How To Get Rid of Snobs

JP with Redsword, Cindy and LaserSexPanther

As it turned out, the rich kids had gone in the opposite direction of the other group and hadn't seen them yet.

The first group to arrive at the zoo had decided to have lunch before moving on to the petting zoo.

This had them arriving there slightly after the rich kids.

The petting zoo was a large fenced in area with gates to get into that part. Large enough it was easy to not see everyone there. There were stations around the area to buy feed.

The animals were things like Ponies, goats, llamas, donkeys, Alpacas and the like. There was an area for feeding ducks and chickens. And an area for petting and feeding rabbits.

Rose smiled when she saw the petting zoo, this was one of those things she hadn't gone to before. Her nanny never would have taken her to a place like this.

"Can we go see the ponies first?" Her question, to JD, probably not coming as a surprise but her excitement over a petting zoo might be.

JD looked at Rose "Sure, ponies? Have you never been around ponies? I thought you would own one or two growing up," asked JD.

"I've owned horses. I've just never been to a petting zoo. My nanny would never have allowed me to go to a place like this." She paused. "That sounds weird, doesn't?

JD smiled "Don't take this wrong but coming from you, no. I could see them not letting you go to a petting zoo. Though I would call that cruel and unusual punishment for a kid. My dad would not let me play with rattle snakes but I guess that's not the same."

Rose smiled, and the two walked over to the ponies. As the girl petted one of the ponies, she commented, "I think people think I must have had everything growing up."

JD changed the expression on his face and his smile faded. JD gave Rose a big hug and kiss. "But there are things money can't buy. Those are the things people will miss the most. My mother told me that." said JD reaching and petting a Pony. "We can get some feed and feed the Ponies if you want." asked JD.

Rose always loved getting hugs and kisses from JD. She knew what he said was true, there were things she had missed in her life but the girl knew most people didn't think of her as missing anything. JD mentioned feeding the pony and Rose smiled, "Oh, that would be great."

JD looked around and saw the feed dispenser for the petting zoo. "I will be right back." said JD.

As JD jogged up, Dante was approaching. "We have arrived." he said, as he knelt and let Jocelyn off his back.

"You're stronger than you look." She commented, not seeing JD.

Dante gave JD a 'hey' nod the all guys seem to collectively understand as he started rooting in his pocket for change. Coming up empty he took out his wallet. "Get as much feed as you want. We got nowhere to be, we can do this all day." He said handing Jocelyn some money.

Rose was distracted by the ponies and didn't see Dante or Jocelyn.

Seeing Dante JD returned the head nod and said "Dante, you have arrived does this mean the party has started," he asked Dante.

JD saw Jocelyn too. "Hey guys we are over here," JD said. walking back towards Rose.

Lance and Elena had been walking around when Elena saw the petting zoo. Elena let out "ahh.." as she saw the cute animals. "Lance honey let go there," asked Elena. Lance rolled his eyes, "Ok" Lance said reluctantly.

They walked through the gated area into the petting area. Elena looked and Lance then looked at Rose across the petting yard. they walk up to Rose. "Rose. How the Princess has fallen into the gutter," said Elena in a snobby tone.

Then Lance and Elena saw the Silver ID tag. Elena's face turned red with anger. "O look she had a dog tag it fits her now she thinks she is a dog." sneered Elena.

Lance laughed "wow rose you have hit rock bottom." commented Lance.

JD walked up seeing Lance and Elena standing near Rose. Lance was near a Donkey that was just behind him. just off to the side. JD smiled "don't listen to them, Rose. Besides, not every day you see a donkey with two asses." said JD referring to Lance and the ass standing beside Lance.

"Not quite what I meant." Dante replied to the party question.

As JD walked away Jocelyn returned with a paper bag of food pellets.

Dante just heard the end of the conversation but could tell what was happening. "Come on JD, don't insult the donkey like that. At least he's useful."

Rose rolled her eyes and sighed at the comments by Lance and Elena. It seemed more like Elena was jealous of Rose getting the dog tags.

She didn't notice Dante and Jocelyn until Dante spoke up. The jabs at Lance made the girl smile.

She was about to say something, when two of Sadie's girls walked by.

"Oh, look at what we've got here monkeys, and a monkey Princess." The two girls laughed, "Is that a sloth purse? What are you five? Bet she got that from Goodwill."

