Inner Turmoil

When JD asked about Jack; Kyle watched Ashely, Jack and the other girl for another moment and then said. "Very much, in over his head."

The topic changed to it being a good year. "Yeah, it's starting out that way, at least." He smiled. "The beach party should be fun."

JD smiled staring off thinking “can’t wait to see those girls in bikinis and maybe a chance to pick up one.” He said smiling. “how about you? Is there someone you would like to see at the party?” he asks as he pulls out his notebook and an ink pin. Waiting on an answer he daydreamed about some of the girls in Bikinis.

As everyone in the room was meeting new people, finding a lab partner, dreaming about the beach party or enjoying seeing Jack sweat it out as Olivia and Ashley were starring daggers at each other while making a fake smile. Jack on the other hand was feeling knots in his stomach as he wanted to leave the room ASAP. Ironically the man responsible for making things worse, better known at Mr. Myson, was in a peppy mood as he began going over classroom rules and expectations. Since he was married to his job and the love of science, Mr. Myson believed he could keep the students focused on science by removing distractions such as loving couples sitting together. Sadly he had no idea he actually made things worse for poor Jack who was experiencing his first stage of an ulcer.

Jack rubbed his sore temples as his head was hurting from the stress already. Meanwhile Olivia and Ashley were switching between paying attention to the teacher while exchanging the occasional evil glare and grin. Ashley was feeling a bit threatened since Olivia was very pretty. In fact Olivia was a professional model and worked for her mother's agency, which is why she was living in a controlled lifestyle and needed Jack's help to get her treasured junk food. Since Olivia was only allowed to have approved friends, it made it hard to get her way behind her mother's back. So since Olivia had a controlled upbringing she lacked proper etiquette when it came to making "Real Friends" since she was used to faking it without sincerity. Jack was actually the closest thing to a friend in her world and she saw him as a slave or servant she paid to do her bidding.

Ashley on the other hand was not keen on the way Olivia looked at Jack, since it resembled him looking like Olivia's property. Even though neither female knew the actual relationship Jack had with either female, they could both tell that it crossed the line of their territory and property. Ashley grew up as a tomboy and believed she had to beat up boys to be friends with them so she bullied Jack back in elementary school relentlessly. Since she dressed like a boy and short hair, Jack thought she was a boy who bullied him for many horrible years. Ashley showed no mercy after making young Jack cry or wet his pants from humifaction and suffering. This left poor Jack traumatized as he grew up and was the main reason he didn't want to get close to girls except for his mother.

So while Jack was avoiding girls in middle school, Ashley was traveling to different schools and becoming a beautiful young lady, however she felt empty as she missed Jack. Though she was unable to express herself properly as a child, she learned feminine manners and this made her feelings for Jack grow in strong and twisted manner. So when she found she could be reunited with her precious Jack again she became obsessed at winning him over no matter what. She was going to win him over no matter how much he complained, be it by her charm or tough love. Over the years she convinced herself she loved Jack and needed him to fill the void in her heart, even if it meant him kicking and screaming along the way. As a prodigy hard core martial artists, trained by her father, Ashley was scary girl in the dojo so this is why Jack fears her iron vice like grip. However as she was away her mother taught her a more feminine way to get and control her man. Now Ashley was on a mission to charm Jack into accepting her feelings whether he liked it or not.

However she was now looking at her competition and was not to happy. Olivia was pretty and had an interest in Jack. This a big concern for Ashley since she was not done winning Jack's heart yet. There was a possibility he might take an interest in Olivia and that was not going to work out for Ashley.

So even though both ladies were acting civil, Jack could feel their stares and tried to focus on the the lecture to avoid eye contact with them. At this point he would welcome Justin with open arms as his lab partner. To make it worse he still had to deal with Ashley's swimsuit choices, since she planned to send him pictures on his phone. She didn't give him a choice in the matter and would make his life difficult if he refused again. Sadly her charm was having an effect on Jack since he was now finding himself attracted to her despite her tough love. He was worried seeing her in a bikini might sway him closer to her. It really irked him how cute she was now and even more that his hate for her was slowly fizzing out. If this kept up he was going to end up enjoying her company and possibly liking her. Worse case scenario he might even fall in love with her and that terrified him.


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