The Beginning Of The End

Barring classes, Doug had barely left Melissa alone all day. He had made it clear this morning, to the girl, that she wasn't to spend time alone with Carter anymore. There was no need as far as he was concerned.

Melissa, she could have been surprised by this but wasn't. As Doug grabbed her wrist and squeezed it hard, while hurling insults at the young woman, Melissa could think. Reprieve is over; it was nice while it lasted.

There was however a break or two, in the midst of this, one was the doctor's appointment. Melissa had been seen by a doctor this morning. She was officially off the crutches though the doctor told her it might take about a few days before her ankle wasn't sore during use, she needed to walk on it and get back to what she was used to doing by the dance her ankle should be fine.

The second break was the shopping trip, Doug had told her to go. He wanted her to buy a new dress for the dance. Something he would like. Doug had only said he had something to do after school that wasn't going to include her.

The girl had to hang out with Doug's group though, the boy insisted and made some, not so veiled, threats regarding disobedience of that order.

Melissa didn't argue, she just wanted to get through the day. How much the girl wanted to be free of this.

Carter had been cornered by Doug, this morning, before leaving the boys' dorm. Doug insisted Carter stay away from Melissa, unless Doug was with them. Carter didn't like this development, he knew that didn't mean anything good for Melissa.

Doug had told Carter that Carter was to come with him after school but Carter made an excuse about needing something for the dance. Doug was not happy with this development but didn't argue with Carter about it.

Carter was currently looking at some shirts in the stores the boys had taken. He didn't really need anything but it had gotten him out of having to go with Doug.

Melissa was spending the shopping trip, quiet, not speaking much to anyone. Her eyes glanced over rows and rows of dresses. Doug's voice in her mind. *Makes you look fat.* *That'll look awful on you.* *Makes you look likeā€¦* and anything else he could possibly say about any dress

It was about two hours into their respective shopping excursions when both of their phones vibrated.

One look at the video sent to each of them, Carter grinned, Melissa smiled. Carter texted his friend.

Carter: I got him

Melissa: I got the same thing.

Carter: So, what now?

Melissa: Tomorrow it ends.

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