After The Breakup

JP with Jaxx, Redsword, LaserSexPanther and Cindy

The main group watched as the breakup unfolded. A smile crossed many of the faces as Mel and Carter walked away from Doug.

Carter sat down, smiled at Blossom and took her hand.

As Melissa sat next to Courtney, Courtney commented, "Congratulations."

Melissa smiled, "Thanks."

An announcement interrupted everyone for a moment.

"Due to a staff meeting, first period has been cancelled for today."

"Well, then we have time." Riley seemed to say almost more to herself. "Why don't I call up my aunt and have get breakfast delivered from her cafe? It seems more appropriate for this celebration than cafeteria food."

Courtney, Dawn, Zander, Rose, Sam, Matt, Kaylee, Carter, Kyle and Mel all seemed in agreement with that idea.

Jason had just walked outside when the break up occurred. He smiled as Melissa went to sit with the group.

Mel spotted the saxophone player but backed off going over to him.

Courtney leaned in toward the blonde girl and spoke quietly "You know you could invite him over."

Mel shook her head, "It changes things if I invite him over now. I don't think I can."

"Well, then I can." Before Melissa could say anything else, Courtney got up from the table and went over to Jason.

Courtney smiled at the boy, "From the look on your face, I can tell you saw what happened."

"Yeah, it's good. I'm happy for her." Jason commented

"We're having a little celebration, ordering breakfast. Would you like to join us?"

Jason looked at the group and Mel who kept looking his way. "I don't know. What did Mel say?"

"It's more what she didn't say. She never said she didn't want you to sit with us."

"Yet, you're the one over here inviting me."

"Will you stop that!" Courtney sighed. "She needs time. If you're not willing to give that to her, then I really misread you." The girl's voiced switched from the half southern - half not accent she tended to get at the school to the all southern from home. "My Memaw says ain't no flower that don't bloom without patience."

Jason couldn't help but chuckle a little. "Reminds of something mine would say."

"Well, then are you willing to give that to Mel - you know time, patience?"

Jason glanced once more towards Mel, "It seems like she would be worth it."

Courtney smiled at him, "Come on. One thing I know about this group there is always room for one more."

The two walked back to the table and took their seats.

"My aunt's cafe is The Sun Cafe. You can pull up the menu online. Everyone let me know what you want I'll order it. And everyone's covered." Riley explained, upon seeing the two taking their seats.

Conner and JD both in unison said "I am good for food" then looked at one other and laugh.

"Ya Jason join us," said JD pulling out this acoustic guitar. "What do you know on that Sax?" asked JD.

"Call it the price for joining us," JD said with a grin starting to play some radome toon. JD, knowing the answer, asked jokingly, "Rose sing for us?"

Conner pulled out some drum sticks from his back pocket and started to tap on the table a rhythm. "You can't cut me out," said Conner with a grin.

The group was now more active with people giving their orders to Riley who was writing them down. She clearly would have to move away from the table to place the order.

Jason raised a brow at the question about the sax.

"Oh, didn't know there was a toll." He joked.

The boy pulled out his sax and started playing, his music blending effortlessly with that of JD and Conner. He had pretty much learned how to play in jam sessions, many spontaneous, with the musicians his dad knew. Learning to keep up had been important.

Rose and Sam looked at each other and laughed when JD made the comment about Rose singing.

Rose shook her head, "No one wants to hear that."

Sam rolled her eyes, "Someday we should all do karaoke."

Zander had been pretty quiet but spoke up at that suggestion. "I don't know. Those of us who aren't musical might be a little out of our league."

Courtney grinned, "I'd do it."

Which surprised no one as Courtney wasn't scared of much.

Rose joked, "I think I'm going to be out voted." The girl looked over at the rich kids table, who seemed to be watching them. She leaned over to Dante and quietly said, "I think the rich kids aren't happy about any of this.". Rose's tone was a little on the concerned side. The amount of problems they could cause for Rose went further than the school but it was difficult to say what exactly they were unhappy with at this moment. She was really hoping they didn't cause problems for Melissa.

Dante whispered back "Seems to me they'd rather be miserable than happy." Dante cleared his throat. "I think they are especially unhappy that most of the people at this table are happy," he added. "And to think how angry and confused people over there'd be knowing who I am." he let out a 'shoot' whistle. "That'd be a kick."

Rose smiled at the comment about the other table finding out who Dante was.

"I kind of wish they didn't know who I was." It would make life easier but everyone seemed to know who Rose was.

Riley doubled checked to make sure the order was correct and got up to place it.

Kyle let his hand brush against Justin's leg, then took the other boy's hand under the table.

Kaylee asked Dawn and April, "So, what's going on with the move?"

Dawn answered, "We're going to tell the school, soonish."

Kaylee laughed, "Well, no rush. Maybe, you should wait until Friday. Then the move could happen on the weekend."

April spoke up, "I don't know if we can or really want to put it off that long."

Riley came back and announced the food was ordered, it would be there in a few minutes.

