Girl's Dance

Head Mistress Perkey took the stage once again.

"Attention everyone. We have increased security around the school. We are asking everyone stay either inside or where the picnic tables are right outside the school. No one may leave the school grounds tonight. The pizza has been delivered and is available in the cafeteria for those that wish to partake.

Thank you for behaving like the young men and women we know you are.

Please carry on with the dance and enjoy the rest of your evening."

With that the Headmistress left the stage and the DJ started playing a song to get people back on the dance floor.

Kaylee gave Conner a kiss, and whispered to him, "I hope you don't mind but I'm thinking maybe the girls should take over the dance floor."

She then said out loud, "Girls, whose joining me."

Rose, Sam, Riley, Courtney all kissed their perspective dates. Dawn and April headed to the dance floor together.

Courtney took Mel's arm, and grinned "You ain't sitting this one out.'

The girls made their way to the dance floor and formed a large circle for all of them to dance together.

Sadie sipped her drink, it had been a crazy night. Frankly, she didn't know what to think but she had told her girls to lay off the scholarship students and anyone associating with them but especially Melissa and Blossom.

It didn't take much convincing as her entourage just wanted to enjoy the rest of the night.

Sadie turned to Joey, "Let's go outside and get some air."

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