Sister, Sister

It had been a later morning than most for the girl. Last night, after the dance, her phone blew up with calls and texts about Doug, Mel, and at some point apparently Charlie had run into a wall or something like that. Which had led to staying up late and waking up late. So, now Sadie was in her room trying to get ready.

Word had it that Charlie had danced with one of the theater kids - what was the name again… Star, Sun, Moonbeam.

Fingers snapped. "Galaxy. That's it." Sadie exclaimed to herself.

Certainly, interesting developments.

Doug and Mel - well no longer Doug and Mel. Now, just Mel as Doug had run off. Good. Never did like that boy. The security being increased wasn't a bad thing but it limited alone time on campus, which most couples were not happy about.

Mel had been seen dancing with a few different boys. No surprise and people were just happy she was having fun, despite everything.

The fact that Mel seemed to be, now, with that group that the rich kids hated was far more of a potential issue. Sadie did hope that Lance and Elena and crew laid off the girl for a while. She had told her girls to leave Mel alone for the time being. To pick on the girl, right now, would seem overly cruel. To be honest, Sadie didn't want that kind of bad publicity.

Sadie left her room and headed towards the front of the building. She had plans with her sister this morning, which she had told Joey about. So, the boy was free for the day as well.

Sadie's sister, Sasha, had graduated from Sakura last year and was currently at a nearby college. The two were close but didn't get to see each other very much due to their busy schedules.

The black Mercedes which pulled up to the building was easily recognized by Sadie. Once Sasha stepped out of the car; the young woman was instantly recognized by a few upper classmen that were around, who went to say hello.

Sasha and Sadie definitely looked like sisters. So much so, they almost passed for twins. They were both outgoing, both cheerleaders. Sasha was studying business management and travel and tourism on college as she wanted to take over the family business.

After a few moments, the sisters headed off to get breakfast. They stopped at Café Du Mur. A quaint seaside Cafe which over looked the water.

After being seated and ordering, Sasha looked at Sadie. "So, tell me about Joey."

"He's a football player, Freshman. He got quite a reputation of being - well - a huge flirt. Like he would hit on any girl he saw, and do it in not a particularly great way.

I originally just wanted to date him for a short time get him under control then dump him, but things have changed.

I mean he's nothing like I expected." Sadie responded

"What does that mean?" Sasha inquired.

"He's actually pretty nice. I get the feeling that he just acted the way he did because it's what he thought worked." Sadie thought for a moment. "There is something else…"

"What?" Sasha was genuinely intrigued.

"Well… my relationship has opened a new side of things for both of us. A new world, in a sense." Sadie glanced around; to make sure no one could overhear them. "We've gotten into…"

Sadie went in to explain the nature of her relationship with Joey, leaving out more descriptive things.

Sasha listened to her younger sister's words. No judgment, just listening. To which Sadie was grateful. She had wanted to talk to someone about this but didn't trust anyone to kept the secret, except the other person involved. Neither her nor Joey could afford it getting out.

"I really enjoy it, he seems to really enjoy it." Sadie continued, "But we are both new to this. I just don't know what to do from here. I mean I really like him; which I didn't expect to happen. I want to keep dating him. But that other part - how do we keep it up? I just think there is so much we both need to learn about it and I don't know where to go."

"I do. Or more like I have friends that are into that, that might be able to help." Sadie saw the look of surprise on her sister's face. "It's not as secretive in college."

"Oh, would they talk to us? I mean I'd have to Joey about it but.. would they?" Sadie sounded excited by the idea.

"Probably, I mean I can ask them. Why don't you talk to Joey and you can let me know what he says." Sasha commented.

"That would be great." Sadie was really hoping this would move her and Joey a little forward in their relationship.

The two sisters finished breakfast, then found their way to shopping. Sadie would call Joey when she got back to her room.

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