Boy's Shopping

The girls had their stores and the guys had theirs. Most of the guys hadn't actually needed anything. A few wanted to look for something to surprise their dates with. The nerds though all needed outfits and help.

Kyle, Heath and Matt had each been, sort of, dragged off by various nerds to help them pick out something. They were doing their best to help.

Zander hadn't expected to even be going to the dance, let alone have a date for it, so he was rather unprepared for it. He had Conner and JD helping in.

There was a whole lot of making him go back in the dressing room and try on something else. He didn't mind and welcomed the advice.

It took eight outfits but they finally hit on the right one. It made the young man look good and Zander was happy with it.

Zander had a feeling that the dance would be a night to remember.

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