All Group Dance

The girls all continued to dance together the while the boys looked on. It was interesting that most of the girls could actually dance and fell easily into the movements. At least Kaylee, Rose, Dawn, Sam, Riley, Courtney, Melissa could, even April who wasn't used to this at all, was holding her own.

The first song ended and the girls started to get their dates and bring or, sometimes, drag them into the dance floor so the all girls' circle turned into a group circle.

Dawn, April and Mel went and got Kyle,Justin and Jason to join them as well.

With Doug gone Mel found the ability to loosen up and have fun, something she really hadn't been able to do all night.

Sadie and Joey sat down while her entourage were discussing whether or not to get pizza. It was then Sadie looked around and noticed they had been followed outside.

"I think Nancy followed us," Sadie spoke softly to Joey, as she rolled her eyes.

Then like a switch had been turned on, once Nancy was closer, Sadie became Little Miss Charm. Well, she had to keep up appearances after all, there was a fan base to think of and she really didn't know if Nancy followed her online or not.

"Hey, Nancy. Crazy night, huh?". Sadie asked in a pleasant voice.

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