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Courtney and Matt gave each other a kiss before heading outside. They looked around before realizing no one else had gotten there just yet so the got a table and waited knowing the others would be by soon.

What they didn't know was the message to be outside had gone through the group like wildfire. Conner had told JD, they both had told their girlfriends, Kaylee and Rose and JD had told Heath. Rose told Sam a split second before Heath texted her. Dawn told April. Zander told Riley. Riley told Kyle. Kyle texted Justin. Carter had texted Blossom. If Jack, Ash and Roxy found out about the group meeting outside it wouldn't have been surprising.

As the couple waited, sipping on the coffees they had gotten Dawn, April, Zander and Riley arrived. And said hello.

Riley asked, "So, what's up?"

Matt turned to Courtney, "Did you tell them why we were meeting outside?"

To the girl's defense, it had been a long weekend and she was bogged down with homework last night.

"I think I.." Checking her phone, her face fell. "Oh, I guess I didn't say."

Letting out a sigh, she had meant to tell the people she had texted. It was now likely the whole group would show up and the explanations - there might be a lot of those.

"I guess I'll explain everything when more people get here." Courtney added.

JD and Conner both got themselves and the girls drinks from the coffee stand. They handed them the drinks and walked to go outside. JD hesitated some before walking out. JD stepped in front of Rose before Looking at the others and the Rich kid's table things looked calm for the most part some glares and comments but nothing out of the normal. JD reached and held Rose's hand as they walked to the table with the others in their group. "What's up guys? So, what's the meeting all about?" asked JD.

Conner was right behind JD and looked when JD hesitated. Conner stepped in front of Kaylee, not in a rude way but more like protection. Seeing there was nothing going on Conner put his arm around Kaylee and they walked together to the table. "Is this going to be a party?" commented Conner with a grin

"Somehow I doubt it." Dante said his voice coming from behind them as he took a long legged step into a seat. "But I suppose that also highly depends on what you consider a party."

Courtney looked at Matt who just said, "Up to you."

It was then Kyle showed up with Justin and Blossom, and Heath with Sam. They got coffees and sat down.

Courtney took a breath. "I sort of messed up. I meant to tell the people, that I texted, why we were meeting outside. I didn't and apparently it got through the group. But I'll explain and hope everyone is here. Melissa texted me last night, she wants us here for - moral support. She's breaking up with Doug."

Given everyone there the girl couldn't get into more details at the moment.

JD thought about it he knew things were going on but had no idea and Conner said don't worry about it several times. JD looked at Rose and was glad it was not them he realized He probably would just fall apart if it happen to him and Rose. JD leaned over and kissed Rose. "Do you know anything about this?" asked JD.

Conner smiled, it was over he thought. " It was for the better," he said out loud without thinking. "Ah... well she could do better," Conner said looking around at the others.

Rose returned the kiss, "No, I don't think most of us knew but Melissa never seemed happy when she was around Doug."

Heath glanced over at Conner, after the other boy mentioned Mel could do better. "Well, couldn't anyone? Doug's an ass."

Zander and Dawn looked at each other, they had no idea what this meant for them but they were glad Mel would be free of their older brother..

Conner looked back at Heath "You have no idea. this just keeps me from having to....." Conner stopped "All what the hell, kicking his ass," said Conner with a smile like he just got caught.

JD dropped to a whisper. "Conner is hiding something I had that feeling for a while. He always dropped the subject when it came to Mel. It was not like he had the hots for her, something else," said JD to Rose.

To Conner's comment, Heath nodded and gave Sam a kiss.

Riley interjected with, "I'm a little surprised no one has done that, yet." Remembering her own disastrous date with the boy a few years ago.

Rose thought for a moment and looked around, then whispered back. "I think whatever it is probably involved Courtney and Dante."

She was speculating but Courtney and Mel seemed to be close and while Dante made his way around various groups, he didn't actually hang out with this group that often.

The rich kids sat, looked over, knew something was happening. The scholarship monkeys were gathering at a table not too far away. Lance looked them over as others made degrading remarks to the scholarship monkeys. He still could not get over that Rose, Conner and other rich kids would even sit with them. Elena even gave Lance a look even though Elena could feel something was about to happen. Tension was building but did not know exactly why.

"Oh, believe me" Dante started speaking to Heath, "If I'd found him 'that' night, I'd have done it." He scratched his temple. "Someone needs to teach him not everybody's afraid of him or his money."

Doug walked outside and took a seat at a table by himself, he kept looking at his phone with an expression that lingered between confused and upset.

A few minutes later, the table that had come to sit with Courtney and Matt grew quiet as Mel and Carter walked outside.

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