A Chat

Conner and Kaylee got to Conner's house met the mother and got prepared for the Pot luck. Conner's mother already knew Kaylee in passing mostly because Conner knew Kaylee's brother Matt. Conner's mother greeted Kaylee warmly but had some concerns about the age difference. With a little more talk it was all worked out and Conner's mother was OK with their relationship.

Everything was going amazing people cooking smelled so good. Conner saw Courtney out back drinking a soda and sitting in a chair taking a break near the pool. Conner kissed Kaylee "I will be back going to talk to Courtney and see how she is been. Try not to burn anything" Conner said sarcastically. He knew she was an awesome cook it was he who could burn water.

Conner walked to the back door and grabbed a soda from the bucket of ice and different sodas and walked into the back near the pool and purposely into the sunlight blocking it casting a shadow over Courtney. Conner got a sly grin "Courtney, we need a maid in the kitchen to help clean up." Joked Conner in a sarcastic tone. He knew there would be some reactions but he was good with it. Courtney was like a sister to him and who does not bother a sister a little?

Courtney, Mel, and Matt had all arrived together in Matt's truck. They had stopped at a store to pick up the ingredients but there was plenty of room for those.

Matt was busy stuffing mushrooms and Mel was busy wrapping bacon around shrimp. Courtney had mixed the ingredients for the red velvet cake together and it was now baking in the oven, which had left her with some free time.

While it was fun being in the kitchen, between the cooking and all those people it was a little warm in there. Courtney decided to get some air and cool down with a soda outside.

After giving Matt a kiss, the girl headed outside grabbed a Coke, and sat on a chair by the pool as she sipped on it.

Sunglasses on, lost in her thoughts for a moment when a shadow which blocked the sun hit her. The girl opened her eyes but knew who it was before then.

"A maid, huh? Ain't you a little close to the pool to be calling me a maid?" A grin crossed her face. Clearly, she was joking because it would be nearly impossible for her to throw her rather strong best friend into the pool. "Are you going to continue blocking the sun - or are going to sit down and talk with me?" Said light-heartedly.

Conner got a smile on his face. "I don't think you can throw me into the pool but could tackle me but then you would go in too." He said as he walk and sat next to her. Conner took a drink of his soda. "How are things going? I know we see one other every day but we don't get a real chance to talk. How are things with Matt?" asked Conner checking on one of his oldest friends.
It was true that they've not talked as much as they used to despite how much they saw each other. New relationships can do that.

At the question about Matt, a smile crossed her lips. "Things with Matt are great."

They really were, they had even been discussing holiday plans even though it was months away.

"Things with you and Kaylee, going well?" Courtney paused to give him enough of a chance to answer. "At the beginning of the year, I never would have guessed things would have turned out the way they have."

"Things are going great. I never thought I would be going out with Kaylee. I always saw her as the little sister. but as time went I saw her in a different light. But I did not see Matt coming your way either. I guess this school year has a lot of surprises for us. Conner paused thinking. Look at Rose and JD I did not think that was going to happen either Just in a short time at the start of the school year who would know all of this could happen." Conner said in thought.

"I don't think anyone expected any of that. Kaylee seems to have matured." Certainly since when they first met her but even since the last time she had come to visit the school. As for Rose and JD. "I've always thought Rose was nice but she's changed. She seems more - I don't know. Self-reliant?" Was that the word for it? "Rose and JD seem to just go well together."

On to talking about other things. "Oh, a few athletics recruiters from some colleges are coming to talk to me next week. They apparently are going to be talking to some of the juniors and finalizing some things with the seniors. I really have to choose if I'd rather go in for basketball or track, both coaches are saying the same thing. I need to let the recruiters know what to pitch to me.” It felt weird to be discussing college in that way as if it was that close but in reality, as a junior, college wasn't that far off and athletic departments liked to look into juniors.

Courtney was right about college. Conner too would soon be going to college. "I know you will get into a good college," he said then took a drink. "I am being let's say pushed to go to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT. My father went there. So my father and mother both want me to go there. I am waiting on an interview from MIT." Conner explained.

Conner took a breath thinking about Kaylee. "Kaylee was a surprise to me" Conner got a strange expression on his face "Kaylee has matured in a lot of ways she is not the little girl I knew. I can just say she made sure I knew that." He paused. " You know, I have played with the girls in my life, not taking them seriously. It is different with Kaylee I don't want to be that way with her. and I hate to admit it I think she has more control over me than I like to admit," said Conner with a smile on his face. Conner was not going to go into more detail with Courtney. He thought she would not want to hear it anyways.

"I'm sure you'll get in," The boy got really good grades, so she wasn't just saying that. "I'll need to find someplace with a good engineering department and a good athletic department. I'm sure I'll figure it out but I don't have one school that stands out as that's where I want to go, yet."
Courtney smiled at Conner's words about Kaylee. She already knew they were more serious than she had ever seen her friend with a girl before but they probably shouldn't get into details regarding all of that. "Well, I'm glad you've found someone that clicks like that for you."

