After The Breakup (part 3)

Rose smiled at JD's comment. "Thanks for the thought but it might be best to not destroy it, but now I need another dress to actually wear to the dance."

Kaylee smiled at Conner's suggestion, "Sure, I 'd be good with that."

"We can arrange that," Riley said. "Why don't a few of us go shopping this week, after school. I'll drive, just tell me where you want to go."

"Thanks everyone," Rose said. And that was settled.

Meanwhile, while Doug was just sitting and glaring at Melissa, and occasionally Carter. He wasn't saying anything. Doug's entire group actually said nothing, just the starring but it was unnerving to Melissa.

It was as if the boy was shooting lazers though her back, despite her best efforts to ignore it.

Conner looked at Mel and traced where she was looking he saw Doug. Conner got a evil smile. He kissed Kaylee. "Well I have to make trouble, something I am good at." Said Conner with a mischievous grin.

Conner got up and walked to block Dougs view standing between them both giving Doug the same intimidating look back. Conner did not even hid it he just stood there with his arms crossed.

JD look over at Conner and chuckled "Wow, Conner," said JD quietly.

"What is he doing?". Melissa asked Courtney, when she spotted Conner.

Courtney laughed, "He's being Conner. Conner doesn't like people messing with his friends." Pausing for a moment. "You are part of the group now, one of us will always have your back."

One of the football players, at Doug's table, started to get up, seemingly to confront Conner. Doug gave a stop sign with his hand.

"She's not worth the effort," Doug's comment directly aimed at Mel. He glared at Conner. "Come on, let's go."

Doug's entire table got up and walked towards the football field.

Seeing the football player standing caused Dante to begin to get to his feet as well, he knew Conner could handle himself but Dante knew meatheads, it'd only take Conner throwing one justified punch and the rest of the team would be on him, but seeing Doug call off his dog he relaxed back into his seat. The storm storm had only started so it seems, and it could only get worse before things got better.

JD glanced over to Conner "down boy" he said with a grin and in a playful tone. JD shooked his head at Conner. Looked over to Rose with a smile. "Well, a dress with a low cut and open back?" He commented with a grin not showing if he was serious or not.

Conner looked at the ground then turned to walk back to sit with Kaylee. "I bet we could have taken them guys," said Conner with a smile of confidence. As he sat next to Kaylee he gave her a kiss. "Sorry about that. I have had enough of Doug," explained Conner.

Kaylee smiled at Conner, "It's good."

The girl wasn't fan of Doug's either. Doug came across as a jerk and frankly she wondered about that group that seemed to follow him around. It didn't matter though.

There was more talking over less important matters. Melissa and Carter were both easily welcomed into the group, and breakfast eventually ended with everyone headed towards their classes. Could have been a typical day but, at least for two people, the day had started something that was far from over.

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