Business class Kyle Dawn

Dawn started to say something to her older brother but noticing he was actively avoiding her made her seem suddenly defeated.
Kyle didn’t know what was going on but when Dawn’s demeanor changed, he asked. “Is everything ok?”

“Oh, it’s fine.” She smiled at him.

Kyle didn’t know whether to believe her, but she went back to her friendly self, so he let it go.

It did not take long to figure out what was going on with all the moving around and meeting new people all the time you don’t have time to get to know people you have to finds things out buy what they do and say how they act and to others. Hearing Kyle JD grind looking at the Doug beside him then turning to say hi to Kyle to get a look at the girl beside him the feeling he had about them was right similar mannerisms. JD would put money that they were related. “Kyle, long time, you are fallowing me?” JD said jokingly. Feeling a bit sorry for the girl he wondered if his sister felt that way at times. JD turned to Doug realizing how big this guy was he had to be over 6,2 JD thought he had seen him on the football team. but knew nothing about him by he feeling he got from him was Rich kid I am better than you vibe.

Well hell thought JD lets see how it goes looking at the guy’s name plate. “Doug, I am JD as most call me. did you here about the school beach party?”

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