Talking In The Sand

"Let's pull over, spend some time alone, at the beach before going back to the school." Sam quietly suggested.

Heath agreed without much comment and turned off on one of the roads that led to a more secluded beach area. It wasn't long before they arrived and got out of the car.a

The sun was dipping into the ocean and the lights along the boardwalk which led out to the sand had just begun to glow in the dusk.

The couple stopped walking once they 0reached the edge of the sand but before where the water was landing.

"I'm sorry you had to see that." Heath had an apologetic tone to his voice.

"It's not your fault." Sam replied.

After being best friends with Rose, the girl understood how sometimes people apologized for their parents even when it was clearly the parent's fault. She was so glad her parents weren't people she had to apologize for.

"He'll never change. I guess I should be lucky he's not trying to block me from getting the money." The money was from an inheritance, from Heath's grandfather and while it was really up to his grandmother to make sure he got it, his father certainly could have put up a fight.

"Do you believe what he said?" Sam didn't know if maybe Heath's father had lied.

"I don't know but, true or not, why tell me about it? I guess I could find out." Heath shrugged slightly. "I thought he's trying to get sympathy from me but then he got into me about my art and… well, you were there."

Sam could only nod to that. She had been there, witness to what the man thought about his son but then was the other part of what was said. The part which left her guessing and apparently had the same effect on Heath.

"I don't feel like eating at school. Let's go somewhere for dinner. You choose." Heath changed the subject, he didn't want to discuss his father any longer.

"How about Mario's?"

"Sounds good."

With that the two headed to Mario's. Heath would figure things out later.

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