An Afternoon

Jp with Jaxx and Cindy

It had been a weird few days since the Homecoming Dance. Sadie's crew was slowly becoming Sadie's former crew. They were cutting her out of things, not inviting her to do things with them, secrets she wasn't privy to. Was it because she was dating Joey? The girl didn't know but the other girls pettiness was getting old fast.

Outside of that, Sadie was just as popular as ever. Maybe, even more so. She had taken to hanging out with Lance's group more, and being there were a number of cheerleaders and football players, in that group, her being a cheerleader and Joey being a football player were welcomed there.

Her party was coming up, unfortunately, her parents had only agreed to it if she invited the entire school, well all the students at least. She had agreed, reluctantly.

Then the weirdest thing happened this morning, Regina herself, leader of the elite mean girls, had invited Sadie and Joey to have lunch with them. They had done so, because that opportunity wasn't rarely given.

Regina and the other girls were actually quite nice, to Sadie and Joey, anyway.

It turned out the classes after lunch were canceled due to a faculty meeting, so Sadie had asked Joey to come to the beach with her. He, of course, agreed.

The beach was fairly empty, as it was during the week and this area was more secluded. She sat on the huge beach towel, in a two piece bikini, sipping some water out of her water bottle. When she turned to Joey. "Have you noticed how weird my group has been acting?"

Joey was feeling relaxed as he was rubbing lotion on Sadie's feet. He really loved to pamper her and the idea of serving her gave him an odd joy. When she asked him about her friends he had to think about it before he replied, "Well now that you mentioned it they have been giving us a lot more time alone. I thought they were just giving you more time for us." Joey continued to rub Sadie's feet.

"No, it's something else. They are purposely excluding us. I wonder if they're jealous of our relationship." Sadie pondered that for a moment, but couldn’t help relaxing into the foot massage. "Joey, you keep pampering me like this and I might give you a treat later." What were they talking about, again? Oh right. "I mean they know my parents are making me invite everyone to the party, so I don't think it's that. I can't figure out what else it could be."

Joey smirked at the idea of a treat later on. He really enjoyed his treats as well as the good vibe he got from pampering Sadie. The more he spoiled her the happier she was so he made sure to focus more on what she wanted and needed at the moment. Then it dawned on him that maybe it was jealousy causing her friends to back off. He then asked, “Maybe some of them feel bothered that I am there to pamper you instead of them? Did any of them do the stuff I do for you?” Joey had a sly grin on his face as he asked his question. He was hoping to get disciplined for prying a bit too much.

Sadie noticed the grin on Joey's face, but didn't do anything about it for the moment. "Perhaps some of them did pamper me, but none like you." She winked at him.

"Joey, come here." Sadie motioned with her finger and then made him lean over like she was going to kiss him. Instead he got a pinch to his left inner thigh, then one to his right. It was subtle enough that anyone else wouldn't have noticed, but there wasn't anyone there at the moment anyway. "Next time, ask before you pry, slave." She whispered in his ear. "Now, get back to massaging my feet."

Joey winced and shivered as he felt the pain surge into his legs and up to his brain. His body was literally on fire as Sadie hurt him and called him a slave. He was completely in heat now and quickly went back to rubbing Sadie's feet. This game they played made him wrapped around Sadie's finger. He loved being her servant and was almost addicted to it by now. As he rubbed her feet he then saw her painted toe nails were chipping off so he spoke up, "Looks like I will need to repaint your toes again. Did you want a new color?"

"Yes, I was thinking burgundy." Sadie replied. "I have my nail stuff in my car. When I saw my mom the other day, she bought me a new kit. And they will need to be done, again, before my party." Sadie paused. "Stop massaging my feet and come into the water with me." She ordered him, before getting up and walking towards the ocean.

Joey kissed Sadie's feet before he complied with her. He stood up and adjusted himself since it was obvious he was in the mood. Between Sadie's looks, cute swimsuit and her treating Joey like her servant, poor Joey was very pent up now. Of course seeing her backside only made him want to obediently follow her into the gates of hell.....or in this case the ocean. The water was a bit cold as his feet entered the ocean. Joey then asked, "So what will we be wearing at your party?"

"Oh, something cute and sexy. A crop top with flowers on it and black pants and a gold chain belt or maybe I'll wear a white top and flowered mini skirt."

House parties tended to be more casual than other events but being in fashion was still key to Sadie.

"What are you going to wear?" Sadie asked. While she moved closer to him in the water.

Joey was caught looking at Sadie's backside as he grinned and replied, "I'll wear whatever you want me to wear. Since I model all the time I am confident in looking good in anything." Joey gently bit his bottom lip as he slowly approached Sadie in hopes of stealing a kiss.

"We might have to go shopping. I'm sure we can find something for you to wear." Sadie couldn't go to his dorm room to find an outfit, besides shopping was always fun.

