Messing With The Queen Bee

JP with Redsword, Jaxx and Cindy

JD was captivated by Rose and her dress you could tell the couple had started to feel more comfortable with one other. The music and being there with Rose made his heart race and his stomach in knots. JD always wants things to be perfect for her. There was nothing he would not do for her if she asked well, almost anything within reason. If this is love he wanted more of it. The word love, he never thought that could he find such a thing this early in life. Everything they did together just fell into place not that they did not have a few different opinions on some matters but they would work through it easily.

The dance had been going on for about a half hour now. The group would dance with each other and sometimes as couples. You could always find JD not too far from Rose. Like a knight in shining armor, always by her side. Some would wonder about them. If they were more going on than what they showed. There was always a touch or a kiss. Some rumors that they were having sex. Either JD or someone else in the group would end that rumor right then. JD even almost got in fights over it with other guys. Normally, Conner would end that quickly. No one really knew JD but most did not want to mess with Conner or other known guys in the group. Conner thought this was more for the other guy's protection. Conner really did not want to see what JD could do to them.

JD knew when the group was together there would be fun and no worries other than his own. With Rose in his arms or next to him He knew he could take on the world. JD pulled Rose in closer staring into her eyes and singing the song to her trying his best to dance.

Rose was enjoying being with JD, spending time with him, dancing with him. It was really a great night, so far, as they spent time time with their friends.

She hadn't been oblivious to the rumors circling the couple. It was impossible to not overhear the whispers. Fortunately, when not with JD or one of her male friends she had Sam and Courtney to have her back.

Easily moving closer to JD, as he pulled her towards him, her lips found a smile as he sang to her, enjoying his voice. Rose often thought she was a much better dancer than singer, so she just went with the music, keeping up with JD.

Regina had watched as Sadie's group, pretty much, shut the girl out. Perfect. she thought.

Now, on to something else, or more like someone. Her gaze wandered around the room until it landed on JD and Rose, looking so cozy together. Sicking. Rose and him, together.

Little Miss Princess. Traitor. She won't know what hit her, by the time I'm done. Regina's next thought was she needed to cause a disturbance among the couple. Then she thought of the perfect idea.

Regina walked over to one of the football players and whispered something to him, which he agreed to easily. Probably, to avoid Regina's wrath.

The two moved closer to Rose and JD. And as the football player, was asking to cut in and dance with Rose. Regina moved in. She pushed Rose a little out of the way, towards the football and stepped in where Rose had been.

"Oh, Rose. I can keep JD company. JD you would like to dance with me, wouldn't you?" Regina asked, thinking no boy ever would say no to her.

Shocked and not knowing what to do or say, JD looked at Rose. JD's heart stopped. He wished he had seen this coming. JD first wanted to grab the football player and destroy him, as actions flashed through his mind, as Rose was swept away. JD stepped back trying to get away. Regina stayed on him pressing her body against his. JD then was bumped into her by another football player. "Ah.... well, I guess," JD said trying to be nice. Still looking at Rose, JD was looking for any sign she was being forced. JD would crush the football player. He would not care about what would happen to him.

Regina did her best to bridge any gap between JD's body and hers. "So, JD we've not actually met before but I'm sure you know I'm Regina. " Said in such a way, that gave the impression even if someone had no idea who Regina was, they should just agree with her. "Where are you from?" She was getting information, for possible later use, but made it seem as if she was curious..

Rose didn't want to go with the football player but felt like she couldn't get back to JD, at the moment. She danced with the boy, who's name was Darren. Keeping a respectful distance between them. Darren for his part, didn't try anything. Rose knew Regina, though the other girl hadn't really targeted Rose, into just now. Still, she knew how Regina was and had a feeling Darren was, more or less, forced into the situation.

"Regina is it?" he replied at first. "If you must know everywhere lived all over the world." JD knew that like most people confuse her. That would be a rich kid reply, not a scholarship kid. JD relaxed a little still being somewhat defiant. Through this, Regina had looks and some charm. JD belonged to Rose and that would not change anytime soon.

JD kind of knew what was going on but was not sure dancing with other people was not a crime. JD also knew he had to be a gentleman or his parents would punish him. Getting a sly grin, "Regina, what made you pick me to dance with when there are so many others here?" asked JD trying to look innocent and using his boyish charm to get information out of her.

Regina was confused by JDs response, because she knew he was a scholarship student. "Do your parents have jobs that move you around a lot, or something?" She asked, figuring that would be the only way he could travel.

"Well, we've not met and I think everyone should know who I am. Besides, is it so bad to be dancing with me?" She asked, in an almost coy tone. Regina moved, forcing JD to move with her and his back to be towards Rose.

Rose was getting more uncomfortable by the moment. She noticed that JDs back was no towards her, and as she did Darren bridged the gap between them.

"My father was in the military, we moved around a lot." JD was not a fool and now it was starting to get on his nerves. Not being able to see Rose made him feel uncountable. JD knew others would watch out for her so there was some comfort in that. "Dancing with you is fine. I just prefer to dance with Rose," answered JD.

