A Different Direction

The first song ended and the girls started to get their dates and bring or, sometimes, drag them into the dance floor so the all girls' circle turned into a group circle.

Dawn, April and Mel went and got Kyle, Justin and Jason to join them as well.

With Doug gone Mel found the ability to loosen up and have fun, something she really hadn't been able to do all night.

Then the DJ began the next song song

Ashley and Roxy wasted no time grabbing the embarrassed Jack and pulled him to the dance floor and began dancing with him. Once again Jack sighed and began dancing and once again he was showing off his Latin dancing skills. It was a bit surprising to see as they three of the were getting a bit of attention. It wasn't long before Alex joined the trio in the dance group. Ashley and Roxy were a bit shocked to see Alex again but tolerated it as long as she kept her hands off Jack. Since the dancing was fun, a lot of the other students were forgetting about Doug trying to ruin it for them.

Blossom still had a bump on her forehead but decided to make the best of it and dance with Carter again. Of course seeing her dance was entertaining since it was more wild motions than that of a club dancer. Justin was feeling the mood as well as he led Kyle to the dance floor and tried to get the mood back as well. He found this song fun and was using his skills to alure Kyle with his charms.


Sadie and Joey sat down while her entourage were discussing whether or not to get pizza. It was then Sadie looked around and noticed they had been followed outside.

"I think Nancy followed us," Sadie spoke softly to Joey, as she rolled her eyes.

Then like a switch had been turned on, once Nancy was closer, Sadie became Little Miss Charm. Well, she had to keep up appearances after all, there was a fan base to think of and she really didn't know if Nancy followed her online or not.

"Hey, Nancy. Crazy night, huh?". Sadie asked in a pleasant voice.

Nancy of course was in full charm mode as she approached Sadie. She needed to get as much info for her scoop as possible and Sadie was a high profile girl, especially since Mel seemed to well protected by her friends. By getting an interview with her she could make the scoop bigger than ever. So Nancy then began to hype up the charm as she had her phone ready to record the conversation.

Nancy: So Sadie that was an interesting turn of events wasn't it? Doug made quite the scene out there and left a lot of the students in confusion. To be honest I got a few interviews with a few students he pushed down on his escape, but they didn't understand why he pushed them or what set him off. So I was hoping.....seeing as you are a big media icon here, I was hoping you could shed some light on this event so we can help the inquiring minds of this school. What do you saw?

Nancy smiled at Sadie as she hoped for a positive response.


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