Awkward Encounter

He saw a lot of the people were on their way to computer and programming class. He almost took that class, but he thought accounting and business class was better for him. with a new family business, he should learn something of how they run. Sitting and looking at his name plate then around like some others to see who was in the class he did know many people. Then Kyle and Dawn walked in JD chuckled to himself. who knew they would be in class with him. He did the same as all other class pulling out his notebook and pin for notes. Wondering how this class was going to go. JD knew the next class was PE which meant the school set it up that way to get more of a workout on the sports kids. JD mind wondered some as the class started.

Dawn had seen Kyle in Chemistry class and caught up with him on the way out the door. They found out they both had the same class next period and talked about music as they made their way to the class.

Kyle thought a business class might come in useful while he was still financing his own films. Dawn had gotten into the school later than most students and didn’t alway have her pick of classes. So, business seemed like a good option; she’d leave the computer classes to her twin.

As they walked into class they both noticed JD already in a seat and name plaques. This was one of the few classes they had seen with actual assigned seating. Finding their name put Kyle and Dawn near JD.

Dawn had just said hi to JD when she noticed Doug walk in the room.
For Doug chosen between computers or business was an easy choice. He had little interest in taking any computer class and business made a lot more sense considering he wanted to be richer than he already was.

Business and accounting were topics he was, actually, interested in unlike most of the classes he took. Except, maybe, gym where he was with the football team.

When he walked into class, he noticed a few people he had seen around but didn’t really know but his eyes instantly fixated on his sister. Dawn was in this class with ihim; which was better than Zander being in class with him but still not ideal.

He said nothing to her as he found his seat which happened to be right in front of Dawn and next to JD.


Dawn started to say something to her older brother but noticing he was actively avoiding her made her seem suddenly defeated.
Kyle didn’t know what was going on but when Dawn’s demeanor changed he asked. “Is everything ok?”

“Oh, it’s fine.” She smiled at him.

Kyle didn’t know whether to believe her but she went back to her friendly self, so he let it go.

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