Plotting against the Head of the Hydra (2)

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JD did not know what to say to all of this. he was not so ignorant not to know what was going on. But military brats had their own way to deal with things like this. JD gave a reassuring hug with the arm that he had around Rose. Thinking about what he wanted to do he could not threaten Regina within an inch of her life.

JD looked at all of them "Pride" he said loud enough to be heard. "Someone like that is prideful, arrogant, shallow. I say we do it as a group or it won't work ignore her like she is not even there she is a ghost to us. we take her Pride and her popularity. " Suggested JD with a sly smile.

Explaining what he was thinking "Look how the interactions With Conner Nothing she does really phases him because she has no power over him in some ways his reputation with the girls helps him in this situation. The fact that Kaylee and him don't let it bother him. We need to have the same attitude. Now I know what she is doing the next cut-in will not go so well for her or her friends." JD said with confidence. "Then I was being nice now I will not be so nice. If she does do something rude to Rose I will put her in her place. like under trash on the street." declared JD.

Conner had not seen this side of JD since summer. He smiled and thought Regina pulled on the tiger's tail. "JD is right, people know who I am and how I was until this year." He looked at Kaylee and gave her a wink. "But if we do ignore her it takes away her power over us and her legitimacy," Conner said with a smile. This might not be an overnight thing. but it will damage her reputation. People won't see her as influential. and for a rich kid that is really bad." said Conner with an evil grin. "Rose we need to work on your influence and let people see you as the great person you are," Conner said looking at Rose.

Sam had watched her best friend though this and wonder why Rose, hadn't mentioned that what had been happening with the rich kids was getting to her.

"I am not sure how you plan to do that." Rose stated. She knew Conner well enough to know he wasn't talking about using her money for anything, and that's what the rich kids seemed to care about

"Ignoring her is good," Kyle said. "But we'll need to be vigilant, girls like Regina don't usually strike blatantly, what they do is underhanded. Spreading rumors is a big thing. So, any rumors about Rose or any of us will need to be squashed." The boy then looked at Rose. "I hate to bring this up, and I would never force you to talk about it but I think we all know the main rumor about you."

"Where I was for half of last school year. Why I left at Christmas break and didn't come back." Rose responded, to which Kyle nodded. "I can tell all of you, if it helps negate any of it."

JD looks bothered suddenly "Ah...nothing." JD looked at Rose and gave her a kiss on the cheek Putting his head against hers. "It's up to you if you say anything, no one is forcing you. but are you ready to let the school know? That's what will happen eventually. The truth needs to get out there." said JD trying to be reassuring.

"Yes, I mean it was never my idea to keep it a secret, in the first place." Realizing that comment made far more sense to those that knew what it was. "It's not like I did anything wrong or anything like that. " She took a breath. "My brother, William, some of you met him last year at Parents' weekend, and I were in a really bad car accident. William died on impact. I was in a coma for a month and then went to a physical rehabilitation place for several months after that. Then I spent the rest of recuperation time at home." Rose looked at everyone, she clearly didn't like discussing it but was also glad it wasn't a secret any longer. "Like I said, it wasn't my idea to keep it a secret. My parents didn't want me telling anyone."

Justin was almost in tears by this story as he gasped and held his chest with his hands. He replied, "Oh you sweet girl. To bottle that up inside for so long." Ashley nodded, "Wow. That was nothing like the lame rumors going on." Jack muttered, "Its messed up how the snobs act like paparazzi looking for a scandal fixation." Roxy replied, "Yeah that can get bad like a swarm of bees when you minding your own business." Blossom was nervous but spoke up, "Its weird how we have the same types back home. Gossip seems to be a normal thing I guess." Justin replied, "Sadly gossip is like a swimsuit." Blossom asked, "How so?" Justin answered, "The more revealing it is the more scandalous it is and you know how some get when they get a big story." Then Jack smirked with a sinister grin as he looked at the ground and replied, "I wonder how that Regina girl would take it if the shoe was on the other foot?" Several of the students looked at Jack as he said something rather dark.

JD did not reply to Jack. he just shook his head. Talking to everyone JD sounded sad. "I would not wish that on anyone. Death can be so disrupted in someone's life so profoundly. I have faced death and seen death and heard death too many times. Even for someone my age knowing someone one day then they are gone the next." JD explained. "But ya I wonder if Regina has lost anything in her life probably not so she can never relate to Rose," said JD.

"I have to agree," Rose commented. "I also wouldn't wish that on anyone. It's a lot to go through."

Matt then turned to Rose, "Are you going to be alright with us squashing that rumor with the truth? I mean you just said, your parents didn't want anyone to know."

"They don't but I can maybe explain it's better than the rumors that are going around. They probably won't listen to me, but...." Rose stopped herself as that last part just slipped out. "Yes, I am fine with it."