There was something else, something she wasn't exactly saying. It was weird to broach the subject because Courtney herself had only recently found out and she hadn't told anyone. Finally, she just said it. "My parents called last night. They're thinking of selling the farm."

"Hu? What, what are they going to do? And what does this mean for you? Do you have to leave the school?" asked Conner in almost shock. A thousand questions ran threw his mind. He had known Courtney for a long time and some of the struggles that her family had gone through. Something Conner hated the rich kids for, something they would not have to deal with. Ya Conner's family was rich but he remembered as a child when things were not so good.

He was silent for a moment thinking about what she had said. "I want you to know If money becomes an issue are staying at this school I will help you out." Conner paused thinking that was impulsive of him. Conner knew that Courtney would never take a simple hand out. "Ah... I mean if you need a job you something I am here to help. I am sure with your job skills My dad or even JD's dad can use them." Conner suggested. Conner really did not want to lose a friend something he was not used to.

For some reason, she hadn't even thought Conner would automatically take it as her having to leave. "I appreciate the offer but no it's nothing like that. Sorry, I should have led with that." The girl paused and then tried to explain, she went in order of age for her brothers as it was easiest. "My oldest brother, Maxwell, took a job with a large industrial farm, as a manager. They've offered my dad a slightly higher position. Charles is getting married over Christmas and he and his wife are talking about moving to where there are more opportunities. Jimmy is still working on the farm but my Dad can bring him along until he gets settled. John is talking about going back to school and has been for a while. Tim is still trying to make a career as a singer in Nashville. Bobby leaves for basic training soon, and I'm here and not there. Which leaves my parents having to hire help and they can't really afford it. If my dad takes the job, the income is more steady. and the sale of the farm will help with buying them a new place to live. " It wasn't like Courtney's family would ever be rich but they might be a little more stable income-wise. "The thing is my family's farm is generational, my father inherited it from my grandfather, and so on. I think the change will be hard for both of my parents." Farm life is what they both knew and there was a sense of pride about owning their own and not working for someone else, that had always been important to her parents.

Now Conner feels he way overreacted to the whole thing feeling a bit dumb. "That all makes sense now. I can't help much either. I can kill plants really well, just can't grow them. sounds like a lot of change. Are you ok with everything then? I am always here if you need to talk or need support." Conner paused and gave a sigh. "I know the whole group is here if you need us," said Conner smiling at Courtney. "I have hardly ever moved. But JD told me this summer that moving makes you excited and frightened all at the same time. Not knowing exactly what comes next." Conner said reassuringly. Conner knew this must be hard for her parents. Selling a lifetime of work must feel bad.

"Thanks. I know you and our friends are here for me. I really don't know how I feel about it yet. I mean while I'm not there most of the year, it's still the only home I've ever known. On the other hand, I know this is a great opportunity for them. I just never thought they would be thinking about selling the farm." It was just all so new, and Courtney was wrapping her mind around it. "You're the first person I'm telling though. I don't really want to tell a bunch of people until I know what they plan on doing." In Courtney speak, which Conner would be familiar with, that meant she would tell Matt. It was alright if he told Kaylee. if JD found out it was alright which meant Rose could find out. And Sam and Courtney were close so she could know but maybe not the rest of the group, not right now anyway.

Conner got a sly grin "I was hoping to tell Nancy and have it in the school newspaper ." Conner said with a chuckle. Conner was joking But maybe he should not push that button right now. " What is the plan for this summer then?" Conner asked changing the subject. "Maybe stay at Matt's family vineyard all of us I would have to ask. it would not be the first time." Suggest Conner.

Courtney smiled at his quip. She certainly didn't take it seriously. Summer? "Matt and I have just started discussing the holidays. I don't really know about this summer, yet. I mean I might have to go home and pack my room or help my parents with the house." Summer was a long way off it seemed and things were still in the air with all of this. "Though spending time at Matt and Kaylee's place sounds great."

"Maybe spring break. last year Matt and I talked about another weekend or something there at the vineyard that's if the weather plays nice and no fires." Conner smiled "We could take a road trip and help with your room and the house packing if it comes to that. I know JD would be cool with that." said Conner with the idea.

"Spring break at Matt's would be nice." Courtney smiled back. Matt and Kaylee's home was nice with plenty of room for everyone. "I would appreciate the help and I'm sure so would my parents. I guess though that depends on what happens."

Conner looked up at the sun leaning back. "I would not be upset if I saw Kaylee during spring brake. Out of all the girls at our school, it was Kaylee that got my heart. It is funny I don't even care about attention from the other girls. Just you and her. Never been serious before feels different." Conner said sincerely.

"It's really great you two just work like that." Courtney's cell buzzed. "That's the timer for the cake. I need to go take it out before it burns." She got up and headed for the kitchen.

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