Dawn and Zander's call home had been relatively short, their parents were flying in tomorrow. They would need to make a determination with the twins about several issues.

When Dawn and Zander arrived back at the dance they noticed the group had gathered together but upon moving closer, Mel hadn't come back yet but the main group all seemed to be together.

Carter iced his jaw but was just glad Blossom, despite the bump on the head, didn't seem that bad off. He was concerned about Mel though and her disappearance from the dance.

Jason had made his way to the group as well, he was waiting to see Mel to see if she was alright .

Once all the asking if everyone was alright was done and it was pretty certain that was the case, Courtney spoke up.

"Melissa asked me to tell you all what caused all of this before she got back. I'm guessing she isn't going to want to have to explain it all again later. Long story short, Melissa and Doug were dating for a while. Doug treated Mel like crap. You were all there the day she broke up with him. Apparently, that pushed Doug to his limit and tonight must have sent him over the edge, and well… that's what happened tonight."

It was the very condensed version of the story but was enough, at least, for what most people would need to know.


Melissa's call with her parents went as suspected, they were glad she was okay, grateful to the boy that helped her, upset she didn't tell them what was going on and flying down tomorrow. Melissa didn't know what that meant for her staying at the school.

She was free to go, except escorted by security for her safety and told to not leave the premise alone until Doug was caught. The girl left the head counselor's office and headed back to the gym.

Arriving at the gym a few minutes later, she thanked the guard and he wandered away from her. Mel saw Dante with Jocelyn and winced at the sight of his face.

Her eyes moved towards the group where they landed on Carter and Blossom icing their injuries. Damnit. Mel had hoped no one else had gotten hurt but of course that couldn't have been the case.

A wave of misplaced guilt overtook her and she took a seat - alone - figuring no one would really want to be around her at the moment.

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