When Joey got close enough, Sadie put her arms on his shoulder. "For doing such a good job on the foot massage. You may kiss me."

Joey blushed as he received permission to kiss Sadie. He leaned in slowly to savor her lips as he was entranced by her charms. His heart melted as he felt her lips touch his. Of course he got a bit into it as his tongue tried to slip past her lips.

Just enough, but not too much at once. When Joey seemed to get into kissing her, Sadie pulled back. "Naughty boy. I don't recall you asking permission to use your tongue." But she grinned at him.

Sadie loved playing with Joey like this because Joey enjoyed it. If he didn't want it any longer, Sadie would change or he could leave the relationship. It was all consensual, which was important to her. If anyone had told her, a few months ago she would be dating Joey, enjoying it and this would be their relationship, she never would have believed it. But it made her happy, it seemed to make Joey happy and that mattered to her.

"If you want to use your tongue, you'll have to catch me." She laughed and ran off to the right, before playfully splashing Joey.

Joey stood there dumbfounded as Sadie bolted off into the water. His jaw dropped in awe in complement of of his wee mind trying to process what he just heard. For a moment poor Joey looked like the catch of the day at an all you can eat sushi bar, but then his instincts or libido kicked in and he quickly gave chase to Sadie who seemed to enjoy teasing him. Joey was easily malleable in Sadie's hands and would do anything for her if it pleased her. His prideful man card and his family jewels were clearly now in Sadie's possession. He followed her like a love sick puppy in the water and easily falling for her tricks as he tried to catch her only to lose his balance when hit by a wave. Eventually his antics led him to catching Sadie only to trip into the water. When he rose up he could not see well since something was blocking his face. Sadie could see the ball of seaweed on Joey's head blocking his vision.

Joey looked so silly with the seaweed on his head Sadie couldn't help but laugh. Making her way back to him, she helped the boy get the seaweed off his head. "I think I'll give it to you, that was quite the try."

Sadie kissed him again, this time allowing their tongues to linger together for a moment, before breaking the kiss. She pulled herself in even closer, so her body was next to his and grinned. "Here I thought the cold water would take care of that for you." It was clear what she was referring to. "You need to control yourself."

Joey blushed as Sadie teased him again. She was the main reason he was pent up in the first place and seemed to like egging him on, but he knew better than to speak back to her. It was clear that Sadie was the one in charge of their relationship and Joey was her pet. A year ago he would have never believed he would be in this situation since he had been living a much different life. He replied, " happens when I see your pretty face and killer bod. I can't control it."

She smiled at his compliment and kissed his cheek. "Well, just remember. - you need permission." Sadie changed the subject. "It's starting to get cold. Let's get out and I'll let you put some more sunscreen on me."

She made her way back to the blanket and laid down exposing her back, "There is sunscreen in the beach bag." Sadie knew full well making him rub sunscreen on her body would probably just egg him on even more.

Joey was feeling the effects of Sadie's over teasing as he shifted to avoid any pressure on his jewels as he knelt by Sadie. He winced, looked at her enticing features from behind and almost squirted too much sunscreen onto his hand. He caught himself in time and was glad no one saw his embarrassing expression as he fumbled a bit. Then while trying to remain cool he began to apply the sunscreen on Sadie's back and eventually spread it down her legs while getting closer to the danger zone to test the waters. He wanted to see how far he could push his luck before he was corrected.

Sadie was relaxing into the attention Joey was giving her body. However, the girl did notice his hands maneuvering every closer to places he didn’t have permission for.

"Careful, you come any closer to where your hands shouldn't be and there will be a punishment." Sadie's tone was somehow stern but almost playful at the same time.

Joey froze like a deer in headlights as he was caught red handed......literally. He tried to play it off as he replied, "Sorry........its a bit slippery." He made sure to obey Sadie since he was afraid she would cut him off in more ways than one. As a love slave he feared being cast aside and replaced so sucking up to his mistress was all he could do.

Joey's excuse of the sunscreen being slippery, Sadie didn't buy it, her reply of "Sure," stated as much.

Still, she let it go and decided to move on to other topics. "What do you think of Regina and her girls?" Sadie knew they were known as the mean girls, but they had been nice to her and Joey. Sadie was curious about what he thought.

Joey had to pause for a moment to remember which one was Regina among her crowd. Then he replied, "I guess they are cool. I mean they are Seniors so they probably want to enjoy their last year here and leave on a high note. I can see us doing the same thing when it's our turn. Why do you ask?"

"They seem to be wanting us to hang out with them more." Sadie said, "I wanted to know if you'd be alright with that. I don't mean all the time, but sometimes."

Sadie did realize she could probably just say that they would hang out with Regina and the others but being the dominant one in the relationship, isn't about being unfair. Sadie wasn't looking for a boy toy with no options of his own.

