The Devil Inside 2

OOC: JP with LSP and Jaxx

Meanwhile Charlie was leaning on a wall alone as he looked at Galaxy with their friends. He was at a loss on what to do since he really wanted to talk to Galaxy again but didn't know how to do it. He was embarrassed from the last time and this was a whole new world he was unsure about. He now understood the whole pressure to come out of the closet for others he picked on in the past. After self reflection in the hospital he realized he was a jerk and dumb jock. However he was now a guy who was in love with another guy who looked like a girl and he had to face this eventually. He knew his folks would disown him if they found out and he also knew he could not live a lie anymore. So he was now at a point where he would have to choose to be alone and safe or take a chance on love and loose his family and home.

Galaxy saw Charlie stare for just a split second, and made eye contact but turn away about as fast. They waited till they knew he'd have noticed they broke eye contact before tucking some hair behind their ear, not looking to see if he saw but making sure he had. Maybe it was a bit mean to tease him, fishing required bait. Galaxy wasn't going to take the lead and Charlie needed to figure out things for himself

Charlie began to feel antsy as he debated with his feelings. Part of him wanted to beg Galaxy for a second chance and the coward in him told him he would loose his place with his family and friends. He was grateful to his family and they were important to him but the only one he called a friend was Joey. Only Joey was with him through thick and thin. They got in trouble a lot together and laughed it off. The other guys who were only friends in name were about as useful as a poopy flavored lollypop in his eyes. He would not miss any of them after graduation. Sadly he knew he would regret it if he gave up on Galaxy. The song played slowly began to make his feet move to the beat.

song playing

He slowly began to work up some courage as he had his hands in his pocket and shuffled his feet as he slowly moved sideways around the direction of the gym in hopes to slowly make his way to Galaxy while many other students were dancing. Before he realized it he was much closer to where Galaxy was and his heart began to beat so hard that it felt like it was going to pop out of his chest. Out of instinct he he clutched his chest and tried to calm his heavy breathing as he was in deed a nervous wreck by this time. His mind was hazy and he felt dizzy as he tried to regain his balance. He was so stressed out he almost fainted on the floor. Then after a few songs he managed to regain his composure and slow his breathing down. Then another popular song came on and it oddly gave him some courage to keep pressing on towards Galaxy.

song playing

It was obvious that Charlie looked like a nervous wreck as he was sweating and breathing somewhat hard as he had trouble saying "excuse me" while moving through the students blocking the way. Then when it felt like his journey would never end he was now facing Galaxy's back. He felt guilty for checking out Galaxy from behind and let out a small moan that was hidden by the loud music. Then he worked up a lot of courage and tapped Galaxy from behind as he squeaked out, "Hi".

Galaxy whirled around to face him still much shorter then Charlie but they stood a few inches taller then normal. When they spun around something brushed Charlies legs. Galaxy looked up at him with a coy smiled, face done up with some light makeup that made everything shimmer like it had a bit of glitter, and made a snapping sound with their mouth. "Caught you." they joked. "Did you need something?" Galaxy asked.

Charlie looked like a typical nervous boy trying to ask a hot girl to a date. His hands were fidgeting, his knees were wobbly, sweat slowly dripped down his neck, his eyes making eye contact and looking away quickly out of fear and his voice cracked as if he was going through puberty again. Charlie said with a stutter, "Ky...i...I.....I'm sorry. I.....I....was a jerk last time. I....i.....I know I don't deserve it......but can we try this again?" Charlie looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

"Try what again?" Galaxy asked giving him an innocent look. "You'll have to remind me."

Charlie was feeling at a loss for words as he was trying not to have a heart attack while pleading his case to Galaxy. Now granted Charlie was not an "A" student but he was not a total fool either. He looked at Galaxy as he was shaking like a leaf on the wind as he spoke, "I.......i......I..... was hoping you would like with me? I mean I know I don't deserve it and you are probably still mad at me, but...." Then Charlie had a moment of clarity as he looked at Galaxy's face and paused before he spoke again, "Wait a second......... are you teasing me?" Charlie looked like a big kid who just realized he was the butt of a joke. Ironically he had been the butt of many locker room jokes in the past and this is why he caught on.

"What would I be mad about?" Galaxy asked a genuine tone to their voice "You've not hurt me in anyway so I don't know what you'd be sorry for. As for a dance sure. I will dance with you." Galaxy said. "Not to Taylor Swift or country music though." They added, "Not my style, and have to dance to something I know when wearing heels, I don't want to roll my ankle."

