An Unwelcomed Call

Rose and Sam woke up to the buzzing of the cell phone. Rose signed and looked at the number. It wasn’t quite 6 AM and while the alarm would be going off in a few minutes it was still too early for this call.

“If that’s JP. Tell him, I’m gonna kill him.” Sam joked.

“I wish it was JP,” Rose responded.

“Should I ask?” Sam yawned.

Rose shook her head. “I’m pretty sure you don’t need to.”

“Your mother?” The inquiry really wasn’t necessary but Sam watched as her roommate nodded removing all doubt. “Well, I’m going to go take a shower, if you need some privacy. Unless you want me to stay?”

“Nah, I’ll tell you what happened when you're back from your shower.” Rose’s tone clearly said the call wasn’t one she wanted to make but probably had to.

It took Sam a few moments to get ready and then headed off to the shower. Rose meanwhile made some coffee and sipped it before getting the courage to return the call.

“Hello, mother,” Then Mrs. Newhall started in on her daughter.

Many “Yes mother” and “no mother” later and Rose hung up. If the blonde was one for swearing right now would have been about when that occurred. She thought there would be more time but at least it was out and over now.

Once Sam returned, she didn’t need to ask as Rose just started telling her what had happened.

“So, my mother found out about the dress.” There was a sense of resignment in the girl’s voice. “She was not happy.”

“Oh…how not happy?” Sam inquired as she did her hair.

“Very. I thought told her it was all my idea, that none of my friends knew I was supposed to wear the other dress.” Rose noticed that got Sam’s attention.

“You lied to her?” Sam was surprised by that.

“I had no choice. I knew she would do something to retaliate if she thought anyone else was involved. Like, make us split up as roommates or forbid me from seeing JD.” Rose paused. “I guess the slight reprieve I had from the accident is over. I just have to be more careful. She also mentioned a party over Thanksgiving weekend that I have to attend.”

“Do you have to go alone?” Sam asked. “I mean, your parents hate me but you might be able to find someone to go with you.”

“You mean JD? I really want him to but I don’t know if I can bring anyone. I’m pretty sure my parents want me there alone as Declan will be there and my mother made a point of mentioning that. Besides, even if I can bring someone his parents would have to agree as well.” What was the likelihood of all of those things happening? “I so don’t want to go and be stuck with Declan all night, that’s for sure. And I really would like to bring JD home with me for a week.”

“I guess you’ll know when the invite arrives,” Sam hoped, for her friend's sake, that the invite included a plus one, even if by accident.

“Well, I should get ready.” Rose would tell JD when she had a moment alone with him. With that thought, the girl wandered off to take a shower.

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