One of the two girls then said, "Hey, Lance and Elena. Can you do something about the stink at the zoo today?"

Jocelyn flinched as they shot insults her way, and held the purse close. She knew that one of two things would happen next and she didn't want option one to happen.

"Wow." Dante said, "You're right, it does stink. Funny though since I didn't notice it until you opened your mouth." he said dryly.

JD laughed at Dante's comments. "You're right Dante, that was mean to the Donkey, it's smarter than Lance is," said JD, handing the bag of feed to Rose and putting his arm around her waist. "You can feed the pony, Rose. just don't feed that jackass over there he is too mean." JS said with sarcasm.

Lance smirked at JD, "Rose don't use too much feed. JD might get hungry and that's the only food he could afford," said Lance laughing.

The donkey seemed to look at Lance, shake it's head and walk away.

Rose started laughing, "Wow. Lance you're such a snob you drove the donkey away."

Rose looked at Elena, as JD put his arm around her. She was judging the other girl's reaction.

The two snobby girls walked by Lance and Elena. They apparently found the sloth purse the funniest thing here , as they continued to laugh at it.

"Maybe, we should call her slothy."

"Nah, she's clearly one of the scholarship monkeys".

"Oh, that should be monkey purse."

The two girls made some monkey noises and laughed again.

Then spotted Rose and the tags around her neck and JD's arm around her waste.

"Look how low she's sunk."

"I know. Monkey Princess - such a traitor."

JD tensed up some at the girl's comment. Rose could feel JD trying to keep his cool. "Too bad you girls don't know what loyalty is. The only thing you are loyal to is your selves and money. Traitor huh, Rose has a loyal boyfriend. Let's see, oh.. you guys have nobody. What? Your money could not buy you one?" said JD with a smile.

Lance and Elena let out a laugh as they heard Monkey Princess. "Rose you could have been so great. Now you have fallen so low. what would your parents say?" said Lance.

Rose rolled her eyes. "You think hanging out with you, being part of the "rich" kids would be so great? It really wouldn't. I prefer my friends not to turn on me at the slightest thing."

The rich kids claimed to be so loyal to each other but what if one of them lost money, they would be ousted quicker than anything.

Rose knew what her parents would say, they'd hate that she was dating anyone but Declan but they already hate that she hangs out with scholarship students.

The two girls seemed like they were getting bored. "Hey, Lance and Elena. Maybe, we should just leave the monkeys in their natural habitat. Let's go feed the goats, over there." One of girls pointed to another set of goats, not too far but away from where they were standing. "You two want to come?"

Seeing nobody looking Dante leaned over and whispered in JD's ear, and shook that bag of feed. "Distract them, and I'll slip a few of these in various nooks and crannies and we'll see how it goes."

JD grinned he could not wait to see what was about to happen. "Go for it," JD said whispering.

Dante waited a beat until JD was a few steps ahead, waiting for him to cause what ever distraction he would run. And the moment he did Dante went to work. Slipping two or three pellets in half open bags, in Lance's Letterman Jacket pocket, where ever he could find a place he put a few, not enough to notice by the person, but enough one of the goats would.

Rose noticed the guys were up to something, but didn't know what, and went over by Jocelyn.

"Are you alright?" She asked Jocelyn

"No...but I'm used to it." she said rather hollowly. "Not the first time won't be the last."

"I don't get how Dante can be so smooth with their insults towards him. Like my mom would say 'like water off a duck behind'." she said.

The insults thrown at her, she had to admit she wasn't as used to. Usually, the rich kids were too busy trying to get her to their side to be mean to her or they just left her alone because she also had money. Looking at JD, she didn't care. Being with JD was worth anything thrown her way.

JD had been almost ready to lose it but Rose was certain it had to do with what was said about her, she doubted it bothered JD much what was said about him.

"I think Dante was born calm." She smiled at Jocelyn. "He's been like that since I've know him."

Jocelyn's eyes got wide. "Wait..." she paused. "You knew Dante a long time?" she looked confused.

"How? Those girls acted like you are super rich, no offence. Then how do you know Dante?" she questioned.

Now, Rose was confused. She knew that Dante's parents weren't together any longer but didn't realize, that his past was a secret. It seemed like Jocelyn and Dante were good friends, at least.

