The Gossip

The couples were all having fun dancing together. By now most of the group was used to seeing Jack with two girls so when one more joined, there were a few eye rolls but not many in the main group thought of it as weird.

Mel asked Jason if he wanted to get some air, frankly she wasn't really up for the slow song that was about to be played. Besides, it was a good time for them to talk. He agreed and the two wandered out by the picnic tables. Fortunately, Nancy seemed busy with Sadie.

The two discussed a few things, for Mel she thought it was too soon for anything more than a casual date every so often. Jason was good with that, he said. He wasn't about to screw up things by rushing.

Sadie saw Nancy's charm for what it was, a ploy to get her statement. Sadie didn't need to be buttered up for that but certainly appreciated it.

Sadie gave a sweet smile, "Well, apparently he and Melissa Morrison had been dating. I saw them together, personally he always seemed to be kind of bossy. They argued a lot from what I saw. Anyway, Mel broke up with him. Some people said she was secretly dating Carter but I doubt that, I mean Carter was with Blossom all night. Some people said it was Conner but Conner is so into Kaylee that I think that's not possible. Others said that Mel and Dante were having an affair. I don't know about that but I think Doug believed it, so when he saw them dancing together he lost it. Personally, I just think Melissa broke up with Doug because she was tired of him treating her like that. Anyway, that's just my opinion - make sure you say that."

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