Dispelling Chaos

The people on the far end of the dance floor could tell something was going on, as the music stopped, the crowd that gathered in a circle at the other end and security headed towards the circle but they were too far too tell what it was and none of them expected Doug to suddenly dart to that end of the gym.

He pushed some people in his path, not on purpose, they were collateral damage. Courtney for one but barely hard enough to even move her.

Carter and Blossom had been dancing at the far end not too far from the doors and before Carter could move in front of her to prevent it, Doug shoved Blossom. Not hard but enough to push her back, Carter moved quick enough to catch her so she wouldn't fall and get hurt.

Blossom was in shock as she felt the shove from behind and was afraid to fall. She then saw Carter get between her and the floor which made her pause till they hit the ground. Granted in Blossom's mind this moment felt like it was in slow motion but in reality it was only a few seconds. She was both scared and moved by Carter's need to protect her. However her positioning on the way down was not ideal as her forehead smacked into Carter's jaw and sent a shockwave of pain into her head. Blossom winced as she squinted as she held onto Carter while in pain.

Oddly enough Ashley was in a position to see Doug shove Blossom as he ran by them. Sadly by the time she was able to reach Blossom they were already in the floor. Ashley then looked at Doug as he was near the door and yelled out to him, "Get back here you coward!!"

Doug ran out the door, security followed soon enough behind him.

An very angry Ashley then turned and helped Blossom sit up and get off Carter who was being a good sport and pretending he was not hurt. Jack and Roxy had arrived as Ashley was taunting Doug and Jack took a look at Carter's head as he mentioned he had a bump but no blood so he should ice it soon. Ashley checked on Blossom and saw the bump on her forehead which added to her anger at Doug. However she was more worried for her friend as she examined the bump and told her she needed to have it checked out and put some ice on it soon before it swelled to big. Blossom was glad that Ashley was concerned for her and hugged her as she thanked her for being by her side.

Kyle realized Mel was shaking, not that he could blame her, and asked Justin to get her a chair. When she sat down, Dr. Williams headed over to her and asked to speak with her. She could tell the girl was upset so as gently as possible asked about what happened. Sydney had purposely said she would handle taking Mel's statement. Mel told her her honest account.

Justin wasted no time getting a few chairs for Mel and the others. He was torn by event that just happened and hurt that Doug would ruin this event for everyone who was enjoying it.

Dante stood by but in view of the teachers. He didn't plan to say anything till asked. At the moment it seemed handled. Melissa had a lot of good friends and of course with the teachers and security around she was in safe hands. So Dante waited, only wincing now and then when he felt the throbbing in his temple and swollen eye.

Justin winced as he saw Dante's face and held Kyle's hand tightly. He was not a fan of violence but would fight if he had to. He was more of a white knight type than a most so the damage from a fight made him queasy.

After they calmed down they made their way to where the others were and got some chairs for Blossom and Carter as they saw Dr. Williams was busy with Dante who got hit real hard. As they waited to see what would happen Jack left and came back with a few ice packs for Carter and Blossom. During that time Ashley was telling the teachers about Doug shoving Blossom and Carter to the ground as he ran for the door. At that time a few other students who were also hurt by being shoved down by Doug also talked to the teacher as Jack brought more ice packs to the injured parties. Jack could see that Ashley was looking like a volcano ready to explode so he tried not to upset her since she was down right scary in that mood. Roxy was surprised by what happened as she also talked to the teachers and gave her information.

Right at that moment, the doors on the far end opened and the security who had gone after Doug , came back inside, along with the Headmistress. After a moment of speaking to each other, the Headmistress got in the stage with the DJ, who hadn't started the music backup, and made an announcement.

"Attention everyone. Attention." The gym grew silent. "We need you all to help us out with a few things. We are requesting none of the students go outside for the rest of the evening. This a precaution not a punishment. We are going to have pizza delivered and in the cafeteria, we will let everyone know when it arrives.
Also, if anyone has any statements they need to give us about what happened tonight or any information on where Doug Mason might be please find one of the teachers and they will assist you.

The dance will continue in a few minutes. "

Since they still to wait as a security medic made their rounds and checked on all the other students, Jack held Ashley's hand which was shaking in anger. He gave her a small squeeze to get her to look at him then told her she looked amazing tonight. Ashely dropped her jaw by Jack being nice to her and looked a bit shy as she blushed a bit. Roxy was in awe by how smooth Jack could be if he tried. As he continued to complement Ashley her anger faded away and she was back to her smile as she held Jack's hand's. Jack took one for the team but he know this was only temporary and Doug was in way over his head if he ever crossed Ashley in the future. Roxy was amused by looking at the two as Jack's charms were working very well on Ashley.


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