What in Blazes Happened?

Courtney and Matt had come back from their breakfast out and were in their individual dorm rooms, in their uniforms when the blaring of the fire alarm could be heard.

Courtney sighed quickly putting on her socks and shoes. Thinking the school could have picked a better time for a fire drill.

Matt had a similar thought and met Courtney as she was going out the door. When they arrived in front of the school, however, it was clearly not a drill and they might have been the only two people who were dry.

Courtney noticed that no one seemed happy but getting drenched will do that. She spotted the groups she was sure had been eating together at breakfast. She also spotted Melissa with Doug, He was standing near her and she was.....it looked like she was rubbing her wrist but trying to hide it, she also didn't look particularly happy to be there but, then again, no one really did.

Courtney and Matt just stood there for a moment in disbelief.

Matt finally spoke up. "Umm....should we head over there....."nodding his head to where Conner was "And find out what happened."

Courtney responded with "Sure."

But before either of them could get very far they were stopped by a drenched Dawn. "Hey." Said, Dawn. "You missed all the excitement."

Courtney responded with. "Yeah. We went out for breakfast." Then thinking...."Oh, Dawn, this is Matt. Matt, Dawn."

Matt said to Dawn: "Bonjour, enchanté" (Hello, nice to meet you (informal))

Dawn gave Matt a smile. "It's nice to meet you as well."

Courtney then asked with all the southernness in her coming out, drawl and all. "What happened? Not only is everyone drenched but almost all Y'all look madder than a wet hen?"

Dawn explained everything. When she mentioned that JD jumped in front of the yogurt meant for Rose and that everyone near Rose got splattered; Courtney raised a brow. "Well, ain't that something. That boy must be faster than a squirrel."

Matt glanced over towards the rich kids who were all standing together. "Do you know who threw the yogurt?"

Dawn shook her head. "No. I mean I saw it was one of the cheerleaders but I don't know her name. She was taken away by one of the teachers."

Courtney sighed and said glanced over at the rich kids. "They are always acting so uppity. I reckoned it would escalate; I mean it does every year but it's only the third day of school." Things were going fast this year and gave Courtney a bad feeling about how the rest of the year would go.

A teacher then came out with a bullhorn. "Attention everyone"

Everyone seemed to quiet down and turn to look at the teacher. "Before anyone goes back inside. Don't anyone think that this behavior is acceptable. Any more disruptions and the beach trip could just as easily be canceled." The teacher then spoke slowly for emphasis. "Don't .....test....us." Obviously, the 'us' meaning the staff of the school.

A pause then. "There will be water and granola bars available on the way to class, for those that didn't get breakfast. First-class is canceled for today so everyone can get cleaned up, the teachers will email everyone any work to make up for missing today." The teacher then said. "Alright, everyone can go inside now."

Dawn said goodbye to Matt and Courtney and headed in with everyone else. Matt turned to Courtney. "Hey, you want to get a coffee?"

"That sounds great," Courtney responded.

They got two coffees from the coffee stand and sat down on a bench together. Matt then said. "Is it really that bad this year?"

"Yes," Courtney filled Matt in on the ice cream social. She then said; "They've never targeted Rose before but she and JD were seen holding hands last night."

Matt shook his head. "They think she's a traitor."

"I suppose." Courtney sipped her coffee. "It just seems though the rich kids are now targeting anyone that isn't part of their little click."

Matt then said. "Well, I hate to say this but it seems like they've now drawn the line in the sand. Every year, everyone survives and this won't be any different. It just might take a little more doing."

Courtney nodded. She agreed with him but she couldn't help feeling things were going to get bad this year.

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