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The way JD feels

(Day 5 - Saturday- Showtime Beach party)
JP done by Red sword and Cindy

JD could see people making their way backstage he glanced at the time. He gave a small sigh. He did not want to leave Rose it was nice laying beside her on the beach. His head had stopped hurting the kiss she gave him on the cheek still ran through his mind. JD was happy with the company and talking they had together. He reached over brushing some hair out of Rose's face he had gently caressing her face as he did it. "It is time for me to go I have to get on stage and get ready." he said softly. "I know I will be on stage most of the time But at the bonfire save a dance for me?" He asked with a soft smile.

It had been nice spending time with JD but Rose had also known he'd probably have to go soon to get ready so he could head backstage.
At the comment about dancing at the bonfire, she returned the smile. "Of course." With that, she stood up. The two packed up their things and headed to their respective beach houses.

In the beach house, JD looked at Conner "Hay ready for this?" asked JD as he picked up his Fender Guitar bag. Conner was tapping his drum sticks on the edge of the bed working through some of the songs he was to play. Looking up Conner replied still taping away. "let's get on stage good luck out there JD, hay did you set up your surprise?" he asked as he picked up his drum stick roll bag. JD Smile "yes I got one of the chaperones to do it for me." replied JD walking to the door Conner followed they did a high five as they walked out. looking at Matt Conner and looked excited "Matt" said JD and Conner at the same time. "Let's rock and show them how it's done," Conner added.

They turned looked at Kyle "dude your first up let's go as the crowd was going fast everyone trying to get a good place on the beach and the bone fire just lit and the flames starting to build. JD saw Rose standing he gave her a wink as he went backstage. Conner was not hiding his thoughts on Kaylee and how she looked. She was not the little girl he once knew she did hot in the red dress. Kyle's songs went off with no problems and the crowd was liking it and some girls were going wild over him JD thought if they only knew. He looked out into the crowd and spotted Rose a smile came across his face making it a point to make eye contact with her. JD and Conner were putting their all into the songs Next up was Kaylee, who entered the stage wearing a little red dress, dangling earrings, and heels. She did her first number Crowd which might have surprised some people because most didn't expect her to play the violin. She took a moment for applause and to let JD. Matt, Dawn, and Conner get on stage.

Conner's eyes lit up as Kaylee took the stage. JD said quietly "stop drooling" then laugh some. Conner shot him a dirty look then laugh some too. that dress put her in a different light Conner was looking at all her body lines. JD and Conner got all into her Violin Solo trying their best to make her look good. With the combination of Matt, JD, and Conner it almost looked like they had been playing for a long time together they worked off one another perfectly JD was into it all. Matt's performance was amazing as well as the crowd cheered loudly. JD realized it was his turn he felt a bit nervous no one had ever made him feel that before. he placed his Fender guitar on the stand and pick up the acoustic guitar. He walked to the front of the stage. He looked out into the crowd and smiled adjusted his mic. "This goes out to a special girl I hope this explains how I feel. He starts to play and sing Wanted - Hunter Hayes JD glanced back to the others on the stage. He looks at Rose not taking his eyes off her He wanted to make sure there was no guessing who that song was for. He put all the passion he could towards the song. Then some started to walk towards Rose about halfway through the song. The parent walked up to Rose and handed her a bouquet of roses. There was a card attached that read To a special person that is winning my heart. He finished the first song with a cheer from the crowd. When things quieted he started to play the guitar then says in Italian "Ogni principessa ha bisogno di un cavaliere che spero di essere abbastanza bravo da essere suo." (Every Princess needs a Knight I hope to be good enough to be hers.) He plays an acoustic version of Game of Thrones.

Rose had walked to the audience area with Sam and Heath who had to be there a little early, so, she had gotten a really good spot upfront. She noticed JD making eye contact and smiled at him. She really liked Dawn's performance with the theater kids. Kyle was really good but she found it amusing all the girls that were trying to get closer. Kaylee was really good. Matt is also really good. Then JD took the stage and dedicated the first song for her. That surprised her but the bouquet of roses just added to the surprise. She thanked the chaperone. Sam took a picture of her receiving the flowers. It was amazing and such a beautiful gesture all she could do was smile, blush a little, and mouth a thank you to him. When he was into his second song she wiped one of her eyes. JD was really good and in Rose's mind, she didn't think anyone could top that for her. Sam watched all of this impressed with the gesture. She stood there with Rose and Heath. When JD was finished, the three of them agreed that JD was good, then Heath looked around and joked: "I think JD just managed to make every guy with a girlfriend look bad." Rose and Sam looked around noticing many of the guys with girlfriends looking suddenly uneasy and they both smiled. Sam kissed Heath. "No worries." Which Heath smiled at. Sam then turned to Rose, pulling her off slightly to the sides so only they could talk without people overhearing: "You know what I'm going to say." Rose smelled her roses and said, "I need to tell him, tonight." Sam nodded. "Yes. It'll be fine but it might not be if you hold off any longer." "I know." They both walked back by Heath and Sam went off to take pictures of the rest of the show.

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