The Tour Part 1

JP by Cindy and MDman

Mel walked out of the cafeteria with Timber, and after a short distance casually said. "Oh, they made an announcement earlier that classes were canceled for the afternoon." She wasn't sure if maybe he hadn't heard, given his comments about going to class.

“Oh! That’s right,” Timber remembered with a grin. The grin, because it gave him some time to spend with her. Maybe, just maybe, if she got to spend some time with him, Mel might forget about whomever the other guy was. Why wasn’t he at lunch? Timber thought, If i were dating Mel, I’d spend as much time with her as I could.

Quickly, Timber formulated a plan to do so. Girls like to give their opinion on things, didn’t they?

“In that case,” Timber invitingly said, “why don’t you help me unpack? My decorating could use a woman’s touch,” he chuckled. “It’ll give you a chance to tell me more about you.”

"I'd like to help but girls aren't allowed in the guys dorms, and Vice-versa." Melissa commented. A little surprised he hadn't been filled in in the rules by the Head Mistress. "But being you have more time maybe I could give you a tour of the school."

“In my meeting with Miss Perkey,” Timber confessed, “she seemed more interested in taking notes, almost like she was writing a book. She told me to read the Student Handbook and memorize it.”

Timber took a few more steps then answered Mel’s offer. “I’d like that,” he said in a softer tone. “A tour from the most beautiful girl I’ve met today is a plus.”

Melissa smiled, at him. "OK, then. As you know we just left the cafeteria. We call the outdoor area, where we met the courtyard." The kept walking. "Shall we start on the third floor and work our way down?"

Timber was glad Mel seemed receptive of the compliment. That meant that things with the other guy were not set in stone. Maybe it was a first date. Maybe things weren’t going so well. Whoever it was better treat Mel right. Timber couldn’t stand guys that treated girls as being lesser than human.

“Sure!” Timber agreed. “I am at your mercy.” He jokingly did a mock bow to her, then snickered.

To the third floor they went, it took a few minutes to get there as they tool the main stairs. "There are a few different stairwells. Some get you closer to some areas than others but it's best to just try them out yourself a few times to find the best routes." Arriving at the third floor, Mel took a left and headed towards the end of the hallway. "This is the art department. I don't personally have any classes in this area."

Timber winced. “Don’t think I’ll be spending much time in these hallways either.”

Art wasn’t his thing. Not that he wasn’t creative, he just wasn’t a crafty person. His brain had difficulty telling his hands to match the detail his eyes or mind saw.

“How about you?” Timber sincerely asked. “What are your interests?”

"Music. I'll show you, if you like when we get to the music room. And I'm a cheerleader." Melissa responded, as the walked past the art area and to another department. "This area is the science department." If someone looked inside the rooms they could easily see the lab equipment and charts."

“Not much a science guy, either,” Timber confessed. “Music, huh? I pick a little on a guitar. If I hear a song a few times, I can figure it out. Not too talented though. I’d love to listen to your music though. Do you play or sing or both?”

"Wel, science is required and there's at least a decent selection of courses to choose from. Have you seen your guidance counselor to pick classes yet?" Melissa nodded at his comment about music. "Both, I play piano and guitar." Melissa said. "And it takes some talent to be able to pick it up."

She then walked down the hall, and turned down a short hall, leading to a longer hall. "Computer courses are held in this hall."

“For science classes,” Timber thought aloud, “I’d probably be interested in courses that involve math. Like physics.”

When Mel mentioned the computer area, Timber shook his head. “Computer classes I can get into. It follows logic. I can see myself learning to code and create programs.”

“My counselor was in meetings this afternoon,” Timber admitted. “Probably the reason classes are canceled. I’m scheduled to see her tomorrow.”

Timber stopped deep in thought. Then he looked up into Mel’s eyes and said, “Take me to the music section. I want to hear you play and sing.”


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