Charlie was feeling like a huge rock was lifted from his chest. Often many guys add a lot of stress on themselves when asking out that special someone be they a male or female. Charlie would very surprised to find out at least half the guys in the gym went through a similar situation. Charlie then replied, "Ummm......sure. Whatever you want." Charlie then dropped his guard as he muttered, "Man you look pretty." Then after a few seconds he realized he spoke with his outer voice and not his inner voice. He had a sudden deer in headlights look on his face as he looked at Galaxy. Then the next song came on.

Next song

"Again Charlie not a man, but thank you." Galaxy shook their head but smiled. "Probably going to get chewed out tomorrow for it but nothing they can do legally about it." Galaxy gave a nonchalant shrug. As the next song played Galaxy rolled their eyes, but held out a hand, "Okay might as well be this song. If I wait all night for them to play something I like might not get to dance."

Charlie was enchanted by Galaxy and was easily led by the nose as he took Galaxy's hand and moved to the dance floor. He couldn't help himself as he snuck a few glimpses at galaxy's rear end. He had mixed feelings as he resisted the urge to touch it. He couldn't believe he was reminding himself to be a gentleman at this stage. In the past he and Joey would play grab ass and get in trouble a lot. Now here he was in the opposite situation as he was slow dancing with Galaxy. He was so happy he had a goofy smile on his face as he was doing his best to dance and not step on Galaxy's feet. He then muttered, "Thank you. This is all new to me so I am sorry if I mess up again."

"You won't mess it up, just go so." Galaxy said. "You're like a foot taller then me and I feel like a foal in these new shoes." they explained, "If it helps." Galaxy paused before speaking again. "You can pretend I'm a girl," they said putting a high flutter in their voice.

Charlie was practically melting at galaxy's charm. At this point he was completely oblivious to the other students around him and could care less who they were or what their opinion was. All he could think about was Galaxy's dreamy eyes, seductive voice and charming smile. He did his best to match Galaxy's pace at dancing and nodded when spoken to. Charlie then asked, "What songs do you like?"

"Nothing they'd play at a school dance." Galaxy said, "I'll just have to show you sometime." they added. "Sorry, I can't give you more. Just wouldn't know it even if I said that."

Charlie did his best to match his moves with Galaxy despite his lack of rhythm. His heart smiled as he looked into Galaxy's eyes. Though his brain was racked with many emotions like guilt, fear, anxiety and being judged, he also felt a sense of bliss. He was not sure it it was love or just butterflies in his stomach. This was all new to him since he never felt this way before. He didn't want to let it go now that he found it even though the price was going to be high down the road. He knew if his family didn't approve he would be kicked out of the house, but right now it didn't matter as long as he could be like this with Galaxy. He replied, "Maybe....... you know..........if you feel like could maybe show me?" Charlie was beginning to sweat as he waited for Galaxy's response.

Galaxy nodded. "Yeah I think I can do that." they said. "I'll see what I can do. Find me tomorrow." Galaxy said, as their dance finished.

Charlie had a stomach full of butterflies as he looked at Galaxy. It was the first time in his whole life that he was genuinely attracted to anyone, so he was a nervous wreck. He nodded like an idiot as they finished their dance.

Galaxy stepped away and gave Charlie a smile before going back to be with their friends leaving Charlie to wonder what tomorrow would bring.



Little by little the mood began to change and others began to dance on the floor with their couples. Ashley jumped in to make a threesome of slow dancing with Jack and Roxy. They took turns grabbing his bottom to make him feel sheepish as they danced. Jack was feeling like a piece of meat in front of two hungry lioness. He was red with embarrassment from the flirting. Of course to make things worse they got some odd looks from the other nearby students who were either amused or offended by the open flirting.

Jack whispering: Can you both chill?

Ashley: Are you getting a bit to excited Jack?

Both girls look down at Jack's waist and giggle as they dance. This makes Jack feel rather uncomfortable as he crosses his hands before his waist.

Roxy: Looks like he is excited.

Ashley: I'll say.

Jack: Hey my eyes are up here please.

Ashely: You know the more you whine the more this is.

Roxy: I thinks its cute how girly you sound right now Jack.

Jack: Are you both done yet? We are in public for crying out loud.

