In Recovery

The day went on and Sydney was now on to another student she needed to check in with. She was trying to get most of the students in before Thursday as she knew it was the minion auction and Friday was the day service day for the minions. Sydney usually tried to keep her appointments when events weren't happening at the school. And she left Fridays to catch up on paperwork though of course she was always available if a student needed her. Weekends she had off but even then she was normally a phone call away for an emergency.

The folder that sat in front of her this time was a girl she had seen before. One she had started seeing regularly last year after the girl had returned to school.

The first year this student had been at the school had had issues. She had been depressed, didn't have a good relationship with her parents and she had done things like fallen asleep in class.

That girl, from that year, was far removed from the person she was now. Now, though Sydney knew what the problem had been. It had been easy to hide, maybe to easy

Dr. Williams opened the file that read Manning, Riley on the label. It read like a cautious tale on why people shouldn't be stage parents. Riley had spent her youth with overbearing parents being made to work in a field she didn't enjoy. She had developed perfectionist tendencies which developed into something much worse.

Riley had done fairly well at school; she really didn’t get into trouble much. The sleeping in class had been chalked up to her not feeling well. There had been a thought, at one point, she might have had an ulcer.

That hadn't been the problem; the real issue wasn't discovered until Riley had collapsed during a pep rally. At the time she had been a cheerleader and she had passed out during the routine; no one else had been injured.

Riley was in the hospital for several days and after long talks with her aunt, specialists and Sydney it was discovered the girl had an eating disorder.

Sydney came to the page with the diagnosis Anorexia Nervosa. The next few pages were from the clinic for eating disorders Riley had spent almost a year in.

Riley had taken a medical leave from school to focus on getting better. So, when she came back last year she had to redo her Freshman year. Riley though had come back in much better shape than she left.

Riley arrived at Sydney's office; Sydney noticed she looked healthy. She offered the girl a seat which Riley took.

"I just wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing?" The doctor asked; after greeting the student.

"Good," Riley said. "I really like my schedule this year."

"Yes, I saw you're taking a lot of science classes. How are they going?" Sydney asked.

"Good. I really wanted to take them." Riley did seem to be happy having three science classes so Sydney let it be.

"How are you doing otherwise?" Dr. Williams was getting to the more important issues.

"I've been doing really well with recovery. I think. I've been going to group every other week. I've been eating regularly." She paused. "I can't say those thoughts of maybe I should lose a pound here or five there or an occasional feeling of guilt after eating something I don't think I should have indulged in or even the idea that maybe I just need to be a little more perfect never cross my mind but I handle them. I still have a hard time with trying foods outside that comfort zone I have but I've been working on it."

"Well, that's really good. What weeks do you have group?"

"I have group next week."

"I'd like to schedule you for the alternate weeks; at least to start out. We can see where things go from there. Is that alright with you?" Sydney asked

"That's fine with me." Riley said.

"How are things going with your aunt as your guardian?" Riley's aunt had gotten guardianship of her after Riley had collapsed. There had been a good reason for it.

"Oh, she's great. I love her as my guardian." Which Sydney knew was true; Riley's aunt had helped her a lot.

"Okay, then is there anything else you want to talk about today?" The doctor asked.

"Nothing right now, " Riley responded.

She thanked the girl for coming, gave her a note and sent her back to class.

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