Plan Excuited

Jp with Redsword and Cindy

Jason had been contemplating the Battle of The Bands. He knew most of the group was going and couldn't help but wonder if Mel would be there as well.

They were the only singles in the group and it was kind of weird being in that situation, surrounded by couples. Besides, he didn't know what it was excatly about the girl but he found himself wanting to spend more time with her. It was just a friendship, right?

He needed to get some practice in, there was the assignment though he hadn't picked something new to play. Also, parents weekend, he and a few others had been ask to play music at the student art gallery. That was what he planned on working on.

The main music area was open, for people to walk through to get to the practice rooms. He had planned on doing and not disturbing whoever was there. Even though those that practice in the main area, pretty much knew people would likely hear them.

He quietly made his way into the room, prepared to wait for a good moment to get past whoever was there, when he spotted JD.

JD smiled looking back also in line for a recording box. "Jason, I see your hands are full too, " JD said, switching hands with Cajón beatbox and tambourine. JD was trying to make it look as normal as possible talking to Jason. JD just needed a quick recording for Conner.

"Yeah, it looks like it might be a while. Cajon beatbox? I've not seen one of those in a while." Jason commented.

"It is Conner's and we are working on a song together. but the assessment says you can't play a normal instrument. So I am doing the percussion part, Conner is playing the piano and singing. Should be interesting if not entertaining." JD said almost sounding like he was joking.

"That sounds entertaining. I have that assignment as well, I haven't come up with anything for it. Right now, I need to get some stuff down for Parent's weekend, supposed to play at the student art exhibit." Music was a lot of work, but Jason loved it. "So, are you going tonight to the Battle of the Bands?"

"Yes, I am disappointed I could not compete this year. Just too busy with school. Rumor has it Dante is in it so I will go support him. I Know Rose is going. I think most of us are going, are you?" asked JD. knowing the answer but puts JD in a position to influence who Jason could take. Now to slip in the Mel part.

Jason nodded, "I had heard Dante was in it, something about us all getting t-shirts to support his band." Jason had heard but wasn't overly sure. "I was thinking about going." His voice sounded a little unsure about it.

JD smiled reassuringly trying not to lose Jason's confidence. "You need to go, I can even give you a ride if you need it. I know Rose will not mind. If that feels awkward to get a ride with us. You could invite someone." suggested JD. He hoped that Jason would take the bait. JD could have not given Jason a better excuse or chance.

"Thanks." Jason didn't want to seem ungrateful by saying how awkward that might be but JD seemed to express it on his own.

There was only one name that came to mind, when JD mentioned maybe bringing someone but he didn't think it was a possibility. "Well, I wouldn't mind bringing someone, but most of the people I know are taken. You have any suggestions?"

"I thought you would have that figured out," commented JD. Wow, Jason did not even come out and just say it, thought JD. "If I was you hu...." JD looks up then back at Jason. "Got it! What about Mel? She is nice and good-looking. If I was you I would ask her before someone else does," Suggested JD.

"Mel?" Jason seemed to toss that idea around in his mind for a moment. "Do you think she would? I don't want to scare her off or anything like that."

JD was not getting frustrated with this whole thing. JD was one not to beat around the bush on things like this. He just hoped he was not showing it trying to keep a straight face. "Jason, do you really have to ask that question? Has she ever turned you down or not talked to you?" JD took a breath. JD did not know this would be so hard for him to do.

"Have some trust in yourself. I think it will work out. If, big if, it does not work out for the battle of the bands I will still give you a ride." offered JD.

"No she hasn't." Jason took a moment to think about it. "I mean I would like to go with her. I'll ask her. "

"Good," said JD with a smile. There could be a lot of disappointed folks out there if you did not ask her." JD dropped a hint that everyone was behind the idea but not forcing the idea.

Melissa had talked to Courtney and Matt for a while then figured she should get to the music room. She had work to do for class.

Courtney and Matt walked with her until the music room could be seen and then dropped her off. There weren't many incidents of Mel walking alone anywhere while the possibility of Doug showing up still loomed.

Mel thanked them and headed into the music room. To her, not so surprise, Jason and JD were inside talking. She made her way to them. "Hi," she smiled at both of them. Well, maybe her smile was just a touch wider for Jason

JD smiled back "Well your ears burning Mel" Joked JD. "So how has your day gone Mel?" asked JD.

"Why? You two weren't talking about me, where you?" Melissa joked back, not expecting it to be the truth. "Good. Busy, but I think everyone's been busy today. How about yours?" The question was directed at both of them.

Jason responded, "Good." He noticed she was carrying a guitar case. "What are you getting ready for?"

"If I tell you both a secret, can you keep it to yourselves?" Mel responded with a bite to her lips. "At least until I know more."

"Uh..Yeah can't wait to hear this one," remarked JD with a smile. still thinking how to drop a hint and run leaving them to figure out the rest.

"Uh..Yeah can't wait to hear this one," remarked JD with a smile. still thinking how to drop a hint and run leaving them to figure out the rest.

"I might be performing at a local coffee shop. I need to get a recording to the owner. He's choosing three acts to perform. I just don't want to jinx it or anything." Melissa commented, then realized how that might sound coming from the girl that not so long ago didn't even want to perform in public. "So, what about you two?"

Jason responded with, "I'm getting some stuff down to perform at parents' weekend."

"I am doing that and an assignment. Never-ending for me. Hay so are you going to the battle of the bands Mel?" asked JD acting innocent for the most part. He had to set this up so he could get into a recording box and leave the two alone.

"I was debating it. I mean I know most of the group is going. It would be nice to support Dante and it sounds like fun." She replied

"Good why don't you and Jason ride with Me and Rose." Suggested JD paused just for a second. "O look my recording box is open. I will let you two figure out the details," said JD starting to walk off. JD was relieved that was over. He let out a mischievous laugh as he entered his box and closed the door.

Before Melissa could say much else JD left her and Jason alone.

The two were quiet for a moment, then Jason spoke up. "So, umm. . .would you want to go to the Battle of The Bands? You know - together."

Melissa hadn't known Jason to be shy, he wasn't but he seemed nervous. It was actually kind of cute. "Yeah, sure. Sounds like fun."

That was not as hard as either of them thought it would be.

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