Running Behind

After running his laps at PE, Jack was hoping to clean up in the locker room and avoid everyone till breakfast. Sadly his plans were foiled after he was leaving the locker room by one of the coaches blocking his path and trying to recruit him for sports. Since Jack had a very fast time he could easily run Track or run for any sport that had, but since he was not a team player, he had no interest. Sadly the coaches had it in their mind that Jack would make a good addition to the school teams. Jack was getting annoyed as he was hungry and not in the mood for the speech the coach was giving him. To make it worse he was not able to get a word in edge wise. This coach came off like a fast talking Reverend trying to get people motivated and would not let Jack refuse him.

After the early morning workout Lance, the other rich kids went back to the dorms and got ready for the day. He had planned to give JD a hard time at the workout but the coaches had everyone on a tight leash. It felt more like the military than high school football. The coach was especially hard this morning on them. It was almost as intense as the pros. they all met up in the hall and walked to the cafeteria. Elena walked up beside Lance glancing at the other cheer girl giving them a face. and put her arm around his. "hay baby coach seem mad this morning what did you guys do?" she asked. Lance smiled "Baby? ok, don't know." replied Lance. that talk on the subject as they walked into the Cafeteria.

Luckily Ashley and Blossom saw Jack looking upset as a coach was rambling on and on to him.

Blossom: Isn't that Jack?

Ashley looked over and smirked.

Ashley: Indeed that is my Jack.

Blossom: Is he in trouble?

Ashley: Not likely. The coaches have been trying to recruit him, but he won't budge.

Blossom: Why not?

Ashley: He is just shy.

Blossom: He looks upset.

Ashley: Yeah I better get him before he looses his cool.

Ashley then walks over to Jack and charms the coach before she pulls Jack away for breakfast. The coach finds himself unable to refuse Ashley's request to let Jack go for breakfast. Jack is both relived and annoyed by being saved by Ashley as she locks her arm into his so they can walk together. Ashley teases poor Jack a bit since he had to be saved by her followed by a peck on his cheek.

Ashley: Now lets get you some food Jack. You are looking a bit pale.

Jack moaned with annoyance. as Blossom giggled a bit. Along the way they ran into Justin who was working on Home Economics Project. The four of them headed to the cafeteria after that. Sadly they were late and missed a lot of what happened. They made their way to pick up their food before looking for their usual table.


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