Jack continued to scold Ashley and Roxy for their improper behavior. To the on looker it looked like the rolls were reversed in their relationship. Jack came off as the female while Ashley and Roxy came off as the guys. It was indeed an odd relationship since it fit a harem qualification, but the guy was clearly not in charge. Before Regina left the table she whispered into Candy's ear and they smiled at each other. Candy then began paying attention to Jack dancing with Ashley and Roxy. To others Candy came off like a bubbleheaded blonde bimbo, but oddly enough she had a photographic memory and was most likely to be the next Valedictorian for graduation.

Candy watched Jack and his girlfriends as she smiled. She wondered why Regina wanted to break them up since they looked so happy together. In the past Regina was not like that but became crueler over time. Candy was not big on being a bully but hanging out with Regina was fun. Besides the couples she broke up in the past were superficial to begin with. Most guys only wanted one thing from any pretty girl and if a chance to "upgrade" a girlfriend like a car or phone came they would not think twice. Candy was not impressed by the vain guys she toyed with. They were cute but boring in the end.

As she watched the three dance she wondered on the best way to get between the two females. This was going to be difficult since she heard the rumors of Ashley being very possessive of her friend Blossom and her boyfriend Jack in the past despite being a freshman. Roxy on the other hand was popular and she would have to deal with her groupies if she messed up. Since Jack had a flower on each arm it would be hard to get him to look at other girls so openly flirting would not work for him. She needed a way to win him over somehow. To make it harder he came off as a bit of a grouch in the hallways when she passed him up. From what she knew so far he was going to be a tough nut to crack. It was entirely possible he was in love with Ashley and Roxy and she would fail miserably. Granted the odds were in her favor since every guy she flirted with fell for her charms in the past, but there was always a chance she could fail.

Next song

Then the next song came on and she had a naughty smile. So she whispered to a football guy at the table who smirked and nodded to her. Then he asked her to dance somewhat near Jack, Ashley and Roxy. They danced to the song and the guy seemed to be into it as he was grinding on Candy a bit. Candy on the other hand made it a point take a step back each time he grinded on her and looked like she was be nice about it. Then as she continued to slowly back up she tripped and fell back into Jack.

Jack stopped dancing and looked behind him to see who hit him. Ashely and Roxy stopped as well as they looked to see Candy on the floor with a shocked look on her face and her panties revealed as he dress popped up to her chest. Jack had a grouchy expression on his face as he seemed annoyed by this. Ashley and Roxy point out that Candy was flashing her goods and the bimbo Candy realized only to late and covered up as her lower half. Candy's date seemed amused as he was really looking at her bad position. Seeing Candy was embarrassed Jack had an annoyed expression as he offered candy his hand to pick her up while not looking at her. Candy was hesitant but accepted his hand as he easily pulled her up.

At this point she could tell that Jack was in very good shape as he didn't struggle at all not lose his balance when he pulled her up. Then Candy's date wanted to grind on her some more as she refused and bumped into Jack again. Jack was rather annoyed by this as he glared at the jock. The jock looked at Jack and puffed out his chest as he confronted Jack with the typical taunts of wanted to say something tough. Jack continued to glare at the jock in silence as Candy watched to see what was going to happen. Then as the jock stepped forward to reach for Jack, he failed so see Ashley stepping between them and his face reveal true fear. Ashely smiled as her hand firmly gripped the jock by the family jewels. Then Ashley pulled her hand higher and made the jock stand on his tippy toes as his voice cracked and resemble a mickey mouse cartoon. Ashley then whispered a threat into the jocks ear and he nodded as sweat dripped down his forehead as he replied, "yes ma'am" in a rather high pitched voice.

Ashely then released him and he returned to his table in pain as he tried not to pass out from the pain. Then Ashley looked at Candy and said, "You are welcome, but this guy is off limits." Then Ashley took Jack by the hand and led him away with Roxy for another ten feet so they could continue to dance as Candy stood there alone starring at Jack. Jack didn't even look back at her as he went with Roxy and Ashley. Candy was a bit shocked as she was ignored despite flashing her cute undies. Jack completely blew her off which was never done before. She had yet to meet any guy who could resist her charms. She even wore her cutest undies for this occasion. As she stood there with her jaw open in shock she rather resembled the catch of the day at an all you can eat sushi bar. She continued to watch Jack and his girlfriends dance for the remainder of the song and then went to get a drink. She needed a new strategy now since she failed miserably in public to boot.


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