So even though both ladies were acting civil, Jack could feel their stares and tried to focus on the the lecture to avoid eye contact with them. At this point he would welcome Justin with open arms as his lab partner. To make it worse he still had to deal with Ashley's swimsuit choices, since she planned to send him pictures on his phone. She didn't give him a choice in the matter and would make his life difficult if he refused again. Sadly her charm was having an effect on Jack since he was now finding himself attracted to her despite her tough love. He was worried seeing her in a bikini might sway him closer to her. It really irked him how cute she was now and even more that his hate for her was slowly fizzing out. If this kept up he was going to end up enjoying her company and possibly liking her. Worse case scenario he might even fall in love with her and that terrified him.

Before he knew it the sound of class ending and passing period had started.
Putting his stuff away quickly JD said goodbye to Kyle and went to his next class.

Jack was very relieved to hear the sound of the bell indicating the end of class. He wasted no time packing up his stuff hoping to leave before Ashley could stop him. Sadly he was not as fast as he had hoped as Ashley blocked him and gave him a wicked smile. Jack almost yelped as he felt Ashley pinch his waisted very firmly. He was frozen in fear and pain as he looked at her while wincing.

Ashley: Going somewhere Jack?

Jack: My next class.

Ashley: Were you planning on leaving without giving me a kiss goodbye?

Jack: I have to do that?

Ashley began to twist her fingers to increase the pain on his waist. Jack almost screamed like a little girl, but managed to hold it in.

Jack: I mean I get to do that?

Ashley eased up on her painful twisting as she heard Jack change his answer.

Ashley: Well?

Jack: Its kinda embarrassing to do this in public.

Ashley looked at Jack sternly and then at the people passing by for a moment before she made a decision.

Ashley: Fine you can kiss my cheek.

Jack looked at her with a grimace like he really didn't want to kiss her, but was afraid to tell her that.

Ashley: Well? I am waiting.

Jack nodded as he hesitantly leaned over to kiss Ashley on the cheek only to have her turn and receive his kiss on the lips. Jack's eyes opened wide as he was in shock. Ashley on the other hand seemed to enjoy the kiss and slowly pulled away with a devilish smile as she released his waist.

Ashley: Keep your phone close by and on. I want to have dinner together.

Jack nodded like an idiot as his poor brain was still rebooting from Ashley's kiss. By the time she left for her Speech class his brain managed to reboot and he realized he was going to be late for class. So he began racing to his computer class. As he got to the class room he saw a few familiar faces like Heath, Rose and Sam.

Heath made his way to his computer graphics class where he ran into Sam and Rose. The three of them talked for a little while as they found their seats. It was then that Sam excused herself for a moment and made her way to where the nerds were. Saying to them. "There is going to be a beach party, all weekend. School sanctioned so I'm sure you'll get notices about it. Everyone is invited. Some of the girls are going on a shopping trip later in the week."

Sam then made her way back to Heath and Rose. "Just spreading the word." She said as she sat back down.

Jack was finally free from Ashley but the kiss was now stuck on his mind. He hated her so why did he linger on her the sensation of her lips? What was so great about her soft sensual lips? Just because she smelled good and had a good figure, that was no reason to stop hating her. She was an evil bully who tormented him and made him antisocial, so shouldn't matter that she let him glimpse up her skirt or down her blouse without getting upset. Sadly Jack was now torn as his body was in favor of accepting Ashley's affections while his mind was clinging to the torment he received from her. Jack rubbed his temples and took a deep breath before he was reminded of the bruise Ashley left him a few minutes ago. It was a cruel reminder of her harsh idea of love. How could he love or trust someone who still bullied him? Was he turning into one of those guys who likes getting beat up? He needed to clear his mind as he turned on his computer to log on.


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