Plotting against the Head of the Hydra

JP with Redsword, Jaxx, Lasersexpanther and Cindy

Takes place the day after the Homecoming dance

Sam had been watching Rose, being worried about what Regina might do next. Yes, her best friend had been having to deal with the rich kids thinking she was a traitor but Rose had handled that fairly well.

After an entire breakfast of Rose barely saying anything, they got back to the dorm room before the meeting. "Alright," Sam said. "You've been acting weird ever since we got the message about the meeting. What's up with you?"

Rose sighed, "I don't know that all the plans in the world will stop whatever it is Regina has planned for me."

"Are you that worried? I mean I know Regina's reputation but she's never gone after someone with friends like yours." Sam said. "You worried she'll try more with JD?"

"No..." Rose shook her head, "I mean I obviously would prefer she leave JD alone for his own sake but I trust him. I'm more concerned about what she'll do to anyone on my side."

Sam walked over by Rose, who was sitting on her bed and sat down. "We can handle hit. We're a large group. We've got each other and we've got you." A smile crossed her lips. "Now, stop worrying so much. You're making sound like a one of those old "Very special episodes" from the 80s." Sam joked.

Rose smiled, shaking her head slightly. "Alright, I do need something before the meeting though."

"Coffee," Sam wasn't even asking, she knew.

The two girls headed out to get coffee and then to the meeting

Kyle had arrived at rec room #3, first with a coffee in hand. He had been up early, editing footage for a project for his film class. It was, pretty much, the mid-term for that class so important to be correct. He hadn't been to breakfast. He had however been one of the meeting planners so to speak. He sipped his coffee as he continued to work on his laptop, waiting for the others to show up.

After breakfast Jack, Justin, Blossom, Ashley and Roxy made ther way to get some coffee. Jack got extra strong coffee while the others got something fancy and sweet. Being rather generous Roxy paid for it and made a joke that Jack can pay her back later on with a devilish wink. Of course Ashly commented that Jack still owed her still from before and eyed him up like candy. Jack was feeling trapped till Justin reminded them they were going to be late so they let poor Jack off the hook and made their way to rec room #3 and saw Kyle there. Justine greeted Kyle with a peck on the cheek and a warm greeting.

Kaylee, Courtney, Melissa, Dawn and April had stepped out if the girls dorm to find Rose and Sam getting some coffee. They did the same and the group headed towards to the rec room. They greeted everyone who was in there and took seats.

Kyle greeted everyone as they arrived, with a special warm greeting for Justin.

Next to arrive was Heath, who had been working on an Art project. Then Zander and Matt, Zander had been helping Matt fix his computer. Riley showed up. All greeting everyone, with a quick hello and wave, then sitting next to their significant other.

Carter arrived, he sat next to Blossom. Jason arrived and looked around, he opted for a seat near Mel but not too close.

Mel smiled at the boy as he sat down. "Hey," she said.

"Hey, you don't mind me sitting here do you?" Jason inquired. "I just figured us single people should stick together."

"Of course not." Mel had hoped ot wouldn't be all couples here. She looked around, and lowered her voice some and joked, "We are kind of outnumbered."

"Well, then singles unite." Jason help up his paper coffee cup and Mel gently tapped it with her own.

"I'll drink to that." Mel quipped.

JD and Conner had finished their morning workout and the soccer coach got his time with JD as well shooting soccer balls at JD so he could get his goal time in. After a quick shower and change of clothing nothing fancy jeans Nike T-shirt and hoodie and his normal everyday wear Adidas shoes. By now people started to notice that JD did not have a lot of clothes like the rich kids and was called an outfit repeater quite often. Regina's attempts were to step up at the dance but with no real impact on JD.

Conner on the other hand just would growl at people if they messed with him. He just liked jeans and T-shirts and hoodies he never dressed like a rich kid much. As for Regina's group called mean girls. they did not mess with him much he could play their flirt games and even look like it mattered then he would snub them by walking over to Kaylee and giving her a passionate kiss. That would normally get him in a little trouble with the School Staff.

Walking downstairs and to the coffee stand They order some coffee as well. JD was really like the coffee if his dad found out there would be an argument between them. Though most thought his coffee mocha was well not a rich kid's drink. The rich kids would say anything to bully JD. Conner worried at times if JD were to snap someone would get hurt. Conner knew it would not be JD. Rose near him seems to have a calm effect on JD not like anyone did not notices.

