A Little Plotting

JP with Redsword and Cindy

Friday, 2nd weekend of October

Courtney had spoken to Matt, Conner and Kaylee already she was almost certain of what she thought. It wasn’t gossiping, or meddling, just maybe, in time, helping two friends find their way to each other.

It was Friday during the day, next weekend would be parents weekend which meant everyone was getting ready for it. In one way or the other.

She knew Rose was busy finishing up an art project for the student exhibition, because Courtney had passed the other girl on her way to the art room.

Courtney herself had a long basketball practice in preparation for an exhibition game. She had finished with that, gotten cleaned up and headed to the music room to find Mel but found JD instead

Courtney's gaze caught sight of JD, alone. She was certain he could fill in Rose, so the girl walked over to him. "Hey," she greeted him. "How's it going?"

JD looked up he was sitting on a Cajón beatbox there was a tambourine set up next to him. "Practicing, for an assignment. We have to play something different. Conner is teaching me this, Conner going to play the piano. It should be good." explained JD. "What brings you here?" asked JD.

"I was looking for Mel," Courtney explained. "But being you're here, there is something I wanted to discuss with you." Might as well get to it before anyone interrupts them.

JD put the music sheet down beside him. "Discuss away, I am not in trouble am I?" Joked JD with a smile.

Courtney chuckled and joked back, "No. Why? Should you be?" But then got to matter at hand. "No, it's about Mel and Jason. Have you noticed those two together? How ... well... they are with each other?" She was curious if he had noticed.

"Mel and Jason, finely together?" said JD. Then thinking no. "Yes, I have I think everyone knows it but them," stated JD with a slight smile. "Wait! what are you up to Courtney" asked JD looking a bit more serious.

"Up to? Well, I know Mel is still gun shy about relationships, of course with good reason so I'm not suggesting anyone push them together as that might scare her off but...." Courtney paused, thinking of the best way to put it. "A little nudge from their friends wouldn't hurt anything. I mean when the opportunity presents itself." That wasn't devious, just helping - right?

"We could just lock them in a closet. They will work it out one way or another right?" JD suggested. "I guess you have a plan or you would not be here suggesting we help them. Am I right," JD questioned.

"The group is going to that Battle of The Bands thing. Mel might have mentioned wanting to go. It's a group thing but everyone in the group except them is a couple. If Mel and Jason went together but as friends I think Mel would agree to it. So, I need someone to talk to Jason, maybe just suggest that he ask Mel." Courtney then added. "I don't mean go looking for him but if you happen to see him and the concert gets brought up."

"Sure I guess, it is tag your it for me?" asked JD looking as if he was not sure if he could do it well enough. "If that does not work we invite them individually and will have them stand next to one other," JD said with a mischievous grin.

"Like I said, if you happen to run into Jason, then yes I suppose so." Seeing the hesitation on JD's face, Courtney added. "It'll be fine. It's not like your asking him to do something he doesn't want to. " The girl was fairly confident it would work but when JD mentioned if it didn't, she nodded with a smile. "Yeah, that could work, as well."

Courtney's phone vibrated, looking at it a moment. "That's Mel. I'm going to go work on the other half of this equation. And let you get back to what you were doing." Courtney started to leave.

"I will give you a text one way or another," replied JD with a smile. "Hay Courtney, just to let you know I think they would be good together. I know Mel needs some one good for her." added JD.

"Sounds good." Courtney smiled back at him. "Yeah, I agree. And Jason is a good guy." With that the girl left.

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