Joey smirked as Sadie seemed concerned by Joey's thoughts on who they hung out with. He replied, "I am fine either way. If you want to have fun with other friends.....its cool. I'd only have a problem with it if they try to break us up." Joey continued to rub her legs affectionately.

"They couldn't if they tried." Sadie smiled. "No, I really don't think that they do. Especially, considering Regina invited both of us to hang out with them sometime.

Joey replied, "Ha I pity the poor fool who makes you reveal your claws, but if you are okay with it I am fine too. So does this include your other friends too or will there be some drama?" Joey was making small talk but was concerned that Sadie might get too stressed out from friend drama.

"Oh, no it won't include my other.....friends. My group is cutting me out, so I see no need to include them." Sadie couldn't help but think she couldn't wait to see the faces of her group when they saw her hanging out not just with seniors but seniors who had much pull as Regina and the other girls. "I bet there'll be some drama with my group or my former group, but they started this."

Joey nodded and shrugged since he knew girl drama was a normal thing just like couple drama. It didn't bother him unless he was involved. He continued to rub her legs and back as he replied, "Yeah I can imagine that. Maybe they will come back begging for your attention when that happens.'

"Maybe." Sadie responded. "I'd love to see that."

Not knowing what else to say about the situation, Sadie then said. "I'm kind of bored with the cafeteria. Let's go out to dinner tonight."

Joey perked up as he replied, “Sounds great. What are you in the mood for? Italian, French, Chinese, American or something exotic?” Joey was still learning about Sadie’s likes and dislikes.

Sadie thought for a moment, "Hmmm... I am thinking.... what about Mexican? It's been a while since I've had really good Mexican food." She paused, and looked at her cell to get the time. "We should leave here in about twenty minutes or so, so we can get ready."

Joey replied, "Sounds good. I could go for some fajitas. But I think we might need to wash off the sunblock before we go unless you want to smell like coconuts while we eat?" Joey was admiring Sadie's backside as he made his silly comment.

Sadie laughed. "Silly. Yeah, I don't think that would go well with dinner."

The girl was just so relaxed that she didn't want to get up. "Joey, I'm thirsty. Get me a water." They had brought a small cooler with some waters, as her water bottle was rather empty at the moment.

Joey quickly got up and scurried to the cooler and pulled out a bottle of water and a straw . Then he made his way back to Sadie's side and opened the bottle for her as he asked, "Do you want the straw?"

"No, it's fine." Sadie sat up to drink her water. "Are your parents going to be at parents weekend?"

They hadn't been dating that long, and understandably she hadn't met Joey's parents. Though it was starting to cross her mind when that might happen. Hopefully, the meeting would be better than when Sadie's parents met Joey, she still wasn't sure they had bought the excuse of why he had been in her room.

Joey shrugged as he said, "Last I checked they were in Milan for some fashion show. I am not sure when I will see them again. They really get busy when the school year starts. I sometimes see them in the Summer, but it's no biggie since Charlie and I hang out to pass the time."

"Oh," Sadie felt a little bad for Joey, even if it didn't seem to bother him. "Well, your welcome to spend some of that time with me and my parents. But I won't monopolize all of your time, so you can spend some of it with Charlie as well."

Joey was a bit shocked by the invite as well as the consideration for Charlie. Granted Charlie’s life was going in a different direction than his he smiled and nodded at Sadie as he replied, “Cool. Thanks for the invite.” Charlie was his best friend so he was not planning on revealing his change in his new lifestyle. Part of Joey was still protecting his friend from Sadie in case she was opposed to Charlie’s change. Joey replied, “I’ll try not make you look bad with your parents.”

Sadie would have been fine with Charlie's new direction. She didn't really care if people were part of the whole LGBT etc lifestyle. To her it was pretty outdated to be negative towards people due to that, but she didn't know about Charlie and so had no reason to voice that opinion.

"Well, even after catching you in my room they are okay with you, so I think you'll do fine." She paused and grinned. "But if you do embarrass me - you know what will happen."

Joey blushed beet red as he saw Sadie's grin. He knew the price for crossing her was very high and he would be lucky to end it with being lashed by her belt. However he doubted that Sadie would give him the reward he wanted when she was mad. He envisioned her trapping him then neglecting him as he suffered in despair. The mere thought both excited him and terrified him at the same time. He replied, "Don't get me wrong I would love a bit of rough love, but that doesn't mean I have a death wish."

Sadie laughed at his response, "Good boy." She looked at the time. 'We should get going though."

Joey sighed as this meant he was not going to enjoy the view of Sadie in a skimpy swimsuit the rest of the day. He replied, "Okay, but you know its quite cruel of you to show off dessert before dinner and then deny me. If I didn't know better I'd think you were doing this on purpose." he got up and began collecting their belongings.

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