Answer is no

JD walked out to his Jeep. The weather was nice in the 70s sunny with a breeze that was from the ocean. JD had told his parents that he would be home to talk to them about Rose. JD had just left Rose to do her project and some other school-related stuff. Everyone seems to be busy with something but Him. He thought to himself it was rare to be alone at school the group had come together in such a short time. About 5 weeks into school and JD had made new friends got an incredible girlfriend. He was happy with life JD floated from one day to another.

He got into His jeep and started it up. The engine roared to life. The radio started to play his song list something like this by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay. JD let out a sigh JD thought about Rose JD could not even imagine being without her for a week or more. JD had to face his parents He check to see the invitation in his jacket pocket. Going to Rose's house excited JD but knowing most people there probably would not like him there Declan would be the number one that worried him. JD was going to leave that part out when he talk to his mom and dad.

JD kept rehearsing what he was going to say to his mom and dad on this trip with Rose he was invited on. Thanksgiving was a big family day his mother was not too into it being from Spain. His dad was it was family day it was important but every family day was. JD ran through as many scenarios as he could in his head of how his mom and dad would react to the invitation. None of them seem to be too good.

It only took 20 minutes to get to his house from the school in California which was great. JD drove up to the gate and put in the number to open it he parked the Jeep by the house and walk in. He walked through the front door and was greeted by Bear their dog with a quick pet JD walked towards the kitchen "MOM, DAD" I am home." JD said loudly.

His mom and dad were sitting at the breakfast bar on stools. His mother got up and gave him a big hug. " Jonny, How is it going?" JD smiled and hugged back "fine mother" JD replied. His Father smiled "Jonny, so what news did you bring us?" he asked normally getting straight to the point. JD sat on a stool next to them. JD knew he had to have a nervous look on his face.

His mother smiled "is everything ok with Rose?" she asked with some concern in her voice. JD chuckled "yes mother we are good." he replied. he took a big breath. "I would like to take a trip with her." JD started trying to be confident. His mom and dad looked at one another. His dad eyed him knowing there was more. "And?" His dad said inquiring.

JD felt like his world was about to fall even his stomach was getting tight. He pulled the invitation out and placed it on the table. "I was invited to her house for a party" explained JD with some hope. His mom and dad pick up the invitation and looked at it. Then they did that parent thing of looking and talking without a word. His Father looked frustrated "Son, really, Do you think I would let you go to Long Island to a party during thanksgiving with people we don't know and you have only known her, what, 5 weeks." said his dad in an unapproving stern tone. His mother put her hand on his father's hand stopping him. "I know how this works" his mother started " one your name is not here. It lists Rose plus one which Rose selected for you. So, Mr and Miss Newhall did not invite you directly. Do they even know your coming?" She asked.

JD felt his heart race JD raised his voice frustrated "Yes she did talk to them I could bring Rose over she has all the details and she said we would be supervised all the time." adding that hoping his parents relax some trying to calm himself. "Supervised to what standard? We don't know them or their morals their beliefs." said his dad in the same tone as before. His mother gave JD a warm smile "your father is right. With the information right now I would say no." she informed JD. His dad looked at JD sternly "son, you did not come to us with all the information you were not prepared to give a briefing. I say no as well. it s not a good idea at this time."

JD was crushed how would Rose take the answer they gave would she go find someone else to go with? a thousand questions ran through his mind. He looked at his parents "I understand." replied JD He sat there in silence for what seemed like days hoping something would change. His dad got up and walk off without a word. His mother put her hand on his. "Don't worry Jonny there be other times," she said softly. The words did not give JD any comfort. "OK, mom. I have to get back to the school" he sounded let down and depressed.

His mother got up and hugged him and then walked into the family room where his dad was. JD's mind and heart were racing as he walked out of the house and got into his Jeep. A tear ran down his cheek as he drove back to the school.

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