Meeting New People

April had managed to go the whole day and not really meet anyone. She wasn't comfortable enough to start a conversation with anyone, just yet. She had even found a corner of the cafeteria to take lunch and ate it not looking up much from the novel that had her currently engrossed.

She had been in Chemistry last period and now made her way to computer programming. When she got there she spotted Zander who had been in a few classes that she had had during the day. He was talking to a few other students; fellow nerds, like herself. She found a seat and sat down.

April was close enough to hear that they were discussing the book she was currently reading and how accurate or non-accurate some of the parts were scietifically speaking. She wanted to say something but her throat seemed to get a lump and nothing came out.

Burning her head back into her novel; she suddenly heard someone say. "Hey. Excuse me." Looking up; she saw Zander standing there. "You're reading the book that we're discussing. Have gotten to the section about the 4 moons?"

He was talking to her and expecting her to talk back? Oh, no. "I...I..I mean I've read it before...It's my 2nd time reading it."

"Oh, great. " Zander smiled warmly at her which eased her anxiety, a little. "So, do you think the Glider could really stay in orbit, like that."

"I've wondered that." She found herself, actually, talking to him. "I mean if it was the gravitation force of Earth then clearly; it wouldn't but the gravitational force of...." And it went; the other nerds joined them and the discussion continued as other students started entering the class.


Heath made his way to his computer graphics class where he ran into Sam and Rose. The three of them talked for a little while as they found their seats. It was then that Sam excused herself for a moment and made her way to where the nerds were. Saying to them. "There is going to be a beach party, all weekend. School sanctioned so I'm sure you'll get notices about it. Everyone is invited. Some of the girls are going on a shopping trip later in the week."

Sam then made her way back to Heath and Rose. "Just spreading the word." She said as she sat back down.

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