Feeling like she just put her foot in her mouth. After all, she'd hate it if her secrets got out.

"I know a lot of people from all kinds of backgrounds." Well that was dumb but true.

"Oh." Jocelyn responded, before pausing.

She fidgeted a bit, "So he was always so charming?" She cut her last word short realizing she'd just said that. "I mean, you've heard him talk, smooth farm boy accent, musician, smart, can talk to anybody. I don't see how he's not beating away girls with a stick to get some breathing room. I mean look at Lance, its got the personality of a cardboard cut out and he's got a girlfriend. How does that work?" she didn't realize she was rambling.

Rose laughed at the comment about Lance, "Oh, don't go by the rich kids. I've known people like that my entire life. They just date someone with money who's available, rarely does substance enter into it."

As for Dante, "Dante's always been nice, a calming presence, good at reading people. I think he just hasn't found the right girl for him. Like maybe he wants someone with more to them than just fluff. And I'm guessing he would have to feel something like that back, strong enough to persue it."

She had never had that kind of attraction to Dante because they had been friends for so long but Rose did understand why someone else might fall for him.

"I think to the people that want more, than just a relationship to say they had one in high school, it's like that. I mean I fell for JD because of who he is. I think it's possible Dante wants that something more."

Jocelyn let out an unintentional snort laugh. "Sounds like a rom-com, but I get it."

Jocelyn watched as Dante and JD carried out their little scheme. "He really seems to like pushing the rich kids buttons. I heard Doug really really hates him."

Rose breathed a laugh, "It really does." Even if she hadn't intended that.

"Doug hates a lot of people but I've heard that too." Though Rose wasn't sure why. She watched JD and Dante with a slight smile on her lips. "I had a feeling if those two ever got together to do something against the rich kids, it would be something to watch." Rose certainly wasn't disappointed.

"Who'd have guessed Dante had such a devious side?" Jocelyn asked.

"We should probably record this after they are clear of any wrong doing." she said.

JD walked to one side then got an evil smile "Ok Rose they call this a distraction." Then he turned some to pet a goat "Dam the thang bit me" yelled JD loudly as he grab his hand like he was hurt.

Rose just watched JD, wondering what he was about to do. The two rich girls got distracted by JD calling out.

"Didn't know goats liked the taste of monkeys?" One of the girls said.

One of the other, goats came over to the girls and started nudging at one of the girls. "Hey," the girl said as the goat put it's head in her purse

JD looked at Dante that just done the deed of planting the feed in a few pockets. JD saw the nod from Dante telling him it was complete. JD just smiled and hugged Rose and kissed her.

Meanwhile, the snob cheer girls were getting surrounded along with Lance and Elena by the animals in the petting Zoo. Lance yelled shit as a goat walked up and took a part of his back pocket. Another trying to take Elena's purse. Soon the rich kids were on the run getting out of the Petting Zoo area.

Rose starting laughing as the rich kids were completely surrounded by the goats.

The rich kids had no repreve from the animals, it only got better when they ran off.

Rose kissed JD. Then spoke to both him and Dante. "That was great."

"I try." Dante said.

"But they deserved it. Wouldn't go much worse, I don't want to be like them." he said, "but sometimes a little le retour is in order."

Rose had a feeling her own issues with the rich kids had just started and would only get worse but didn't mention it.

Turning to JD, "Let's go see the rabbits."

Her enthusiasm not lost, in the least. She was determined to see the rest of the petting zoo, having never been to one before.

Then the girl spoke to Dante and Jocelyn, "You're welcome to join us, if you want."

Rose wasn't sure if Dante and Jocelyn would want to be around them, as plenty of kissing was certain to occur and it was pretty easy to tell how Rose and JD felt about each other. Rose just really didn't mind, if the other two were with them, and there was the politeness factor that ingrained into her.

Jocelyn looked at Dante and he looked back.

"I think we'll pass, thanks for the offer though." Dante said.

"We don't want to interrupt your date." Jocelyn added.

Rose nodded not surprised by that answer.

"We'll see you later, then." Then to Dante, "Thanks for the added help."

While Rose was sure JD could have dealt with it, it might have ended differently. And Dante and JD getting the rich kids together, that had been really interesting.

With a wave and a good bye the couple wandered off towards the rabbits.

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