Well Adjusted

Sydney moved on to the next student she would be seeing. Pulling out the next folder; this one marked Foster, Kyle. She looked over it.

Kyle was a transfer student; from LA which compared to some students wasn't that far away. He folder read like a fairly well adjusted teen despite a few bumps in his past.

He had lost his mother a few years ago, after she had been ill for years. That had caused some depression and anxiety but he seemed to have dealt with it.

Kyle had a good relationship with his parents and that continued father, after his mother's passing. He got fairly good grades and wasn't known to be the kind of student that got into trouble.

Which led her to the later pages and the incident report of him being assaulted. She read it over carefully. That incident had brought him to Sakura and why the doctor wanted to speak with him.

Having a supportive family tended to make a great deal of difference in these cases but still Sydney felt the need to check in with him and see if he might need additional counseling. Once she had gone over his folder she called him to her office.

Kyle arrived, came into her office and took a seat when offered.

"It's good to meet you," she greeted the boy. Kyle has an air about him; there was a confidence there she only ever saw with some teens. "So, how are you adjusting to Sakura?"

"Thanks and I'm adjusting pretty well. Its an adjustment from living at home but it's good." Kyle easily said. "Though I'm guessing you called me here to check on me because of the attack."

"I did. Is there anything you want to talk about that?" Sydney asked.

"Not really. I dealt with it. The kids that attacked me were arrested. I took self defense so I don't feel defenseless. I worked through it with counseling though that's my folder so I'm guessing that's all in there." Kyle wasn't rude at all when he spoke, he was just telling the truth and Sydney understood that. "I really like it here. I've made connections with people. I miss my dad but I talk or text him regularly. Frankly, I just want to leave that incident in my past as much as I can and get on with my life."

Sydney believed him; he really did seem to be adjusting well. "I believe you. If you do need anything though you can feel free to let me know."

"I will," Kyle said, "I do appreciate you following up with me about all of this. If anything comes up I'll let you know."

Sydney handed him a note. "That's all I had then."

Kyle left to return to class. Sydney added a few notes and put his folder in the main filing cabinet; which put it out of rotation for the students she saw on a regular basis. Kyle was clearly one student that was doing well at the moment.

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