Lights, Curtain, And Go

One of the chaperones came out on stage, made some announcements, and introduced the host for the talent show. Dawn had gotten herself into her mind space to perform. For the first number, the theater kids were dressed like regular high school students, Dawn had on demin shorts and a white top with a heart on it.. She took her place with the other theater kids and the curtain rose. The opening sounds of Stick To The Status Quostarted. She was pretty much a background person for the first number which was fine, she'd get her moment. Her moment came next. All the theater kids, except Dawn, left the stage and the music played, her solo number of When There Was Me and You. She belted out the song; it was one she knew by heart and ended to loud applause. In theater you didn't bow to each song instead holding it for applause was more common, she waited for the few minutes it took for the applause to die down and then quickly left the stage to get changed into her outfit was basically a blue and white softball uniform, what all the kids were wearing. This number she was singing lead with another theater girl, it was a lot of singing and dancing and when they got to the end I Can't Dance all the theater kids came to the front and threw soft ball into the audience that read "Sakura High School Beach Trip Fall" with the year added. Once the applause died down, Dawn made an announcement. "We have one more thing for everyone" She held up a shirt that read the same thing as the balls but had the school mascot on it and the actual dates of the beach trip. Both were in the school colors, of course. "These are being passed out as we speak and there is one for everyone." Even rich kids liked free stuff and this way everyone got one. Anyone backstage had gotten a ball and t-shirt already so they didn't miss out. More applause as the theater kids took their curtain calls and then went off stage.

Kyle was backstage, he thought the theater kids did really well but was glad for the break with the skits because going from them to his act with Conner, JD, and Matt might cause genre shock. His Oufit alone might cause genre shock. The band got on stage and he walked out, he could see a few girls trying to push their way to the front and for a moment it was quiet, then a motion from Kyle and the music started for Be Yourself. He moved all across the stage, he had a definite presence about him and the more he performed the greater the presence.

The first song ended and he waited a moment or two, he could see more girls and now a few guys trying to get to the front. One, two and then the distinct sound of Dream On could be heard. The song went on and Kyle continued to do what he does on stage and then he hit the infamous high note in the song and the crowd apparently enjoyed that, the song ended and there was loud applause. He took his moment in the spotlight and then moved aside and motioned towards the guys backing him up who also was well received by the audience. The whole performance had way more a rock show and less of a talent show feel but Kyle had just been himself on stage.

Next up was Kaylee, who entered the stage wearing a little red dress, dangling earrings, and heels. She did her first number Crowe which might have surprised some people because most didn't expect her to play the violin. She took a moment for applause and to let JD. Matt, Dawn, and Conner get on stage.
She moved to the side as they started singing Radioactive and once it got to her spot, she started playing the violin once again. Once the song was over it was clear the audience really loved that performance. They left the stage to let the theater kids do another skit before the next act.

He moved off stage and Matt joked with Kyle. "Thanks, a lot. Now, I have to follow you and my sister."

Kyle smiled and laughed a little. "Sorry but I doubt you have anything to worry about."

Matt then said. "Don't know. Doubt I'll have girls or even guys pushing their way to the front to see me."

Kyle nodded towards Courtney. "Yeah, but I get the feeling as long as one person likes your performance you'll be good."

Matt glanced towards Courtney, nodded, and wondered if Kyle ever missed anything. The theater kids ended their skit and Matt said "That's my cue."

But before he went on stage " Matt went to Courtney and said into her ear. "The second song is, especially, for you." it was just between the two of them and he didn't need the world knowing.

While he had been dressed in all black for Kyle's performance, his outfitwas a bit more on the casual side; his performance was to be more open mic night than rocker.

He took a seat in the middle of the stage, the strap of his acoustic guitar went over his shoulder, and then sang into the microphone. It was just him, the guitar, and the audience and the music led way to his version of Time After Time. It was well received and he went into his second number, the one for Courtney. The one that, basically, said he could wait as long as she needed.Patience just seemed like the perfect song for that. More applause at the end and Matt took his moment and then exited the stage.

(Backstage and audience)

April and Zander stood next to each other as they watched Dawn's performance. "She's really good." April smiled at Zander, who nodded in agreement. He was used to seeing his sister perform but he knew she was talented. He was certain that April liking it would mean a lot to Dawn.

Doug watched his sister Dawn's performance with very little interest or acknowledgment, he had been forced to sit through many of her performances in the past and he hadn't been looking forward to another one. He hated when the spotlight shone on one of his siblings and while, other than academically or in the things like chess, Zander wasn't in the spotlight much, Dawn was another story. Dawn had always craved it, she loved being on the stage and Doug didn't mind that much but he did mind more attention being paid to her than him, even if he wasn't performing.

Matt surprised Courtney when he said that one of the songs was for her but when she heard it, she understood why. It was a perfect time for that song but she had to wonder if he had suddenly changed it, given the circumstances. Still, she loved it and she told him so once he got off stage.

Being Sam was taking the pictures of the performances, Kyle had asked Heath to take care of recording the show for the beginning. Kyle got back down to the audience area where Heath was, thanked him and took over recording the show.

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