After The Breakup (part 2)

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Sadie turned to Joey, returned the kiss and smiled at him, "Yes, could you get me a cafe mocha?"

It came across as a request but Joey would likely understand it was more of an order. Then Sadie's attention was turned back to trying to figure out what had happened.

It wasn't long when one of the rich girls came over and said, "Melissa broke up with Doug."

Sadie was surprised by that news. She predicted the news would be all over the school before the end of first period. Especially when her eyes landed on Nancy who seemed to be mentally taking notes of everything that was happening.

Charlie was once again enchanted by Galaxy as his jaw dropped. At this point he looked like the catch of the day at an all you can eat sushi bar. His body was still like a tree and he was completely oblivious to everything and everyone around him. He was so focused on watching Galaxy that he would not even notice if he was on fire. He didn't even snap out of it when Joey tapped him several times on the arm. Eventually Charlie turned to see Joey talking to him, "Dude help me get some breakfast stuff." Charlie simply nodded as he followed Joey as he kept glancing at Galaxy as they moved to the food line. Joey placed his orders and decided to get some sweet treats along with Sadie's Cafe Mocha. Since the macaroons were freshly made he ordered a few dozen along with the fruit tray, some hazelnut coffees and a few crescent breakfast sandwiches. Once the orders were ready they put the food and drinks on two trays and made their way back to the table.

Meanwhile Nancy had a rather disturbing look on her face as she was typing notes on her phone in a furious manner. She overhead some very juicy gossip and was in 9th heaven as she finally got a big scoop for the year. Since he had a questionable reputation she was avoided when she was looking for news worthy material. Of course this made her want the scoop even more when she was denied. Sometimes she would hide in the girls bathroom just to overhear the gossip from other girls. Since she was caught early on she had to hide her legs and shoes from being seen if someone looked below the stall. Since Doug was a big fish on campus seeing him crash and burn was going to be a huge article for her.

Courtney had heard Melissa's comment and turned to see Doug and his group staring at them.

"Ignore him, ignore them." Courtney told Melissa

Melissa nodded unconvincingly. She was thinking this was just the beginning. Guys like Doug didn't necessarily give up so easily.

Carter had noticed as well but said nothing. He didn't want Blossom to think that what had happened would be much of a problem.

After a few more minutes breakfast arrived. Riley's aunt had decided to give the group a few extras. So, there was fruit, mixed pastries and a variety of croissants as well as everyones order. The order was placed on the table.

The delivery guy looked to be about college age, Riley introduced him as Dennis. She talked to him for a few moments before tipping him and then the man was on his way.

Heath looked over the array of food and commented, "Riley, your aunt went all out."

"She likes to do a little extra for my friends but I wasn't expecting all of this."

The table went about eating their food and continuing to talk.

Sadie smiled as she spotted all the food Joey and Charlie came back with. "Thanks," to both of them.

The girl then whispered in Joey's ear , "I might have to reward you later."

Joey turned a bit red as he smirked at Sadie's comment and warm breath in his ear. He needed to keep his cool and not get to excited in public. Earning brownie point points from Sadie was like a game of foreplay for him. He then took his seat by Sadie and sipped his coffee as he waited for the other girls to pick what they wanted before he picked for himself. Charlie on the other hand was still distracted as he searched for Galaxy again. Joey nudged him to sit down and eat, so he did and sipped his coffee with a puzzled expression. Joey was to busy attending to Sadie to care what his friend Charlie was up to.

Meanwhile Blossom was excited to nibble on her breakfast. She looked like a cute woodland creature as she nibbled on her breakfast sandwich and sipped her orange juice. Every now and then she would flirt with Carter a bit.

Justin was is a chipper mood as he talked to Kyle about the idea for makeovers with the girls. It got his creative soul moving and inspired as he tossed a few ideas at Kyle. Now and then he would slightly lean on Kyle as he chuckled.

Jack on the other hand was trying to eat in peace but was interrupted by Ashley and Roxy hand feeding him some macaroons and teasing him by pulling them away at the last moment. Since he was constantly eating he couldn't get a word in edgewise.

When Dante got his breakfast burrito he dug in eating it like he was ravenous. But on close inspection it was because he could tell the burrito itself was starting to turn to a goo. Stained with the spice red grease from the chorizo. And at the risk of waring more then he ate he was tucking in and trying to eat it quick.

Meanwhile Jocelyn was eating her sandwich, looking slightly bewildered. Not disgusted but just confused, as if this wasn't quite what she was expecting. Between mouth fulls she looked at Dante. "Hows your burrito."

Dante with slightly puffed with food cheeks gave her a nod and a thumbs up. She responded with a quick snorted laugh and a head shake.

Farther away but still within view Galaxy sat with their friends, in a grassy area. The group was an odd bunch of artsy kids.

Sam, Rose and Kaylee had all gone with different types of frittatas and were sampling each others and discussing how good they were. Rose was of course being super polite and careful with how she ate, not thinking about. Sam and Kaylee just shook their heads and continued eating normally.

Carter thought Blossom looked adorable as he ate his own breakfast sandwich. He flirted back with her and was enjoying every moment spending time with her.

