Melissa and Conner Dance

Melissa and Jason decided it was best to go inside to avoid Nancy and her barrage of questions. The moment they got inside Jason was asked to dance by one of the scholarship cheerleaders. Mel smiled at him and waved him off. For herself she needed water, so, she went and got one before heading for a seat near where the group was. ---- After dancing with the girls and Conner, some of the dances got a little mixed. As a fast dance started. Matt asked if he could steal his sister away for a dance. Courtney had been asked by one to dance by one of the male track team members who Courtney was friends with. Matt wasn't the jealous type and was fine with it. Kaylee kissed Conner and headed off to dance with her brother.


Conner looked around sipping on his punch. He had been with Kaylee for over a week something he and others outside side the group had never seen Conner do at this level before. Conner was thinking when he saw Mel walk back in he watched her walk over to the table with water bottles and pick one up. Conner walked over hopping to see how she was doing. "Mel, How are you doing" asked Conner with his charming smile.

Melissa returned the smile, "I'm alright, I suppose." Well, that didn't sound very convincing.
"Mostly, trying to avoid Nancy and enjoy the rest of the evening. How about you?"

"I was standing around trying to spike the punch" joked Conner with a sly grin. "Kaylee is off with her brother. Hay would you dance with me? looks like you are on your own." says Conner.

Mel laughed slightly at his comment about spiking the punch. As for dancing with him, it sounded fun. "Sure." Walking to the dance floor with the boy, it had become almost habitual that Melissa took in her surroundings, even if Doug wasn't here it was going to be a difficult thing to break. Her eyes fell on Doug's group who seemed to be split in two. Some of them just seemed to be doing their own thing and ignoring her but a few were watching her for a moment before talking to each other. The holdouts, the ones who believed Doug's side of things no matter what and Melissa now realized who the two spies must have been. To get her mind off them, she continued to dance with Conner and just sort of blurted out, "My parents are flying in tomorrow."

Conner tried to dance in a way keeping the Doug group behind her he would look at them at times and give a look like try me. He also tried to do a lot of almost flirtatious moves in his dance not like trying to woo her but more like trying to make it a good time for Mel. Conner smiled at her and her comment about her parents. Conner nodded towards JD's dad. "It could be worse they could be here chaperoning. imagine what JD is going through he can't even sneeze without his parents knowing at this school. His dad's company provides security at this school. Just know that you are safe with us and Doug will not get near you again" said Cooner ensuring Mel. "You are going to be able to stay right? Is there something I can do for you so you can?" asked Conner.

Mel couldn't help but smile at Conner's dance moves, as she understood what he was trying to do. "I can't imagine having my parents knowing everything I do." When he added the part about being safe, Mel commented. "Thanks. I've been told, by the administration, to not go anywhere off campus by myself until he's caught." As for her staying, she sighed, "I don't know. I mean they said, they understood it wasn't my fault but they really didn't like that I kept what was going on a secret from them. I don't have the best track record when it comes to staying out of trouble. Maybe, if I can get them to understand I have actual friends here it'll make a difference." Melissa really didn't understand how to get her parents to understand that she wanted to stay, despite what had happened with Doug.

" Talk to Dr. Williams. She seems nice and helps everyone I know she will help you and if it is security issues well JD's dad is right there and you can talk to JD too I know he will help and you have me I dought Doug will try anything with us around." Says conner trying to reinsure Mel. "If you do want to go somewhere without the guys just ask Kaylee or Rose or definitely just ask Courtney. or all of them Doug would not dare mess with them. Courtney would just beat him with something heavy or something like that. See nothing to worry about," advised Conner.

Melissa nodded, she didn't really know what to say about all the people Conner mentioned that would protect her from Doug. Maybe, she shouldn't have been surprised but it wasn't something the girl was used to hearing. "I'm hoping my brother comes, he can usually get them to agree to things." She thought for a moment, "Actually, if my brother does come, maybe you and a few others could meet him. I think if he meets, at least, some of the group he would be more likely to agree that I should stay."

Conner thought for a moment. "Only if he is cool" joked Conner. "Sure I Know the others would probably be good with that maybe we can go to a coffee shop? He does like coffee right?" asked Conner.

"Yes, " Her brother liked coffee. "A coffee shop would be good. Thanks." Melissa already knew her sister was on a trip so wouldn't be coming but it wouldn't surprise her if her brother showed up.

Conner smiled "good I will text everyone later." said Conner. He glanced over to Kaylee and then back at Mel "You just need to have a good time tonight and forget the rest." suggested Conner. Still dancing with some other girls glaring at Mel and Conner. "Look for a nice guy who will treat you nice and enjoy the night, maybe the morning?" said Conner with a chuckle.

Mel nodded to Conner saying he would call everyone. "When I know if he's coming I'll let you know." She laughed at his last comment. "Yeah, I think I'll just keep the night open, or what's left of it." She noticed Courtney was headed towards Matt and Kaylee. "It looks like Kaylee is done dancing with Matt." She was having fun dancing with Conner but would certainly understand if he wanted to go back to his date. Mel was about to say that when one of the basketball players came over and asked if he could dance with Melissa.

Conner smiled "see, now don't let me stop you have fun Mel," said Conner as he turned and started to wolf towards Kaylee.

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