Misplaced Guilt

JP with Redsword, LaserSexPanther, and Cindy

Rose had also been at the group when Courtney gave them the info on what had occurred between Melissa and Doug.

The blonde girl wished she was more surprised but truthfully, it had been, kind of obvious that what had been occuring between the two hadn't been good, Rose just hadn't really known much beyond that.

Her eyes glanced around the gym, as the dancing had started back up. She spotted Dante dancing with Jocelyn and grimaced a little at the sight of the boy's eye.

Rose then spotted Melissa sitting by herself. She had a guess as to why that would be.

Leaning towards JD, she whispered. "Do you want to come with me to talk to Mel? I think she might need a little encouragement to come over here."

Since the commotion, JD had been looking around a little more. JD worried that more trouble could start. JD spotted his dad not too far from Mel and watched the others. JD's mom was with the school nurse checking others and making sure there were no further injuries. Any time a football player got close JD tensed up some, he really did not want trouble just a romantic evening with Rose, but if there was trouble JD wanted to put it down as fast as he could.

When Rose whispered in his ear JD almost melted, his heart raced, JD almost misstepped dancing. JD thought about what Rose asked. JD glanced around and saw Mel as well. "Sure, I don't mind" giving Rose a kiss.

Rose nodded and took JD's hand, the two walked over to Mel.

"Hi," Rose greeted Mel.

Melissa wasn't really expecting anyone to come over to her, even more was surprised it was Rose and JD. She didn't mind it just wasn't expected.

"Hi," Melissa returned the greeting.

"Do you want to join us, the group?" Rose asked.

Melissa's eyes went from Rose and JD to the group where they fell on Blossom and Carter.

"Thanks but that's probably not a good idea." Mel responded.

"What you joining us or us joining you?" replied JD with a charming smile. "Now you are already part of the group. So..... nothing will change that now. You can join us, it's going to be no problem. Don't worry about Doug I will hold him down and you can take your revenge," he said, jokingly.

"I don't know. I mean I kind of caused this mess." Mel said. She was feeling not only guilty about what had happened but a little defeated.

"It's not your fault what happened." Rose tried to reassure her. "None of us blame you."

Melissa still seemed unconvinced however.

"Mel, you have done nothing wrong," said JD

He looked at Rose then back at Mel. "No one blames you, it was not you that caused this problem. I am sure Conner would agree." JD said, trying to get Mel to feel better.

"Don't make me call the others over here to tell you the same thing, Mel." JD threatened to do so.

JD looked at the crowd and then back at Mel, "Are you going to make me beg you?" asked JD.

Mel looked towards the group, then towards Dante.

"I'm not sure everyone would agree with you."

Rose knew Dante wasn't the type to blame Mel for what happened, especially considering it wasn't her fault. She also guessed neither Blossom or Carter would blame Mel but she also knew sometimes it was a difficult thing to convince someone of.

JD smiled and was watching Rose and how she looked around. Dante would be the person JD hoped would convince Mel that things are ok.

JD gave Rose a quick kiss. "I will be right back, I will get us something to drink," said JD, as he hugged Rose and walked off.

As he walked over to where they were serving drinks. JD walked by Dante.

"Hey, Dante, can we talk for a second?" asked JD.

Dante nodded, as he finished a bottle of water. "Yeah? What's up?" he asked.

"If it's about my face. Yeah I know. Looks worse than it feels." he added

JD chuckled. "ya it does, Personally I would not have let him hit me." JD commented with a smile. "Mel is feeling really bad. I think it would help if you talk to her. I can tell it does not bother you but she is crushed that you got hit like that." said JD sounding concerned.

Dante shrugged. "Had to." he said casually, "He hits me first it's self defense. But yeah. Of course I'll go talk with her. Can't chat too long. Don't want my date getting jealous." he added, but started away letting JD follow.

JD smiled, "bring your date too. The more the better. I would have brought Rose. But she is helping Mel." answered JD getting two drinks.

Rose had decided to change the subject while waiting for JD to return, she figured he had gone to get Dante.

Upon the two boys arriving, to where Mel and Rose were, Mel looked up at Dante and shook her head.

"Are you alright?" Mel asked Dante. "I'm sorry, it shouldn't have gotten that out of hand."

Dante shrugged. "My hand hurts a little from popping his jaw but I'll sure that'll go away." he joked. "But seriously don't worry about it. I knew the risks its not your fault. Doug is nuttier then squirrel poop. You didn't do that, from what the twins say he's been that way for long as they'll know him. But look. He didn't do anything to me that I've not had happen before, I knew what would happen putting myself between you two, and I knew what needed to happen to keep you safe, cause I saw his face. He was out for blood. And I'd hate to ponder what'd he have done if he managed to grab you. So it ain't your fault, it's nobody's but his." Dante told her. "So enjoy the rest of the night. Be with your friends, something you should've been able to do from the start. Without him being here to stop you."

Melissa listened to what Dante said, and looked at Rose and JD. Rose nodded. Dante didn't seem upset with her, though it was hard to get out of that mindset. Still, Mel realized he was probably right.

"Alright, I'm glad you're not hurt that bad. Thanks." Melissa responded.

Rose chimed in by asking Mel if she was ready to go by the group.

Melissa said she was, figuring she wouldn't really know how Blossom and Carter felt about things until she got over there.

The three of them went over and joined the main group.

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