He smiled at the fact he was not feeding Regina's ego. "Rose is refined and loveable and some say out of my class and that may be true, but does love have bounds? One day you might find it if you are as lucky as Rose and I." JD explained to make sure everything was clear to Regina.

The explanation JD gave made sense. Regina simply nodded at the response. "Oh, I see Rose and you are really something." That statement could have been taken many ways. Regina wanted JD guessing to what she meant

JD going on about Rose, when he, in Regina's mind, should have been focused completely on her, annoyed Regina. She subtly gave a nod, which was really to Darren but would have seemed like it was to JD. "I see. Maybe, you're out of Rose's class. Has Rose bothered to tell you about how she missed half of last year? I bet refined Rose left that part out or why she wasn't here." Regina said, kind of smugly, as if she had exposed some great truth to JD.

Darren moved even closer to Rose and while Rose tried to back up, he put his hands on her back pulling the girl in closer. She was obviously uncomfortable, and just wanted to get away.

Kyle had been having a great time, dancing and spending time Justin and their friends. He was glad to see his friends also having a great time, he thought.

He had lead Justin back on to the dance floor, it was in the middle of a song they both liked. When Kyle's eyes caught sight of Rose looking very uncomfortable dancing with Darren. And then JD dancing with Regina, which Kyle was certain Regina had somehow orchestrated. He moved so Justin could see both Rose and JD.

Kyle then moved closer to Justin and into his ear said, "Look at JD, then look at Rose. Do either of them seem happy with the current situation?"

Justin glanced at JD and Rose who had the same expression which resembled a kid being forced to eat something they hated by mom. Neither of them seemed happy to be with their new dance partner. Justin then had a naughty idea as he looked back at Kyle. He leaned in closer and said, "I am feeling mischievous at the moment. Shall we cut in ourselves?"

"Sick? Is that what she's telling people or what you heard?" Regina snickered. "Well, I heard she got pregnant from some boy. But it was kept very hush, hush. You know, to avoid the scandal" Regina explained.

Kyle grinned at Justin, "Yes, let's do that. How about you take Rose, I'll take JD?" Kyle gave Justin a kiss on the cheek, and headed towards JD and Regina.

Darren wasn't speaking a lot to Rose, more just not letting her leave which was making the whole experience that much more uncomfortable.

Justin then sashayed to Darren and tapped him on the left shoulder to distract him as he came in from the right shoulder and swept Rose away in a grand gesture. Darren was completely caught of guard as he turned back to see Justin spinning Rose around and catching her in a dip. Justin looked at Darren and raised his eyebrows as he grinned ever so devilishly. Darren tried to speak, "Hey I was dancing with her!" Justin scoffed at Darren and replied, "You call that dancing? It looked more like a cave man waddling while trying not to soil himself to me." Justin then gracefully danced with Rose before Daren who seemed very upset and stepped forward to Justin. Justin scoffed again as he said, "If its dance lessons you want, I can oblige you but it won't be cheap since you are a cheeky boy." Justin blew Darren a kiss and that freaked him out as he looked around and saw he was being mocked and snickered at. To make it worse Justin was so flamboyant that he also got the attention of the security as well. Darren was now at a crossroad where he had to choose his next action wisely.

"Got pregnant?" He said almost laughing. "With her body, I doubt that. I have seen her in a bathing suit; no stretch marks there," commented JD. "Nah, I have been around girls from all over the world. Elena and I go back. Her father was in the military, too. She could tell you about me. Rose, pregnant? No, she is not that type of girl and I would know. After you have had sex you change I have seen it before with others. Rose is not one of them," said JD, defending Rose not sure if he was helping or making more problems.

Kyle made his way towards Regina and JD and tapped JD on the shoulder. "Mind if I cut in?" Right when JD, moved back a little, and Regina moved her hand thinking Kyle wanted to dance with her, Kyle swept in, grapping hold of JD's hands. Before Regina knew what had happened, she was left standing in the middle of the dance floor without a partner. Regina stormed off.

"Well, I think Regina hates me now." Kyle shrugged. "Oh, well."

Rose, unsuccessfully, bit back a smile at Justin's antics. She was as graceful on the dance floor as the boy who had rescued her. When Justin blew a kiss at Darren, Rose couldn’t help but laugh. Darren glowered at Justin and stormed off.

"Thanks for the rescue," Rose said to Justin.

Justin grinned like a Cheshire cat as he chuckled. He looked like a the knight in shining armor type, but in this case he played for the other team. A few girls who still had a crush on him sighed as they were a bit jealous of Rose at the moment. Granted Justin had recently come out and was dating Kyle now, but a girl's heart is a fickle thing and many still pined for his attention even if it was fleeting. Oddly enough some of his fans were excited to see him dating Kyle and in secret gossiped whether who was the top and who was the bottom in the relationship. He replied to Rose, "Anytime Rose. From the looks of it Regina has her claws out for you girl. Be careful since that kitty has quite the rep." Justin then noticed Kyle was successful in rescuing JD and began to dance closer to them.

