Dresses and Friends

Rose and Kaylee sat outside waiting for April and Sam to come out of their respective dressing rooms. Both girls already had what they were going to be wearing to the and just came along to hangout with their friends.

April came out in a pink dress with flowers. "Well?" She asked. The redhead wanted to surprise Dawn and had asked the other girl to go off with some friends.

Kaylee said, "It's pretty."

April sighed, "I don't know."

Rose smiled, "Then keep looking. When it's right you'll know it."

April went back into the dressing room.

Sam came out of her dressing room, her decision was a bit easier.

The smile on her roommate's face, made Rose smile.

"You're getting that one." Rose already knew the answer.

"Absolutely," responded Sam.

April however went through five more outfits. She finally found the right one.

Courtney, Riley and Dawn had all gone to another store. This way Dawn wouldn't accidentally see what April was getting.

Courtney looked over a few dresses and said, "These are really not me. I almost want to just wear pants."

Something caught her eye. The young woman went across the store to where the dress hung in all its glory. A grin crossed her face. "Should I?"

That question was rhetorical as she picked up the dress and headed towards the dressing room. Coming out a few minutes later.

Riley and Dawn both smiled.

Riley then said, "You definitely should."

Courtney had found her outfit for the dance.

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