Courtney then spoke up, "I think we can take care of that rumor then pretty quickly. However, Regina will probably just create a new one."

Jack looked at JD and Rose with some confusion as he said, "Huh? What are you talking about?" Ashley elbowed Jack in the ribs as she replied, "You dummy. It sounded like you were talking about Regina loosing a family member." Justin had a grossed out look as he said, "That was harsh bro". Jack looked at the others and realized his words came out of context then he sighed as he was misunderstood. He then spoke up, "My bad I actually meant that Regina would hate it if she had a rather nasty rumor about her getting spread like wildfire. She is the type to laugh at others misfortune but whine if its her misfortune." Roxy replied, "Ohhhhhh....... yeah that makes more sense Jack. I was worried you warped your fragile little mind there." Ashley smirked as she, "Yeah you had me worried there." Justin then said, "But he does have a point. What if we get a juicy secret gossip on Regina and then turn the tables on her?"

"It doesn't have to be a true thing." Dante said, "In fact the less true but believable the rumor is the harder it is to disprove or track down its source." He added.

He knew this coming from his mouth might be a shock considering how laid back and nice he usually was. The fact he knew psychological warfare was probably a shock.

Rose looked at Jack as he explained what he had actually meant, and nodded. She wasn't as surprised as maybe some others by Dante's response.

Kaylee however didn't see Dante's response coming. She didn't though address her surprise

Kaylee spoke up, "So, who is good at coming up with a rumor like that?"

Justin rubbed his chin as he pondered a bit then had an idea as he smiled. He then replied, "Well sometimes its good to have some truth in a story to make it more believable. So maybe we can ask one of the computer nerds to look up her digital life and find something we can exploit?"

Riley saw a small grin form over Zanders lips. The boy did love anything computer related.

Zander then said, "I think that's where I come in. If there is anything to find out about Regina, online I'll find it." There was nothing boastful in his words, it was just something he was really good at.

"That's great Zander, more information the better," commented Conner. "For me, I don't have to worry about her much she has little effect on me. But I do not like what she does with my friends. So what's the plan in the meantime?" Conner asked the group.

JD gave a sigh. "I don't know how Rose will feel about this. I guess I and Rose should lay low for a while?" Suggested JD. "I wish she was a he then I could just threaten them within an inch of their life and be done with it. But if I did that to her I would look bad and the group probably and my dad would kick my ass. I could report her for bullying but it really has not gone that far just yet. I just don't know what to do." explained JD now leaning back in his chair and looking at the ceiling with a grown.

To Conner's words, Kaylee spoke up. "Well, some of us that are cheerleaders, could maybe casually ask some of the other cheerleaders about Regina. Maybe we can get something on her that way, as well. Or just keep our ears out."

Rose shook her head at JD, "Laying low won't do anything, as everyone already knows were dating. I really don't like idea anyway."

Kyle then spoke up, "I guess then plan then is see what we can get on Regina. Combat any rumors about Rose with the truth. Anyone, have any other suggestions?"

JD looks at the table "No" he said sadly. He was angry at himself for not coming up with something better. "Sorry, Rose, for saying we should hide," commented JD not too loudly.

"I think Rose should just fight back using her money and power and make that bitch pay for trying," expressed JD now looking a little angered.

Ashley then replied, "So we all do our own research on Regina and send it to Zander to make a list of what we can use and what we can consider then." Roxy giggled as she replied, "Wow we sound like the paparazzi now." Jack smirked as he nodded and agreed, "Yeah I got the idea seeing my mom read those gossip magazines at the grocery store." Ashely asked, "Does anyone else have any ideas? If it comes later on we can do a group text and when Zander gets something usable we can chat it out."

Rose realized this was upsetting JD, but at first she didn't know what to say to his comment. Money she had, but power? Rose didn't feel like she had much power, her parents did, but it wasn't as if they would care about any of this. She gently put her hand on JD's arm. "I don't want to go to that level. I will consider it if we run out of options."

Heath glanced at Rose, he saw something all too familiar behind her eyes. He knew money didn’t always mean power, he had experience that himself, but he also knew that not a lot of people understood it.

After Ashley spoke, Kyle said, "It sounds like the best option."

Rose agreed, as did Kaylee, Heather, Sam, Courtney, Matt, Melissa, Jason, Dawn, April, Zander, Riley and Carter.

Conner noticed JD's reaction as well as Rose's. "Ya, I am in" replied Conner. in his normal relaxed tone.

JD looked up "I am in to or agreed," said JD relaxing at Rose's touch.

"I'll help so long as we don't go overboard." Dante said. "We do we are no better than they are. It's about winning but staying on the highroad."

"I will let everyone know what I find out. We can decide what should be used. " Zander added. He had no intention of going overboard.

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