From The Fans

One of the chaperones came out on stage, made some announcements, and introduced the host for the talent show. Dawn had gotten herself into her mind space to perform. For the first number, the theater kids were dressed like regular high school students, Dawn had on demin shorts and a white top with a heart on it.

Since the front of the stage was crowded with the crowd of students, Justin, Blossom, Jack and Ashley stayed close together. Jack didn't get much of a say in the matter since Ashley was hugging him tightly and affectionately. They really enjoyed the theater troupe and Dawn performing before them. Jack thought they were pretty good but he would rather be taking a nap at that point since Ashley wore him out mentally. Ashley, Blossom and Justin on the other hand were excited to see the performance from High School Musical on the stage. After it was over the next group came on stage.

Kyle was backstage, he thought the theater kids did really well but was glad for the break with the skits because going from them to his act with Conner, JD, and Matt might cause genre shock. His outfit alone might cause genre shock. The band got on stage and he walked out, he could see a few girls trying to push their way to the front and for a moment it was quiet, then a motion from Kyle and the music started for "Be Yourself". He moved all across the stage, he had a definite presence about him and the more he performed the greater the presence.

Jack was not impressed by Kyle's attire unlike the many female fans who were applauding him. Ashley and Blossom also cheered Kyle and the others on. Jack gave a polite clap to avoid making Ashley mad.

Justin was in awe by Kyle's appearance as he was rendered speechless. He almost forgot to cheer and clap till the audience started before him and his instincts copied them. He was very impressed how Kyle cleaned up in a short time. As he listened to Kyle sing the song from Audioslave his mind wandered as he stared at Kyle in his majesty. Justin began to daydream during the performance as a song played in his mind.
Song in Justin's head

While the song by The Cure played Justin imagined himself and Kyle going a wild and crazy date consisting of shopping, hanging out at a café, playing at a public pool, playing at a beach and walking hand in hand at the beach. When the song was over Justin snapped out of his daydream and loudly cheered on Kyle and the others. He was a little excited that he not caught thinking about Kyle.

The first song ended and he waited a moment or two, he could see more girls and now a few guys trying to get to the front. One, two and then the distinct sound of "Dream On" could be heard. The song went on and Kyle continued to do what he does on stage and then he hit the infamous high note in the song and the crowd apparently enjoyed that, the song ended and there was loud applause. He took his moment in the spotlight and then moved aside and motioned towards the guys backing him up who also was well received by the audience. The whole performance had way more a rock show and less of a talent show feel but Kyle had just been himself on stage.

Ashley held Jack's hands and made him clap as well as she cheered loudly and kissed him on the neck. Jack was feeling overwhelmed by Ashley, but was in no position to stop her without making a scene. Blossom was very excited to see the show as she clapped and cheered. Justin was slow dancing and grooving to Kyle's performance. he was really hoping he could spend more time with Kyle after the show.

Next up was Kaylee, who entered the stage wearing a little red dress, dangling earrings, and heels. She did her first number Crowe which might have surprised some people because most didn't expect her to play the violin. She took a moment for applause and to let JD. Matt, Dawn, and Conner get on stage.

Once again the crowd enjoyed the show and were very surprised she was using a violin. He two songs were very impressive and had the crowd singing along during the chorus. Ashley was feeling very smitten as she cuddled Jack from behind and occasionally nibbled on his ears and neck. Jack was doing his best to not get aroused by Ashley in public, which was a major task on his side. Blossom was a bit jealous that Ashley had a guy while she didn't, but she was happy to see them together and hoped one day she could be that happy. However she was still enjoying the show as she cheered on Kaylee who was amazing in her eyes. Justin was happy to see Kaylee perform but was still crushing on Kyle from earlier.

But before he went on stage " Matt went to Courtney and said into her ear. "The second song is, especially, for you." it was just between the two of them and he didn't need the world knowing.

While he had been dressed in all black for Kyle's performance, his outfit was a bit more on the casual side; his performance was to be more open mic night than rocker.

Matt's performance was amazing as well as the crowd cheered loudly. Jack was actually trying to listen to the music to avoid thinking about Ashly flirting with him. Ashley was really feeling wild and excited by the energy of the crowd and holding the man she loved. She was in hog haven and not ready to give it up anytime soon. Blossom was opening up a lot as the music was making her more expressive. She was not nearly as shy as she was the day before. Today she wore a cute swimsuit at a beach, got hit on a lot, learned how to surf, saw some cute guys play volleyball and was at a live concert with cut guys. She was not going to be the same girl every again. Justin was again enjoying the show but still thinking about Kyle. He was hoping Kyle would come out so they could watch the rest of the show together, but he knew it was a slim chance.


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