Unlikely Dress Shopping

As a car pulled up to the dress shop the passenger looked a bit nervous. Until a hand was placed on her shoulder, "It's alright sweetie." the voice assured her as they exited the vehicle.

Inside the shop was a group of the more well to do students all in their chatty little group. Trash talking the other girls from school especially the scholarship students, and how they could by dresses that cost a forth of what they planned to spend and still out spend them. Being in their own little worlds they didn't take notice when the door opened and the little chime when off. It wasn't until they heard one of the assistants speaking to the women who just walked in that took note expecting something to laugh about to themselves later.

"Excuse me ma'am." the assistant spoke, "I do not wish to be rude but I don't believe we're what you are looking for." she spoke again, the only person the group could see was a tall woman, dressed fairly simply. A sleeveless dress shirt and tight mom jeans. That wasn't what struck the girls though, she looked a lot like Dante. Aside from the obvious differences the only truly notable ones were her eyes were kinder and had a weight to them, but otherwise it was clear where Dante got his looks. If she'd been a few years younger she'd easily be a model. The thing that did shock them was she was chaperoning another girl from school. They couldn't remember her name. She was always with Dante though.

"I don't believe that is true. So would it be alright if we looked around?" the woman asked the assistant.

"By all means, just ask for Penny if you need any help." the assistant said slightly sour.

"Alright dear." Dante's mother said to Jocelyn. "Now, you can pick any style you want, but you should try and and find something he can match easily." she explained. "And if the fit is slightly off we can have it fitted by a friend of mine he'll be much faster then they will here." she assured Jocelyn, "Now lets get looking, we have all day so take your time."

Shocked by this strangeness one of them took a picture on the sly, and sent it to Nancy.

"Is that who's mom I think it is?" she asked Nancy. "How can a scholarship kids mom afford to take someone else dress shopping? I NEED DEETS!"

"IDK I'll look into it." Nancy replied.

The girls didn't hang around all day, and soon left. Not too long after Jocelyn had picked out her dress.


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