Blossom was relieved when Carter returned unharmed and by her side again. She then asked, “Are you going to be okay? I mean I am a little worried.” Blossom was very concerned for Carter after challenging Doug like that.

Justin smirked as he nudged Kyle and whispered to him, “Don’t they look so cute together? I think we should help her get dolled up for the dance again. What do you think?” Justin was feeling inspired now.

Meanwhile Jack was running late after a coach was nagging him to join a sports team again. Then as he managed to escape the coach he was found by Ashley and Roxy who quickly latched onto his arms and guided him in the direction of their friends. Ironically they were about to cross paths with a vet angry Doug. Jack could care less about Doug since he was an arrogant jerk, but Ashley and Roxy on the other hand decided to voice their opinion and say “jerk alert.” Jack sighed as he was expecting trouble from Doug now.

"I'll be fine," Carter gently squeezed her hand. "But I appreciate the concern."

Given what he and Mel had on the boy, Doug would have to completely lose everything at the school to come after them.

Kyle smiled, "They are. How about Blossom and Melissa this time. I think she could use the boost."

Doug was far too pissed off at Melissa and Carter to pay attention to anything Ash or Roxy said or care much about them or Jack so he kept on walking.

When Ash, Roxy and Jack arrived, Riley asked them. "Do you want to order breakfast from my aunt's cafe? It's the Sun Cafe if you want to look up that menu. Just let me know what you want. I can get it in with our order.

Jack was very hungry as usual since he burned through food fast from his high metabolism. Sadly he was not able to get in a word edge wise. Ashley and Roxy cut him off by smiling at Riley and saying it was a great idea to and fun to try new places. At this point Jack was to hungry to argue so once again he caved to the whims of Ashley and Roxy. The looked up the menu and placed their orders with Riley.

Blossom giggled as she saw poor Jack getting bullied by Ashley and Roxy. She thought they looked so cute together like he was their pet. Then she gave Carter a kiss on his cheek as she whispered in his ear that he was amazing.

Justin looked at Kyle with a sly smile and whispered that adding Melissa to the make over party would be fun. He almost leaned in for a kiss but stopped and whispered as he asked who else should they ask?

Jocelyn was a bit late getting around to come down for breakfast and expected Dante was probable already waiting for her, he always seemed to do everything with an elegant ease and unabashed attuited. Doug was making his way through the courtyard like a sullen bulldozer. Nearly running into Jocelyn who managed to just step out of his way in time to not be run into. "Watch it..." she mumbled to herself after walking past him and in the direction that Dante said he'd be.

Not realizing she'd said it out loud. To in her own head about Dante asking her to breakfast.

Doug didn't see or care much about Jocelyn either. He was however getting an idea.

Dante didn't seem to say anything about Jocelyn joining them. So, Riley was about to place the rest of the order, when she heard Mel ask Dante.

"Is Jocelyn joining us?"

Riley texted her aunt there was additions to the order and waited on Dante's response.

"She said she was headed this way." Dante said.

As they were talking Jocelyn did show up, and she came to sit down with the rest of the group. "Sorry I'm late." she said to Dante.

Dante shook his head. "You don't need to be sorry, you made it in time." He told her. "What you've you like for breakfast?" he asked her.

"Oh..." she thought a moment. "What did you get?" She asked.

"Breakfast Burrito sub sausage for chorizo," he said.

"Oh that's too spicy for me. Um...I've always wanted to try a Monte Cristo." she said.

"Did you hear her, Riley?" Dante asked.

"Got it," Riley went about texting the rest of the order.

Meanwhile, Doug had stormed inside to find his group. They were in the cafeteria.

He sat down and said. "Melissa broke up with me and Carter helped her. I knew those two were up to something."

Well, that was almost what he said, the language used to describe both Mel and Carter was far more colorful.

When Doug added the two were outside, one of the football players said, "Maybe, we should do breakfast outside."

Perfect Doug thought. He had wanted that response. So, Doug's group went outside sat at a table and kept looking over at the group with Mel and Carter.

Melissa noticed instantly and muttered, "Well, that's just great."

By the time, Sadie arrived with her group and, of course, Joey there was definitely something the girl had missed. They sat at a table near Lance and Elena's group, close enough that Sadie was able to ask Lance and Elena, "What is going on?"

Joey and Charlie showed up fashionably late as they followed Sadie and her group as they were talking about some online video they found amusing. Joey leaned in to kiss Sadie as he greeted her, Moring beautiful." He gave her a wink since he was being a good boyfriend in public. He asked, "Need anything?" Charlie had an awkward smile as he watched Joey put the charm on Sadie. He then began nervously looking around for Galaxy. He was hoping to excuse himself as he was still in pursuit for the female that enchanted him.

Amid Charlie's distraction at the conversation at hand, from a short distance away among a tight group of mostly other girls, and another boy stood Galaxy. Chatting with them. Occasionally doing that kind of laugh where somebody covers their mouth with the edge of their hand. From this far away even if Charlie was a super genius he'd not be able to read their lips. The only thing that poor fool could see was Galaxy, focused everything around them fizzy blobs. Like a cheesy rom-com, tasteful retro song included.

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