When Kyle cut in JD almost blushed. He was embarrassed dancing with Kyle and also relieved to get away from Regina. JD almost burst out laughing as Regina stormed off. "Not sure how I feel being rescued by you Kyle, but just to let you know this does not mean we can hold hands and take warm showers together," commented JD jokingly. "I will have to admit that was slick in the way you and Justin's rescue, done like true pros," said JD leading towards Rose.

Kyle chuckled, "You and Rose, both looked like torture would have been more fun." He paused. "Regina has quite the reputation and girls like her are all over LA, where I'm from. It seems as if she has it out for Rose, just be cautious." Kyle's little piece of advice. As for him and Justin being like true pros. "Thanks. Maybe Justin and I could be professional dance rescuers, or something." He joked, as they continued to move towards Justin and Rose.

Kyle had his looks from girls and guys that would have liked to be dancing with him. He just didn't think too much about it.

Rose sighed, "Yeah, Regina and at least half of the rich kids have it out for me. Though Regina is pretty known for being vicious. It's going to be an interesting year." She said, and then smiled at Justin. "You are a really good dancer." It was nothing more than a friendly compliment.

Justin grinned brightly at the compliment. He replied, "Well I did have lessons growing up." Justin winked at Rose in a friendly manner. Then he spun Rose one more time as they ended up next to JD and Kyle. Justin looked at Kyle as he asked, "May I have this dance?"

"Thanks, Kyle for the help. I guess I was not as secure as I thought around ah ...LGBTQ people. I was always worried about my reputation and did not want people to think I am gay, besides I love women too much and Rose even more." JD started to explain. "I always kept some distance from that group not that I did not support it just not really part of it. I guess what I am saying is I am happy for you and Justin. I hope your happiness lasts a long time." said JD with a smile and a spin.

Ending up with Rose, JD did not miss a beat. He might not have been the best dancer, but music did teach him rhythm. He embarrassed Rose and gave her a reassuring kiss. "That will never happen again not without a fight anyways," JD said whispering in her ear. "Non ti lascerò mai, ti amo." He said in Italian (I will never leave you, I love you.) He was sincere and now more confident.

Justin took Kyle back and spun him to get some space from JD and Rose. Then as they came back to each other Justin grinned brightly. He looked at Kyle's eyes and winked at him as he replied, "You do know we just pissed off the Queen Bitch on her senior year. I can't see her letting this pass. Are you ready for her claws?"

Kyle gave a nod to JD words, "It's good. You're fine. I mean I'm good with most people, as long as they aren't jerks about it. You've acted pretty cool towards me and Justin, so no worries. And thanks. I hope the same for you and Rose." They made it to Rose and Justin, and Kyle smiled at Justin's offer to dance. "I think this is where we part ways." He joked with JD and then took Justin up on his offer.

When Justin mentioned they had pissed off the Queen Bee, Kyle nodded. "Yup. We'll deal with it. Regina doesn't concern me. I'm more concerned with what she might do to Rose."

Rose got back to dancing with JD, she returned his kiss. "Good to know." She smiled and whispered back. "I love you, too. Mi hai per sempre." (You have me for always.) Rose paused for a moment. "I'm worried though that Regina is just getting started."

JD smiled and looked around then into Rose's eyes, "But we know now and that gives us some advantages and I think the group knows now as well. It's not just us, we are part of a group." JD said confidently. "I would never hit a girl, but Regina I might slap a few times," said JD He sounded serious and slightly angry. "Regina can do what she wants against me but if she really goes after you I will try to put an end to it." Promised JD with a sly smile.

"I need to calm down let go get a drink or something," suggested JD.

Justin smiled brightly at Kyle as he heard his words of encouragement. As he looked at Kyle's warm eyes and sweet smile his heart melted like butter on a hot plate. He had a good feeling about Kyle and was able to open up his heart again. He had taken a leap of faith and it was worth the risk this time. He also enjoyed dancing with Kyle a lot and was very pleased by his manliness. Then Justin said, "Well just to be safe I'll talk to Jack later on. I'm sure he and Ashley can help deal with any bullies from both sides. After all they trained to get their black belts together under Ashley's dad." Justin had a sly smile on his face as he blew a kiss at Kyle.

Rose nodded to JD's words. "I'm sure our friends saw everything." As she nodded towards their table, which had some of their friends there. Sam, Courtney and Kaylee were occasionally shooting daggers from their eyes at Regina. Yes, they had definitely seen what had happened.

"A drink sounds great," she let JD lead her to the area with the drinks and took a can of Coke. "Some air would be good, do you want to go outside?"

Kyle said, "Sounds like a good idea." Really, he could handle most issues himself but didn't mind having extra back up. For now, though Kyle just wanted to be with Justin. What would happen, would happen. "We'll need to watch for sneak attacks, by Regina. My school in LA, had a lot of girls like her, they are most dangerous when you don't see them coming." Still, there was an ease about his voice, as he truly wasn't overly worried about Regina.

Justin was beaming with joy as he danced with Kyle. He was also aware of girls like Regina and they did in fact match the patted Kyle described. They were spoiled, pretty rich girls who were raised to bnelieve they were a Queen. Justin was not impressed especially since Kyle was more his type to begin with. Then Justin replied, "God, you're sexy. How about we do a group chat after the dance then,"

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