Arriving at room rec room Cooner walked in and with a loud voice "I am here the party can start!" JD just smiled and shook his head at Conner. Walking in Conner and JD walk to their seats sitting next to their love. JD handed Rose a flower that he had picked for her and gave her a kiss."Good morning" JD said with a smile. Where the flower came from who knew?

Conner sitting next to Kaylee also greeted her with a kiss. He was happy that they had got together he had never been in a relationship like this before with anyone and found he like it more each day.

Rose smiled at JD and the rose. "Good morning," giving him a peck on the lips. "It's beautiful, thank you."

Kaylee returned the kiss and joked to Conner. "Hey, where's my flower?" She wasn't a demanding girlfriend and it was obviously said in jest.

Heath and Sam seemed to be in their own conversation, hushed voices. There had been something going on with them but neither was spilling any information.

Dante was slightly later than he planned but he arrived with Jocelyn in tow. Sitting down Dante put his arm around her lower back and pulled her closer.

"Sorry we're late. What did I miss?" He asked, leaning forward a bit.

Kyle spoke up, "Nothing, we've not gotten started yet. But I think we're ready now. So, the problem as I see it is Regina has targeted Rose. And because Rose is our friend, she's likely to aim at some of us as well..." Kyle looked around and decided to back up. "Sorry, do you all know who Regina is?"

Ashley spoke up and replied, "Yeah. Regina is a rich, elite, queen bee type. Despite being an evil bitch, she is found charming to many guys that she could care less about. Of course the only one she loves is herself since she likes looking at the mirror a lot. I am pretty sure she sent that bimbo, Candy Poppins, to seduce our Jack with her damsel in distress act at the dance. Sadly she failed miserably since Jack is not interested in other girls. right Roxy?" Roxy chuckled as she replied, "Damn straight." Jack sighed as he replied, "Do I get a say in this?" Ashley and Roxy kissed Jack's cheeks and patronized him as they told him "No".

"Trading one problem for a new one." Jocelyn muttered.

"Took the words right out of my mouth." Dante responded "So...what do we do about this new head of the hydra?"

Kyle agreed. "We'll need to be vigilant about it. But we're here, to come up ideas about what to do about it."

Rose finished the last of her coffee, but remained quiet.

Justin pondered for a bit as he asked, "Do you think this has to do with her loosing the Homecoming Queen thing? Maybe she is just lashing out like an angry kitty?"

Dante pushed his glasses to his forehead and rubbed his face trying to wake up more. "If this is over a stupid crown..."

"I don't think that's all of it," Rose finally spoke up. "The rich kids, all of them, think I'm a traitor. They've done everything from trying to lure me to their side to outright being vicious towards me. I'm an easy target, in Regina's mind." Rose paused. "She probably thinks that eventually I just won't have any friends because you will all think I'm too much trouble to be around." Rose then stopped talking. While she had tried to not let it get to her, the rich kids treatment of her had been going on for a while now, constantly and the stress was a lot to deal with.

Dante let out a sigh. "Money..." he half growled under his breath. "I don't get it..." he shook his head. "So...they want you gone...because you aren't friends with them? Or more so just on their side where they could 'use' you as a 'friend'?" Dante asked using air quotes with his free hand.

"Pretty much," Rose confirmed. "I'm not friends with them for many reasons, but not the least of which is I have been around people like them my whole life. They always want something, it seems."

Roxy sighed as she spoke up, "Yeah I get it. I know I can loose a lot of fans by saying all this but......when I was just a nobody living with my folks I couldn't get a second glance from those rich snobs. Then I got a big break and now they suddenly cared about me and offer tons of cash just to play for their birthday party. Those jerks have a lot of screws loose when it comes to people skills. They only see us as something they can use and tossed away. But there is a bright side to this whole thing with that Regina girl." Ashley looked at Roxy and asked, "And that is?" Roxy replied, "Well this is her last year here unless she fails so we only have to put up with her till graduation." Ashley sighed as she replied, "True but that will feel like an eternity to us." Jack then replied, "Yeah.... kinda like waiting on you both to get all dressed up for a date." Jack made an "Ooooffffff" sound as he got punched in each arm from Ashley and Roxy.

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