Regena strikes again pt3

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When he first came to the school his dad was not the poorest definitely not rich either. Now his Dad's business took off this summer not sure if he will qualify next year for a scholarship," Then adds. "Then there is Rose and JD's relationship can't deny that."

The girls agreed. Kaylee commented, "Certainly there is no denying how much those two love each other."

April then commented, "I have to admit, I still don't exactly understand why the rich kids care so much about what Rose does or hangs out with. I mean it seems more severe why her than our other friends who have money. It's just not a situation I've ever run across before."

Conner thinks for a minute. "In one word social status. It's like the difference between nobility and commoner. So some of the rich kids see themselves as nobility and think the Scholarship kids as commoners." explained Conner

April thought for a moment, "I understand that even if it seems like a weird way to go about life. I know the rich wouldn't bother you," She was clearly talking about Conner, "or Matt and in extension Kaylee but they don't pick on," Turning to her girlfriend, "You, Dawn or Zander for who you hang out with and you have money, though I realize that's changing because you're friends with Rose." April wished right now for a pen and some paper, as she was much better at writing than speaking her thoughts, and was certain she wasn't getting her point across very well.

Dawn fortunately chimed in. "Oh, well I'm a theater kid and a lesbian and Zander is considered a nerd, sort of, I suppose they feel they have enough ammunition without that, my guess is they don't see people like us as traitors because they don't want us hanging out with them anyway."

Kaylee spoke up, "It's possible degrees of wealth have something to do with it. But also I'm guessing they see Rose as an easy target. It's not really bright on the part of the rich kids considering who her best friend and boyfriend are, but still, they aren't separating this Rose from the quiet girl I met last year." Kaylee explained.

"Oh, that makes, sense I suppose," April said, she would figure it out more later. "So, has anyone traveled somewhere interesting?"

April really was still trying to piece together the social game at the school, she realized it would take longer, so opted to go back to discussing people that were actually here. Besides, she liked to hear about other people's travels.

looking up at the ceiling then thinking. "Funny you ask that. For all the money my father makes we hardly leave the state." Conner said with a chuckle. We go to the mountains for skiing we go to the desert the dones not too far from here as well and ride 4 wheelers and motorcycles. We go out on a boat run around and fish." explained Conner "It's funny JD traveled the world more than I have probably more than most of the kids at the school." Conner added thinking about the other rich kids.

"I suppose being in a military family would give him access to a lot of places," Kaylee commented. "Outside of places in California. I've traveled to Ontario and France mostly to visit family but I've also spent time in Spain and London. And Hawaii and Tahiti."
JP by Cindy & red_sword7

Dawn paused, "I've been to London, Scotland, and Switzerland. I was in a traveling production of Into The Woods, one summer that though went around to a lot of small towns in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Oh, and I've been to New York City twice. I've also been to Hawaii."

April nodded, "I've not traveled much, outside of Chicago. I went to Springfield once to see the state capital with a school trip."

"Wow, you guys have been around that cool. I think I have to get out more," said Conner half joking.

With the sodas finished, Kaylee commented. "This has been fun but we should probably get back so we can ready for dinner. Is everyone ready?"

Once everyone was ready, back to the dorms they went.

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