Wednesday morning

Despite the fact they had a seat at the table for him Dante took his breakfast and found a spot to sit away from people. Not that he couldn't handle it but he wasn't in any mood to deal with the 'rich' kids today. He hadn't even bothered to half tie his hair, today.

He felt off. Not sick and not stressed exactly, between all that happened on the trip he was just not at 100%. He knew he needed his normal glasses back but didn't feel like hunting down Jocelyn just to ask for his stuff back, he'd run into her at some point. The school as a fair enough size but still eventually you run into everyone.

Dante was lost in thought thinking about his situation, when he heard a banging in front of him. He say Sunday. Smashing a closed Heath Bar into gravel before she noticed him noticing her. Sunday only looked at him for a moment before opening the bar and pouring half into her single serving oatmeal cup.

"Morning Sunday." Dante greeted her.

"Morning Dante." she replied back.

Dante then saw Heather and Brooke take a seat. "Hey Dante, Hi Sunday." Heather said. "Sorry we didn't talk much on the trip Dante we were just..." Brooke paused trying to come up with a quick lie.

"Were enjoying the beach to much." Dante filled in the dead air giving them both a knowing look.


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