Big Decision

JP with Redsword and Cindy

Friday, Day of Battle of The Bands
After lunch

Rose walked outside to the courtyard, and as promised in the text sitting off to the side, at a table but alone was Heath.

He was holding an envelope and flipping it over and over in his hand clearly distracted.

"That doesn't look good." Rose said before continuing towards the boy.

JD approached slowly. "Heath, what's going on?" JD asked with a kindness to his tone. He hoped it was nothing too bad or something that could be easily fixed.

Heath looked up, "Oh, hi." Where to start. He actually hadn't told JD a lot about hus life prior to coming to Sakura, despite the boy being his roommate. Though Rose did know some. Heath didn't mind mentioning to anyone he was adopted. So, they both knew that.

Rose sat down on the opposite side of the table.

"Well, for starters here, " He pushed the envelope over to them.

Rose picked up the envelope, and read the return address. "Harmony Heights? That's one of the top art institutes in the country."

"Exactly, I applied before Sam and I were dating. Got wait listed." Heath explained, "I got removed from the wait list and in as an early college applicant through them. Rose I am sure you know what the problem with this is."

"It's in Manhattan." Rose responded

"Manhattan, Kansas? replied JD trying to lighten the mood. "You made it in. Wow. What are you going to do?" asked JD.

"I don't know, and there's more to this decision." Heath said. Of course, there was. "You both know I'm adopted. Well, there is more to that story. I wasn't adopted until I was 14, and after my biological father threw me out of the house. Both my bio family and my adopted family are in NY. You ready for the rest?"

"Sure," Rose responded.

JD just gave a nod.

"The reason my father kicked me out was, we were like water and oil. We fought a lot and over everything. Until recently I hadn't had much contact with him, my mother or my younger brother. But my father's mom, my grandmother, and I have always been close. She gave me the money to buy my car and we've stayed in contact. She's sick, cancer, it's terminal. My adopted parents would love to have me back, as would their son, who I was best friends with before they adopted me." Heath sighed. "And my bio dad, says he wants a fresh start with our relationship. I would like to give that a chance but it's much easier to do that there than to try to do it here."

Heath paused, "But that means leaving my life here. My friends and, of course, the worst is leaving Sam."

JD looked to be in thought "In the end you have to do what is best for you. I do know what it is like to leave your friends behind I have had to do it way too many times even at our age." JD paused to let Heath think for a moment. "I do know if we are true friends New York will not stop that. I have friends all over the world. Just because you moved you can still be my friend." JD looked at Rose. then back at Heath. "For you and Sam that is something you both have to decide on. I can help you with that," explained JD. "Now my parents have had a long-distance relationship in different countries. I am sure you and Sam can handle being in the same country. You could do that." explained JD.

"I agree with JD. We'll still be friends even if you go back to New York. And Sam, I can say I know she'll understand either way. You and her need to decide what it means for both of you and as a couple." Just like Sam knew Rose almost better than she knew herself, it worked the same way when it came to how well she knew Sam. "You just need to talk with her about it."

Heath looked at both of his friends, he knew they were right. He actually had known that but had really needed a neutral party to speak with. People he trusted.

Heath thought for a moment, "Thanks. I don't know what's better for me." Heath said, honestly.

"If you say no to Harmony Heights. Can you defer the acceptance?" Rose asked.

"No, it comes with a full scholarship. So that, plus the acceptance would just be given to the next person on the waiting list." Heath exclaimed. "I accept now or I don't accept."

"OK, so do you have a better offer? this is a If I understand it right a college full ride? how can you pass that up? If Sam and us are to be thin it will be regardless of your here or there." That is all I will say about that. I can imagine how you feel. and I am not sure what I would do, Heath. but don't stop a good opportunity because of me. and I don't know Sam well But I am sure everyone would feel that way about it." said JD then smiled. "Besides I will just have to convince Rose to us to go see you," says JD with some sarcasm in his tone and a joking grin at Rose.

Heath looked at JD. "No, no better offers. I actually applied to this on a whim. I didn't think this kind of decision was going to come up until next year when I was a senior."

"When will you leave, if you take it?" Rose asked.

"Sunday, they don't have regular semesters, so I would start with classes, in a week and that would give me time to get what I need and settled into the dorms." Heath exclaimed

"Well, absolutely we will visit you. And I can't speak for the group but I can certainly arrange it so anyone who wants to can visit you." Rose said.

"Well... haven't your parents banned Sam from your estate?" Heath responded.

Rode smiled. "Never said they'd stay at the estate. Let's just say I have other options."

Heath nodded. "I can't really pass this opportunity up. I should probably spend time with Sam. We might not be at the Battle of the Bands."

"I'm sure everyone will understand." Rose said softly.

"You do you Heath. I understand and I am sure Conner and I can make those who don't, will" said JD half joking. "I would think Sam would appreciate it if you spent some time with her," JD stated sincerely.

Heath nodded, then half-joked to JD. "Well, I guess you get your own room now." The two had worked as roommates. "Anyway, I'm going to find Sam. Thanks, you two." Heath grabbed his letter back and texted something. Then with a quick wave, left the table.

"Own room, not the way I wanted it Heath," replied JD. Then JD smiled "I will call you every night to say good night to you" joked JD.

"I'll hold you to that." Heath joked back as he walked away.

Once he was gone Rose said, "We really need to plan something to let the group say goodbye to Heath."

"With lots of alcohol on the beach?" asked JD. "well we should do something maybe on the beach?" asked JD sincerely. "Or just ask others what they would like to do. Keeping it a secret could be a challenge." said JD.

"The beach sounds good. Maybe plan something for tomorrow, after breakfast. I don't know if keeping it secret is necessary. " Rose responded, then kissed him. "Well, we should go and talk to people to get it arranged." With that she took his hand and led JD away from the table.

Returning her kiss and walking behind her glancing down at Rose as she moved at other parts. "I will follow you anywhere," said JD only comment trying to not be so obvious.

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