughts and the teasing Dawn had missed that Conner and Kaylee were there.

April however had heard what Ruby had said, She looked around and spotted Conner walking sort of towards them, but it seemed as if the boy might go around rather than help.

However, if there was one thing April had learned about their friends, she doubted most wouldn't try to stop this. So, with the mean girls not paying attention to her at all April took a few steps back, hopefully of range of whatever was coming next.

Conner quickly changed directions and was almost right next to her. Now for the distraction thought Conner. "Regina," Conner said in his most seductive voice. He knew how to play the girls and get their attention quickly. Of course, he would probably owe Kaylee something special.

"Hay looking hot today," declared Conner looking straight into her eye when she turned around trying to keep the attain on him. Then stepped to the side for Kaylee.

Regina gave Conner a flirtatious smile. "Well, Conner what about..." but before she could utter the name Kaylee, Kaylee appeared, jug in hand and dumped it all over Regina.

If steam could have physically come out of Regina's ears, it would have. "Bitch, I'll get you." She took a step towards, Kaylee but then remembered Conner was there and instead gave a huff.

"Leave my friend alone," Kaylee said.

The skaters had now stopped what they were doing and were laughing at very wet Regina. One of the skater's girls, in between laughs, said, "Hey, Regina yellow isn't your color."

Regina looked down to notice her yellow bra was showing through her wet shirt.

Conner cracked a grin. "Oh, look now who is a wet dog?" commented Conner stepping forward to see if the mean girls would move back he put his hand out. "Dawn, let's go," said Conner softly"

Conner looked at the three mean girls "If you ever lay even a finger on Kaylee the consequences will be very bad for you three or your group. Oh, good luck finding someone to pick on me at school. There is not a guy out there who would dare do that." warned Conner.

When Conner stepped forward, the mean girls stepped back, leaving an opening for Dawn.

Dawn blinked, it took a moment for her mind to catch up with what had happened. She took Conner's hand and stood up. "Thank you, both of you." Dawn's eyes caught sight of the mean girls walking away.

April ran over to Dawn and hugged her girlfriend. "I couldn't... I ...."

"It's okay, it would have been worse if they had hurt you." Dawn tried to ease the guilt. That was obvious on April. There was no need for it.

While April and Dawn were having a moment, Kaylee pulled Conner aside and gave him a kiss, "That was great. Do you think we could give Dawn and April a ride back to the dorms?"

Kaylee knew neither girl was old enough to drive so she likely had taken a car service to get here.

"I was already going to offer a ride and of course' I have a few towels on the back of the car just in case I or we go to the beach. Conner said to Kaylee. turning to Dawn and April "Dawn, I can take you back to the dorms if that's ok?" asked Conner with a sweet smile.

"I'd appreciate that, thanks," Dawn said.

Dawn had never been targeted like that before, she wondered if it Regina would try something later or if that was it.

April still didn't know what to say, she squeezed Dawn's hand gently and the two followed Conner and Kaylee to Conner's car.

Conner looked around to make sure there was no one going to try to get back at them as they walked to his car. "Regina" Conner said the name almost sounding disappointed. "Regina is targeting anyone in our group. She thinks she can bully them or make their lives miserable. She really does think she is all that and a cup of tea." Remarked Conner. Now looking at his car as they walked "But today we showed we can give it back as well as take it. I am sure I will get some heat from the rich kids but nothing I can handle. Besides, I got Kaylee she will protect me" He said giving her a wink.

Kaylee smiled at Conner. "I can take her."

Dawn looked around but was unusually quiet. "They caught me off guard. I guess even public places aren't safe."

"Are you sure you're alright?" April asked her girlfriend

"Yeah, I'm alright." Dawn saw the look on April's face and stopped them walking for a moment. "Look I've had Doug as my brother my entire life. He's not good for much, but it did allow me to get a thick skin." She gave April a gentle kiss on the cheek. "I'll be alright."

Conner gave Kaylee a passionate kiss during the break in walking "I know you can." replied Conner with a smile. Conner really was falling for Kaylee He was happy to help Kaylee in any way Conner could. Conner was starting to understand how JD must feel for Rose. It was more than just a feeling more than just a thought it was like Air that he needed to breathe.

"Anyone that could handle Doug that long and not kill him has my vote for president." Simi joked Conner taking to all over them. 'You are tougher than you look, Dawn. April you're not so bad yourself." he said putting his large fist out for a fist bump.

Kaylee returned the kiss, She often wished the school wasn't so strict about PDAs, a kiss like that in school likely would have gotten them both into trouble. She'd like to be able to kiss Conner whenever and however she liked.

Dawn gave a small smile to Conner's compliment. Both girls thanked him simultaneously, which got a slight laugh out of Dawn, April, and Kaylee. Both Dawn and April returned Conner's fist bump. Kaylee having Conner's arm around her and with as short as she was would have made doing the fist bump awkward, she opted out but did smile at the gesture.

The four of them continued walking, They arrived at the parking area and April asked Conner, "So, which car is yours?"

"It's the Mustang right there." As the Mustang a few cars down chirps.
"This is a baby next to Kaylee," Conner comments. he walks to the back of the car opens the hatch, and pulls out a towel. "Here have a towel, Dawn" Then he opened the passenger door and folded the seat forward so Dawn and Apirl could get in first.

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