Kyle added April to the list for the makeover. Mostly, though he listened to Justin's ideas. The boy was better at the makeover stuff than he was.

Kaylee asked Rose, "Do you know what your wearing for the dance?"

"Yes," Rose smiled but half sighed.

"What?" Kaylee couldn't understand the reaction.

"Nothing, no it's a nice dress and I need another coffee. Do either of you want anything?" When both girls declined she gave JD and kiss, got up and went to the stand.

Kaylee gave Conner a kiss, "I'll be right back."

She slide closer to Sam. "What was that about?"

Sam kept her voice low, "Rose has to wear what her parents send her. She's like a walking advertisement for their company and she hates it. The dress is well - it's a designer original."

"In other words she doesn't like it." Kaylee then asked, "Is it that bad?"

"Here," Sam showed Kaylee a picture of the dress, which was an odd shade of blue with butterflies and flowers coming out of it.

Kaylee looked at the picture, to Rose and grimaced, "Do her parents not know her at all?"

Sam didn't say anything to that. Instead she asked, "Can we do something about this?"

Kaylee grinned, "Of course we can come up with something I'm sure."

Conner had a smile on his face from the kiss. Conner watched as Kaylee walked away. Then look over to JD. "I think Rose needs a rescue?"

JD gave a sigh "I know, My parents have told me not to get too involved in their family matters. Only if it directly involves me can I do something." replied JD.

Conner frowned "when did that ever stop you?" said Conner.

JD glanced at Conner "I will think of something. Could use the dress as Bears chew toy and say the dog ate it?" joked JD.

Conner let out a laugh "Only if that would work." replied Conner he turned to the others "well I am sure Kaylee will look hot, can't wait." said Conner then looked at Matt like he just got caught stealing cookies. "Ah... she will look great I am sure," said Conner trying to downplay his comment.

Kaylee came back and sat next to Conner. Rose came back with her coffee and sat next to JD.

Kaylee and Sam looked at Rose.

"What?" Rose asked.

Kaylee just commented, "We're gonna to figure out a way you don't have to wear that dress."

"Well, when you come up with something let me know." Rose sipped her coffee. "Sorry, I appreciate it but it's going to be harder to do than you might think. I have to prove I was wearing it at the dance."

Sam looked around, and said, "If any group can figure something out it'd be this one."

"How do you plan to prove it?" Dante asked. "Pictures or video?"

"Pictures," Rose responded.

She doubted her parents wanted a video, just proof the girl had complied with their orders.

"We could fake it." Dante suggested. "Deep fake or just stage the photos."

Rose didn't want to say she wasn't exactly sure no one, at the school, would leak it to her parents what she was actually wearing. It sounded paranoid and ridiculous but they hadn't been at her last school.

Sam chimed in with, "You know between myself and Zander faking photos wouldn't be that complicated."

Rose nodded at Sam because she knew it was true. She turned to Dante, "What would we need to fake it?"

Rose didn't want to say she wasn't exactly sure no one, at the school, would leak it to her parents what she was actually wearing. It sounded paranoid and ridiculous but they hadn't been at her last school.

Sam chimed in with, "You know between myself and Zander faking photos wouldn't be that complicated."

Rose nodded at Sam because she knew it was true. She turned to Dante, "What would we need to fake it?"

"We'd need a picture of you in the dress, and some photos of the dance before it starts." Dante said, "They set up the day before." he paused, "But Sam and Zander sound like they know more than me. I'm not really trained in photoshop-fu." he added. "So they might have better suggestions then me. But it'd be all about putting you at the dance when you weren't really there."

Rose thought for a moment. "That might work. Anything is better than having to wear that dress all night at the dance."

Sam turned to the computer expect, "Hey, Zander do you think you could help us with something?"

"The dress thing, sure. No problem." Zander easily replied.

And that's why Zander always seemed just a little cooler than most of the nerds, was the thought that went through Riley's mind. Not that she actually cared, she liked the boy because he was very much himself all the time, it seemed.

Rose turned to JD. "Are you okay with helping me with this?"

He was going to have to be in some of the pictures.

"If it'll help, I could pose in a few with you." Dante said. "How could your mum not trust an honest face like mine." he joked.

A few of the people, laughed at Dante's comment, including Rose. She wondered for a moment if her parents even remembered Dante.

"I think if we can pose at least one group shot, a few with Rose with different people and a bunch with her be and JD, we should have it." Sam commented.

"Well, let's plan it out. We'll get who we can." Rose didn't expect everyone to be able or want to do the pictures, which was fine. "My parents need a few pictures but not a ton."

They likely wouldn't keep them or they did to show off, Rose didn't know.

Listening to the plan that everyone was comming up with JD thought about it. And what his parents had told him. JD smiled at Rose and gave her a kiss. "I am all in with you. I was thinking more like Bear useing the dress like a chew toy. I guess he will miss out." JD said with a smile

Conner looked over to Rose. "I dont know about Kaylee but we could do a few pictures together it would make it more realistic. Not like we are not in each others pictures anyways." Commented Connor.

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