Wednesday Evening

It had taken her all day to find the enigmatic Dante. Not that she thought he was avoiding her. He was just clearly someone who just went to class, and didn't spend a lot of time meandering about. But now that classes were over for the day, she might be able to catch him returning to his dorm.

As luck would have it she did find him. He was sitting in the quad drinking a coffee. Dante hadn't noticed her yet and no body was really around, looking left, right and left again she took one last, slightly embarrassed smell of what she presumed was just his cologne.

Pulling herself out of she hurried to catch him before he had a chance to walk off again.

"Dante." she said, stepping up next to him. But he didn't respond, he just took another sip of coffee. "Dante." she said a bit louder, and he nearly jumped out of his skin.

"OHGOD!" he shouted, pulling a wireless earbud from his ear. "Holy... You scared me." he said with a slight laugh, and a smile. "How are you this evening?" he asked giving her room to sit. "Have a seat, chat with me a bit. How are things?"

Jocelyn gave a small laugh. "That feels like a loaded question." she replied. "I'm fine." she answered.

"Great to hear." he said, "And things going better today? You were pretty upset on the beach."

"Yeah things are better. I wouldn't say I am avoiding the problem. Just ya know not seeking it out." she explained.

Dante nodded. "Might be for the best." he said. "But don't be rude. Otherwise you'll end up the villain of the story." he took a sip.

"OH!" Jocelyn said, "Your hoodie." she offered it to him.

"Oh hey there it is." he took it and dug in the pocket. "And there they are." Dante pulled out his 'real' glasses. "Finally, I can see again." he put them on and stashed away the other pair in the hoodie pocket.

"You kept them safe." Dante smiled, "I hate getting new glasses."

Even though she was sitting she put a hand on her hip, jokingly. "You said to keep them safe I'm a woman of my word. I kept them safe, and your hoodie stain free."

Dante began to inspect it teasingly. "Hmmm. I don't know I don't recall this loose thread before you wore it. Kind of suspicious."

"Maybe you should take better care of your stuff, then it wouldn't have been so easy to damage." she responded

"Fair. I don't want to just run now that I got my glasses but I need to get back to my dorm. Want to talk tomorrow over lunch?"

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